Monday, 14 December 2009

Melissa and Kaitlyn awesome yearbook

This yearbook of Kaitlyn and Melissa. It explains what we have enjoyed this year like what we, did not like, what was hard, what was new and what was the things we enjoyed most.
So hope you enjoy it. By: Melissa & Kaitlyn.

Megans yearbook

I learned how to use transitions and how to change the speed of the slide on keynote, I put the things what I learned this year and the things we did for trips,
By Megan

zees yearbook

I learned how to use transition and put it on to my keynote and time it for each slide. The pages on my keynote include fun stuff art newest

by Zeyaad

Friday, 11 December 2009

Shanias yearbook

This is Shania's year book this explains what I have done!
Throughout the year. Doing this I learn to get better a program called keynote it is quite a cool little program it helps with slide shows
this is mine Check it out By Shania

12 Days of Summerland Christmas

Our own special Summerland spin on the 12 days of Christmas - relating to a piece of Summerland this year.
Thanks to added help from our Teacher Aide [Mrs Gumtau], Shania for the original creating, class for super additional ideas, Zee, Gene and Ezrah for on the spot singing, Jared, Ezrah and Michael for awesome filming of all the bits and Cheesy for putting together at short notice....

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Michelle Yearbook

This is what I learned when I was making this yearbook, making a text box and writing in it and how to choose any designs. By Michelle

Celebration Of Excellence

Last night we had our Celebration of Excellence, it was a hit! Lots of parents came and supported us even if their child didn't win something they still were proud. It was a surprise for some kids because it was their first certificate. Here are some comments from some of the people that got certificates and trophies,
"it was really exciting for me because it was my very first certificate in 4 years" JD

"I was really anxious when I heard my name I got up and felt really proud that I won a
trophy for my first time and when I got my certificate from my teacher Miss Cheeseman had just finished calling my name and then I saw it on the screen" Ezrah

"When I got a certificate I felt like I was going to faint" Michael
"I feel so proud for myself that I achieved an amazing award for so long!" Gene

"I feel so proud to get a certificate because I have never ever had one before and it was awesome too" Dahria

The 5 categories of certificates were sports, Summerland Spirit, Creative Thinking, Academic and Personal achievement. By the end of the night everybody was tired but really proud and happy.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jordans yearbook

This year I leant how to make a sideshow on keynote
I also leant how to put my keynote work on automaticly change to the next side,
and how to put music on to the sides.

Pt Erin pools!

On the 8th of December the Pods Anawhata, Karekare and Piha went to Pt. Erins pools. There was a big spa pool that was nice and hot. One of the slides had a really long drop into the water. There was a deep end of the pool you had to do a swimming test to be able go on the diving bords and the big slides. There also was two diving boards. A big one and a small one, when you go up onto the big diving board it feels like you are very up high in the sky. It was funny when Megan got a tan and it looked like she was wearing togs! When you get in the pool it feels like you are in a freezer we had an awesome time and it didn't rain. We had loads of fun we really enjoyed it.

W.B Alyssa and Jordan

Monday, 7 December 2009

Salotes Yearbook

While I was doing my yearbook I learnt some new things on the way like learning to get shapes and write in them and how to get effects on keynote and to put music on my keynote and different
sounds. This year was the bomb!

Alyssa and sapwe's yearbook

I learned how to put different effects on keynote and how to take photos off the internet I also learned how to check spelling, how to put sound on my keynote and how to export it to a quicktime. The year was awesome!

By Alyssa and Sapwe

Midnight slumber party!

On Friday 4.12.09 all the girls in RM 8 went to Mikayla's place for a slumber party. It was amazing we had so much fun we arrived at 5.00 and waited for all the girls to come then we danced and took photos. we made our beds then we had dinner we had fish fingers, nuggets and hot chips and then we had desert we had chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and apricots. Then we did a fashion show we took heaps of photos of us in different clothes. After that we watched Another Cinderella Story . At night things started getting scary the lights were flickering the blinds were moving and at about 4:30am a guy with a bottle in his hands and really raged clothes with a beany was walking on Mikayla's property we kept peeking through the blinds to see where he was going he ended up going all around the house. In the morning we had waffles with cream and golden syrup after we had our waffles we went and played on the tramp. Then we watched Monsters Vs Aliens until everyone went home it was an awesome sleepover and everyone had a great time.
Shania and Mikayla

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

JDs 2009 Yearbook

This video features all the things that I have done this year. While making this video I learnt a whole lot off things like how to add music, how to make it look more funky as it plays. I also learnt how to draw lines, and I learnt how to make hyperlinks. This video tells you about my year, what I've done and what new things I've learnt this year.

Lynette's 2009 Yearbook!

This Keynote slideshow is showing what was the year like for me. When I was learning how to make this I learned how to get shapes and write in them, change the colour of objects, making hyperlinks, copy things from the internet like when I want a picture I go to the full-size and command control shift 4. It was really awesome doing this because I had fun and I learned very useful information.
By Lynette

Friday, 27 November 2009

Our year in words 2009

We all wrote 30 descriptive words that we could think of to describe our school year [as we are nearing the end!]
we put them into to see what were the most common words. the thumbnail will show the big version on
check it out and see what we think of this year.....

Wordle: Our  year in words 2009

Friday, 20 November 2009

Culture art display

The Culture arts celebration was amazing how all the artists that did the art celebration put all their might in it to do the culture arts celebration and I think that they did great at it and all the little children that helped did a pretty great job for little ones . Their was a lot of stuff that every body liked at the Culture arts celebration.
My favourite bit of art was Nathan and Lily's and peaches because they were artistic with heaps of colour and patterns. they used lots of different materials to do it too.
It was really cool looking at all the art work from different classes in the hall


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Room 8 and 28 Go On A Trip!

On Tuesday, 9th November, Room 8 and 28 went on a trip to Corbans Estate. We had to walk from school to Corbans Estate (which took about 30 minutes). When we arrived, we split into two groups. The first group did flax weaving and the others weaved head bands for themselves. The mamas helped us if we had any problems or if we were struggling. When we were flax weaving, we had to make flax flowers. We had to carefully shape the flax to give it the right shape. Sometimes the shaping part was really hard but we all got used to it. When we were making the headbands, we got given 3 strips. Two of them were the same colour and 1 of them was a different colour. The strategy of weaving was down and over, down and over. The best part was eating lunch under the trees in the park because it was so refreshing in the sun. What was also really fun was watching different schools perform at the special festival where heaps of schools performed a different kind of culture. One of the topics that the schools did was that some boys did the Maori Haka. After we did everything at Corbans Estate, we made our way back to school. Although we were only there for two and a half hours, we had heaps of fun.

Gene and Zee

Athletics day 2009

This term we had Athletics, it was awesome! We had our Athletics at the Trust Stadium, the weather wasn't so good, but we managed to get through. These are the types of events we had: Shot Putt, 100m sprints, long jump, discus, high jump and novelty races. In athletics there were different times for different ages. Like for the 10 year old girls they had a break first and the 11 year old boys and girls had shot putt. It was really nice for everyone to have breaks because they got to hang out with their friends and eat! Everyone had a great time, especially the people who got 1st, 2nd or 3rd. There were people who got really tired, they even got sleepy! Even though some people didn't come 1st, 2nd, 3rd they are still proud of themselves, for trying their best. Lots of people had sore legs and sore arms, people were also excited and terrified. There were also parent helpers who helped during the events. Thanks to all the people who came to support us. After all the events all the people who wanted to do the 800m had to run around the track two times. In the end we had Relay races, which is when the pods v.s each other. Also the relay racers got to v.s the teachers! It was hilarious!! All together we think Athletics day is a fun day for even people who are not very sporty and we shouldn't stop doing it every year.
By Sapwe & Lynette

Thursday, 5 November 2009

We are the World!! Cultural Festival

For our Cultural festival on the 19th of November some of my classmates and I [Ezrah] are doing a dance for 'We are the World' kind of like a little tribute for M.J . The whole school will be doing something, everyone will be dressing up for a country e.g me N.Z but for the dance that me and my friends are doing , I will be singing for my classmates and they will be dancing. I heard that there will also be a fan dance, art work on display, some acting and of course me, and do you know what will make it even better you being there. It was a great success last year it should be even better this year because there are more surprises to come it will be awesome, fun and entertaining. Check out last years photos

Thursday, 29 October 2009

3D Craft

Some of us are making some 3D buildings from around the world - it is quite tricky and you do have to follow the instructions carefully and not loose the pieces.
If you want to have a go at making some 3D animals, buildings, halloween stuff and heaps of other things go to Canon website and download the patterns and instructions.
Have fun and let us know what you think.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

What Now Toyologist Competition

We are entering the What now toyologist competition
We created our own reviews for our toys and wrote the review. We filmed our 1 minute reviews and tried to be as creative as we could - have a look and see what you think....

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mini-creative stories

Thanks to some PD our teacher had at school she gave us the task to write a story in 8 sentences. The story lines HAD to connect together. The only rule was that each sentence had to start with the word given.When..
  1. They..
  2. Suddenly..
  3. He..
  4. Perhaps..
  5. Next..
  6. Often..
  7. They..
Here are some examples:
When a boy and his family went to the pools. They had a very good time but..... Suddenly a big ugly alien crashed into the pool. He then said "poo bar te par". "Perhaps he's speaking another language" the boy said. Next, the family asked if he would like to go home with them. Often the family usually asked that. They then went back home, but sadly the alien died.
by Gene, Zee & JD

When the children were at the park, they head a loud bark. Suddenly a scary looking vicio
us pitbull jumped out of the bush. He barked and barked and then the children got scared. Perhaps the dog was trying to tell them something. Next the dog found his owner and
started being nice, the owner said" Often the dog is playful but is mad at strangers." They all said oh that's okay we weren't scared, can we play with him?

By Melissa, Kaitlyn and Lynette

Friday, 25 September 2009

Awesome Games to design

Thanks heaps to Team 13 for sharing their website to make games. We enjoyed having a go at making some AND we enjoyed playing your cool games too!

If you would like to make your own games click here for the website!

Thursday, 24 September 2009


On Wednesday the 23/9/09 we performed The mummy returns again production. We stayed at school 3-7:30 .We had dinner in room 12 we had potato fritters and hot chips it was so yummy we had a little play, then got ready for our performance. It was a rainy night. I felt very scared and had the butterflies in my stomach before I went on and then when I came off I wished I could do it over and over again but I was glad that I got it over and done with but it also was very hard to remember to get our prop on and the head set microphone on and the costumes but after a while we got use to it, we also had to memorised our lines. It was very hard. We performed 2 times one was after morning tea to show our whole school and the other was for the parents at 6:00. At the end of our performance all of the main characters had to come to the side and one of the teachers in our pod had to call our name and then we had to walk to the middle of the stage and bow. Thank-you to all the parents and teachers who helped.
We had a great day!!
Salote and Melissa

Mummy Returns Again on PhotoPeach

Friday, 11 September 2009

Knowledge Quiz!

Click here for full screen version

Click that link for the full screen version!
Please leave us a comment. Let us know what you think!
Lynette and Megan

Monday, 7 September 2009

Scenery for Production

Here is a podcast about our scenery painting for our production....only 3 more weeks to go!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Biscuit Dunking Part 1

Tell us your wonderings -
What do you think would happen?
What did happen?
What do we still need to test?
What conclusions can you draw so far?

Monday, 31 August 2009

5 Things we haven't done.........

5 Things I Haven’t Done
(and Everyo
ne Else Has)

think about it......
what do you wish you had done that you think most other people have already done.....
it could be anything from
  1. eating a kiwi burger from McDonalds [eeeek it has egg in it]
  2. running a marathon or even a half marathon [errr, why would I anyway?]
  3. getting married [you are too young for that but I'm not]
  4. worn stilettos [lets face it I would fall over]
  5. been skiing [yes, another case where I would land flat on my face]

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Ramadan is a thing that muslims do. They do it in different times around August and November. Ramadan is called Fasting in english. It's really hard because you have to eat at 5:30 am in the morning and not eat in till 6:00 p.m. Every day we are fasting the time changes by 2 minutes later. When we have 2 weeks left of fasting we have to fast for 12 hours. When the new moon happens in August then the next day it will be Ramadan. We have to look outside to see the full moon to make sure the next day is Ramadan. The last day of Ramadan is when we see the next full moon then the next day would be eid. this year eid will be done on monday or sunday. In Eid we get some indian sweets,halal meat etc but not allowed to eat, pork. The reason why muslims do ramadan is because every year the poor people don't eat and were just feeling how it is not to eat for a long time and become more generous and give money to the poor,Reason two our prophet,Muhammad didn't eat at all the only thing he ate was a giant date of hand lengths and it will keep him for hole day with out getting hungry

This picture shows people breaking there fast so they can eat again.

by Zeyaad, Same and Fazeel

Monday, 24 August 2009

A Amazing Day At Winter Field Day!!!!

 On Friday the 28th of August all years 5 & 6 students from Summerland Primary went out of the school to play sports. We played sports like kiwi sport, football, netball, rugby and hockey. If your wondering what is kiwi sport it is where you play lots of different games like dodgeball and rob the nest. When you go to it, it looks like a tournament and there were 8 different schools at the courts. One Summerland team came first but they tied with 2 other schools. At football one team from Summerland came 2nd. The people that play netball played at Tepai courts as well as kiwi sport, at netball they didn't come anything but they still had a great day. At rugby Summerland didn't come any thing too. Team A from hockey came 2nd. The football people played at Henderson High School and the people playing hockey played at Rosedale Park. The people that played rugby played at Henderson Park. The people that didn't do any sport went with Miss Cheeseman filming. Those people are Alyssa, Bailey and Tysyn. They went to film all of the sports they got to ride in Miss Cheesemans car with her.  They got to go to Mcdonalds for lunch and we also learnt how to use a mini video camera.  After that we went to Mrs Shepards house it looked really awesome. When the Sports were finished we went to the dairy we bought pineapple lumps and other lollies. Well I think everybody had a great day at winter field day.

By Alyssa & Kaitlyn

Rock Van Performance!!!!!!

On Friday  all year 5 and 6 classes at Summerland went to perform in the hall.What we did was the whole school and the parents came into the hall to watch everyone that was performing. Everyone  acted like rock stars. All the classes performed different songs. We all had to dress up as rock stars! We were even aloud to bring make-up. We then did our performance that we had been learning all week long. Meanwhile, when we were waiting for the classes to get ready one of the  rock van members came and gave out prizes!There were six winners from our school and they got awesome prizes! They were so lucky! The prizes were some pics, t-shirts and more. Even one of the teachers got a prize for helping out the rock van. She got a love music bag with some goodies inside it. EVERYONE had a blast it was the best assembly ever!! I have to say THANK - YOU ROCK VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mummify Apples

On Wednesday we done a science experiment called MUMMIFY APPLES!! . We had eight cups. In cup 1 there was 1 and a half of baking soda in cup 2 there was 1 and a half of epson salt and cup 3 was 1 and a half of table salt.In cup4 it was 50:50 epson & table salt cup6 was pretty much the same but it had 50:50 of baking soda & epson salt. In cup 7 1/3 of baking soda & epson & table salt & cup eight is the control. The control means it's like normal.

We think that the baking soda and salt will make the apples shrivel.

here are some photos below of what we did

Samuel and Same

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ROCK VAN!!! ( Day 3 )

Day 3, our class have been learning the song called 'I love rock 'n roll' by Joan Jet. We have been learning that song for three days now. Sally, Emily, Jordan and Ashley are our teachers. Sally teaches the bass group and the singers. When they practice they have a strap on the bass that goes around you, so you can play the bass standing up. There are about 5 singers singing the song. Emily is teaching the Electric guitar group, the sound of the electric guitar is really cool! It sounds high-pitched sometimes. Jordan teaches the drums and he is incredible. The sound of the drums are really loud, but the drums don't look like the real ones, because you have to pay a lot to get the real one. They look flat and small. Also you have to plug in this tiny box and put headphones over your ears to hear the real sound of the instrument. Ashley teaches the bass too while Sally helps out the singers. So far we are up to the middle part of the song, so that means we are nearly finished! We will be having a concert on Friday and we are doing our best to make our teachers proud. Sally, Emily, Jordan and Ashley will be there helping out. The sound of all the instruments will sound really awesome on the day. The teachers also said that we can dress up as rock stars! We will ROCK THE STAGE!!!!
We will give you an update later in the week.

By Lynette and Dahria

Monday, 17 August 2009


On Monday the 17th of August 2009 we got to learn how to play three instruments the base
guitar, electric guitar and the drums. We got into three groups and the rock van people gave us group names of bands these are the names of them Led Zeps, Hendrix and Ramones. The drums that we used were electric drums we could not hear any sound for it like a real drum set but we will get the sound on tomorrow. On the base guitar we played three cords they were G, A, D the order of what it went in was G,G,A,A,D,D. And on the electric guitar its pretty much the same cords. On the drums we just played randomly we all got a turn at all of the three instruments here are some photos below of what we did.
You can check out Rock Van at

Sam and Jordan

Friday, 14 August 2009

Catch a Theif

We created a Keynote/Digital Learning Object in 2 days. The links don't work here, we are trying to find a way to share our Keynote with the links working - if anyone knows how let us know!
Catch a Thief

M+M Experiment

On 13/08/09 RM 9 did an experiment on m+m's in water first we did a hypothesis of what we thought might happen but were we wrong!  Then we got the m+m and we put them into water we waited a while until we saw a reaction. What we saw was NOT what everyone thought would happen. We thought the colours would all mix together. What happened was that all the colours that came of the m+m's didn't mix we tried 3 different types of ways [putting them close together, four without one in the middle and the one above] but they all didn't mix so we write down on our books what we thought might have caused the reaction.
Zee said he thought they didn't mix because if there was no spaces between them the colours would mix. Tysyn thought they might not of mixed because the colours were different and the sugar was different in each lolly.
We got the idea for this experiment from a school in Melbourne.
Tell us what you think?
This is a photo of what happened.
By Shania and Megan

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Trash to fashion

Trash to fashion has just happened. Trash to fashion is when we make an outfit out of tash. Then we have a show. But it is very hard work. Me and my friend Crystal entered. We made a pretty outfit it had a bag with it but the bag broke on the day. We made sure lots of people had fun with trash so every pod had to make a bag. They all had to make a diffent shape bags. Out pod made circle bags. Then we went down the fashion runway. Nobody won because they where all to good. We had to put an outfit made out of trash on a teacher in every pod. Our teacher in our pod was mother of nature. Our pod thinks we won. I think every one did good. After the show the teacher said bring your out fit on friday so we can send to the people who say if you are the winner. We spent 5 weeks doing Trash to fashion. We will keep you posted and tell you if we are a winner.


Room 9's whanau movie

In room 9,10,11,12 are doing whanau movies.Here in our pod four kind of different subjects the subjects are Honesty, Respect, Learning and Friendship in honesty we have to film people doing a honest movie.

We had to make the plan and then film the people that were in your group.

room 9 where teachers room we taught 10,11,12 how to edit the movie, but room 9 mostly did the editing while they were playing.

All classes had an amount of days to film and publish.We had to show our movies all of KareKare.All of KareKare watched the movies Me and Fazeel liked Friendship the best .

Fazeel and Tysyn

Sunday, 9 August 2009

High School Musical Stage Show

The day had come our pod was going to see high school musical 2 on stage! Hi I'm JD and me and my pod went to see High School Musical on stage, everybody was excited. That day we had to bring our lunch in a plastic bag and a drink in a throw away bottle because the rules said that we can't bring food and drinks into the theatre. Anyway, we were at school waiting for the bus to come then Miss Hughes came out and said that the bus had got mixed up so we just went to play as usual. After moning tea things were up and running so half of my pod piled onto one bus and the other half on the other bus and away we went. After what seemed like a short bus ride we were there and the place was huge! So we had our lunch there and then we packed up all our lunch put our empty bottles and bags in the rubbish bin or should I say by the rubbish bin because the rubbish bin was filled to the top. The beginning of the show had all the high school children waiting for the summer holidays to come then the bell rang and the students went crazy like a pack of baboons and they sang a song. Then it showed Sharpay at this place with her friends from school and they sang a song and then Troy and the Wild Cats because they had a job at the place to. After about an hour and a half the show was done. Then we went back to school. My personal opinion of the show, I thought the show was awesome because they sang really good and they performed really good, and it was better than what I thought it would be.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

class pano

this is a panorama of our classroom
it is our first attempt at using Hugin

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

production practice number 2

On our second production practice we looked what the scenery people were doing. The scenery people were thinking of scenes and props we could use for our production. The year 6 people looked for photos of Pyramids, stages or labs. When they found any of those pictures they showed some of the little kids what they looked like. While the older people were on the laptops looking at pyramids the little kids were playing with blocks or kenexs. they had to build Pyramids with them. Only some of the kids got the hang of it but the others did well. The older kids were looking for scenes or props like smoke comes out on the stage when the mummy comes out or like guns,hats or suites. The older kids came to ask the little kids if they wanted to see a real pyramid . When they asked them if they wanted to see a real pyramid they went wild crazy just to see the coolest thing ever in the whole wide world it's called the pyramid. All the little kids kept on asking how did the Pyramids get built and what are they made out of or how old is Egypt I said it must be thousands of years old because Its been there for ages it's even been there before my parents were even born. When the little kids built the pyramids they even looked like real Pyramids. We have been trying really hard and we hope we will do fine on our production.

Football Fun!!!!

On the 5th of August 2009 room 9 went to the courts and played Football with two men they taught us some Football tricks. One of the tricks was to put the ball on the back of your neck and slowly stand up another trick that we did was dribble the ball and make your feet go in a circle around the ball. we played two games one of them was someone had to call out ether foot, hand, fist, fingers, elbows, nose, knee, ear and cheek whatever body part they say out of those you had to put it on the ball.
The other game was called Shark Attack! The rules are everyone has there own ball and they go to one side of the court they have to dribble the ball all the way to the other side two people are sharks and they have to take the ball from the person that is dribbling the ball once they take the ball they put the ball on the side of the court and the person that was dribbling they become a shark to not become a shark you put your foot on the ball and the sharks has to walk away you can only put your foot on the ball one time when you reach the end it renews. after we played Shark Attack every one was sad because our time was up at the end of the day we got a notice joining a Sunday taring team and after school on Tuesday. It was so much fun everyone had a good time.

Alyssa, Crystal & Kaitlyn :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

production movie snipet

We have begun to practice our production. Here is a mini movie using our new hand held movie camera showing us practicing our production song.

production podcast 1

On Monday the 27th we done our first production practice with room 11, 12 and 10. Miss
Hughes our singing teacher gave out scrips to some of the kids and told them to read through it.
listen to my podcast of our fist production practice .

Friday, 24 July 2009

FYI new video cameras

For the last two blogs we used a new piece of cool equipment called a Kodak Zx1 video camera - it is tiny! You can put it in your pocket it is so cool! See what you think of the quality of the footage on the last two posts on our blog HINT it's the speed book dating post and the Germ post!
What's even cooler is that they aren't even being sold in NZ yet!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Speed BOOK dating!

On Wednesday 22 of July room 9 went speed dating with books in library. Our librarian Mrs Gibson went to buy some books from the scholastic book fair for our library. We had to go to a table or a chair that had a piece of paper and a book underneath then we had to look at the back and read the blurb. We only had 30 seconds to read it and flick through the pages and give it a score out of 10. Which If we had a book we really liked, We had to go to Mrs Gibson and ask her if we can take it home. We thought it was really fun and there were some really good books that were there.It was a amazing!
Sapwe and Salote

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Germs Of All Shapes And Sizes

Hi I'm JD and my class and I had a surprise the germ lady came in (well thats what we call her because she takes germs) but the germs she takes are from the air because she needs to check if the air is good enough for us because of all the leakage building going on. Today she had some germ plates, and they were disgusting. Well this is the story I was talking to my friends and working when suddenly the door opened and there she stood. Anyway Miss Cheeseman asked if she had any plates with the results on it from three weeks ago and she said yes. She pulled out the little plates that had the results on it and the class and I went over and had a look. People in the front could smell what the stuff on the little pates smelt like and Michael said they smelt like rotten carrots, but I couldn't smell anything at first because I was at the back but then somebody let me in and it did smell like rotten carrots! Pooee. But our air in our classroom was all good and then the germ lady said that we breathe in all this disgusting, rotten carrot smelling stuff and that she was used to the smell and couldn't really smell it any more. Also the germ lady said what some of the little things on the plates were called two plates had something called gravity something witch are associated with dampness and wetness but I couldn't hear what the second word was properly. Another. After we had all seen them we had to get back to work, so that was all the fun we had on the 22\7\09 apart from the speed-booking we did. Thats all about our air in our classroom.

Monday, 20 July 2009


On the night of the last day of Term 2, I experienced WWE RAW! At 7:00pm, my dad and I drove to the Vector Arena. We then went inside the venue and I got John Cena sweat bands and a Jeff Hardy necklace from the merchandise shop. After that, we went inside the HUUUUUGE room for our seats. It was kind of high so we brought binoculars just in case but the view was fine. But I used the binoculars anyway for a real close up. Although I did think the ring was a bit smal. When the show started, it was SOOO LOUD! We could barely talk. There were heaps of WWE Superstars like Chavo Guerro, Goldust, Hornsquaggle, William Regal, Kofi Kingston, Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, Big Show, and more. When I watched the matches with the binoculars, when someone punched thin air, the other opponent acted like he punched him. I was excited because the main event had one of my favourite wrestlers, John Cena! When he came to the ring, everyone went crazy. The show was was 2 hours and a half long, yes i just said 2 hours and a half long. Which made the the show finish at 10:00pm. It was exhausting after but was worth it, I sure had fun!

W.B Gene

Sunday, 19 July 2009

My 2 Week Holiday

Hi I am Melissa and I am going to tell you about my 2 week holiday. On the first week of the holiday I stayed with my mum, we went to Waiheke Island for 1 whole week. I went there with my mum, sister, little brother and Remove Formatting from selectionmy 9 month neice. When we got there I got my togs on and went to the indoor pool that was heated up to 27 to 28 degrees, it was so warm. Then after that night we went to a market and we all bought a few thing's. Later we went for a swim and then had dinner at the R.S.A. We did many other things to fill in the time. The boring part was waiting for the boat to leave and the worst thing was leaving Waiheke. After that week I was at my dad's. At my dad's we went to my Beach house at Omaha. I was there with my couisin's, Scott, Ellen, my Auntie, my friend, Grandma, Grandad, my little brother and my dad. We made a shelter at the beach and made a hut in the tree. We played many games and at night we played spotlight. The best day was when it was only girls there. This was my friends mum Sheridan, her daughter Brianna and my cousin Ellen. We went out to Matakana and went to the movies. When we were in the car there was a sunroof. We all stood up and poked our heads through the sunroof and said hello Omaha it, was the best day. That was one spectacular 2 week holiday and I hope all my holiday are like that.

By : Melissa

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Update to .NZ

This is a mini update to Ezrah's post of April
The new website that Summerland was a part of is now live. It is basically to advertise using the .nz domain name. Summerland were asked to be a part of the domain advertising. All the other .nz films can also be viewed here, including [who knew?]

Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson.... PASSED AWAY!!

Today on the 26th of June, some of the worlds worst news.... Michael Jackson has passed away after a shocking heart attack in L.A......... Michael's brother, Randy Jackson, said that Michael had collapsed in his room Thursday morning, Michael was then transferred to UCLA Medical Centre. Fire Captain. Steve Ruda told CNN a 911 call came in from a west Los Angeles residence. At the Medical Centre security guards blocked off all entrances from the emergency room no one was aloud in it not even the staff, some people in the waiting room even started crying after seeing Michael in the stretcher, he got his own room for himself. Michael is one of the seven children of his brothers and sisters his family is one of the first families to make music.

We wanted to write this blog post because we are a huge fans of Michael Jackson because he wrote big hit songs and one of his most favourite sounds 'OW' and we are feeling very upset :( We are some of his youngest fans we've always loved him but now he is in another place a better place no paparazzi and no crowds. He wrote big hit songs and one of his most favourite sounds 'OW'
Watch this news event that we are sticking on here..
Michael was 'The King of Kings', Pop of Pop and Icons of all Icons

Michael Jackson
Died at 50 Years old....

W.B Ezrah and Gene

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Spend 35,000,000 in one day!

Hi our names are JD and Jordan yesterday our room and room 22 tried to spend 35 million dollars in one day. We had to go on to the internet and find things but all so we used keynote so we could put the thing that we found on the internet and put down how much the item cost and how much it took away from the 35 million.
things we learnt while we where doing this:
You can't spend 35 million dollars in one day, don't spend money on things if you won't use them, we learned how to spend money on the things you will need, buy the things you really would like. Some people learnt how to text and call people; like Alyssa learnt how to do a costumer service survey and Ezrah rang one of the Hummer company to see how much a hummer was.
We learnt how to take away a large amount of money away from a lot of money, those are the main things we learnt.

Did you like them?
We voted for the one that we thought had everything and was great there was 3 way tie they all had 8 points but nobody got 10 because we all had to vote for a number in between 1 and 10 when we looked at everybody's one. But what we did to vote is we would look at everybody's movie and then we would yell out what we thought of the movie. But the 3 that won the competition got a reward, there reward (that they chose) was to sit on a chair when the rest of the class sat on the mat. We also when to room 22 to and our teacher said you shouldn't get stuff off of trade me because they're all second hand because you have 35 million why buy 2nd hand.

JD and Jordan
look at our photopeach and we used Thriller for our song in remembermence of Micheal Jackson.

Spend 35 Million on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Henderson Fire!!OH!NO!!

On Sunday the 21th of June there was a fire in Henderson it was a Boat shed that was on Fire, what I heard was that someone lit a match by a diesel oil tank it exploded the shed went on fire heaps and heaps of things collapsed all you could hear was KABOOM! VOOM! BOOM! BOOM! at the start of the fire it rose almost 30 metres in the air when I (Ezrah) was in church when we first saw black smoke in the air we raced out and was looking at it from the field or hill of Western Heights and then quickly phoned the firemen then we heard WEE OH! WEE OH! the Fireman came racing down the road then we saw a big crane with a big hose and sprayed water all over the shed after about 7 o'clock the road got shut down cause of the fire heaps of people were trying to go and see the fire but the Firemen were blocking off the road the workers were all asking what had happened but the firemen said "Sorry classified information police will come sorry bye" then I think it might come on the news sometime soon. That is it the story of the fire in Henderson.

Made by Ezrah and the helper JD

BP Challange

On Wednesday the 17th of June Summerland went to BP challange to compete with other primary schools. The BP challange is was at the Trust Stadum. There were 3 groups the fisrt one was summerland 1 the second one was summerland2 and the third one was summerland 3 and we all had 4 people in a group. What we did was we got 2 people from every year 5 and 6 class and on the Wednesday the 17th of July we competed we new what 1 activity was because that is what we practiced it.That activity was a construction to hold a marble 5 center meters or under 5 center meters above the ground the eqipment we used was 1 meter of tape 2 meters of string and 30 straws that is all we had to make a constraction to hold a marble it's harder than it sounds realy. After that challange we done we done the mysterious challange in that challange we got 10 meters of tape 1 meter of string and a hole news paper.We had to make stilts longer than 12cm what summerland 1 made balls of news paper and taped it to one of our team mates shoe and we had to had to run throuregh a course.  The Best Team Overall went to Green Bay. But Summerland did not win anything but it is not about winning it's about having fun and that is what we did.   

By Kaitlyn and Melissa :) Your Gonna Love it (witch means try it then you would love it)

The Crimson Room experience

Lots of people like this game, it's called The Crimson Room. We had to solve a mystery but it was a hard game. Now we tell you how to play The Crimson Room. First you have to find clues and you put some of the clues together. You got stunk in a room you had to get out a live. The game is like real live. We go on it because we are learning about crimes. We love that website so much. The hard one was the secoed one it was very hard. We are happy with our teacher for finding the website, it's fun. I think it is one of the best games I have played. hi people who are reading you sould try this wedsite. try it it's fantastic! The Crimson Room is a good learning game for 8+. I think all the schools in the world should try this game. We learn to solve crimes to get out of a room went it is lock. In it you have to find keys and rings and other suff to get out of the room live.We will tell you more when we play the next game. Do you like the game?

Mikayla and Crystal

Catch A Thief Digital Learning Tool

Hi our names are JD and Bailey and on the 23 of June my class and I went on a website, the website was a mystery website were we had to solve the mystery of who stole the painting from the museum!. We had to do is look at the security footage, listen to some witnesses and go to the lab and see all the evidence. This is what some people thought of it: I thought it was fun because it was a very different game that I haven't played before and it felt like a real crime scene. By Melissa
It was an exciting game to play it was a hard game. By Jaizel
It was exiting because after you finish you get to go on the computer and it was really fun. By Fazeel
I found it very interesting how they made this easy and fun and the same time so that we wouldn't get bored and it was really easy finding out who it was because it was obvious for me. By Lynette
I thought that it was really fun. because i like mystery's. by Daniel
I found it very fun, next time I think they should make it harder.It was fun going and seeing the security footage because it looked really cool. By JD
I thought it was cool because we got to see in the security camera and I hope I do it again.By Bailey

Catch The Thief! on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Stu Duvals stupendous story!

Stu Duval is a famous cartoonist and an author! He came to our school and talked to us about drawing and how it's fun, Stu Duvals drawings are so amazing! He asked one of us “Choose a number out of 1-1 million.” Then he choose one person and they said “6 million!” He sm
iled and said “Oh 6 million wow.” He wrote on the huge whiteboard 6,000,00. After that he drew a face using the numbers as things on the face. He then showed how to make a face out of S, you draw a S and two dots and a prickle and a line. He showed us his books that we wrote and there was about 10! They were big chapter books and he showed his latest book named “The lake of the dead!” We were very interested. He asked us if we knew the story about Anzac day and that horse with the farm at Piha. After that he told us that story and it was very sad, it took place in italy where they had war. He drew a picture of the setting of the Piha. The story was called “Galloping to Gallipoli.” He did lots of funny actions that made us laugh so much! Then Stu finished the story & shook hands with everybody then we took photos!
By Alyssa and Lynette

Writing With Stu Duval

On the 12 of June JD,  Sapwe and Ezrah went to the library to do some writing with Stu Duval. Stu Duval is a book writer, story teller and drawer, he has amazing stories. But back at the library everybody that had got chosen to go to the library was settled down and then Stu came and then we started. First he told us about his stories then he asked use all these questions like what's your favourite colour? and close your eyes and open them again, what's the first thing you see?. So everybody write down their answers, then he said that if he gets stuck on names he just goes to a big list of words and makes a name. So he asked use what name do you get if you put answer 1 and 6 together, and JDs was Shoemud, Ezrahs was Thumbpoo and Sapwes was Carpetspew. Then Stu helped all of use make a funny story he said to make it easy we will play the game 'Luckily And Unluckily'. So he pointed at JD and said "a name" and JD couldn't think of a name so he just used his own, then the story started, Stu was telling it. So he started "it was a sunny morning and JD woke up and looked at his watch and said "holy smokes I'm going to be late!" so he went down stairs to get his favourite cereal when unluckily there was a crockcroach in his cereal but luckily his dad came in and squashed it and pulled out another and said"I always keep a spare box" but unluckily a dragon flu in and took the box out of his hand but luckily JDs cat scratched the dragon's tale the dragon let the cereal go it was swopping down when he was just about to catch it when unluckily a bird came and grabbed it but luckily a huge flying fire breathing mouse came and blew fire all over it and the bird was burning but unluckily the bird ate the little mouse but luckily the mouse burnt its stomach but unluckily the dragon ate them then luckily the dragon pooped it out but unluckily a flying dung beetle came and held it for his flying family of dung bettle's so JD just went on walking along to school he hopped on the bus and got to school and Mr Janta's the school principal came out and said why are you so dirty he said a crochcroach was in my breakfast a dragon came flu down and toke it the dragon dropped it i was inches away from getting it a stupid bird came down and toke it a flying fire mouse came and blew fire all over the bird grabbed the cereal the bird ate the mouse the mouse burnt its stomach the dragon ate the bird and the mouse the dragon came and pooped it out but then a flying Dung bettle came and toke it for his family "AND I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE BREAKFAST"when luckily the dung bettle dropped the cereal right on Mr Janta's head and had a hole heap of POO all over his head. And then after the story we left back to class.

Made and Edited By Ezrah illustrated By JD and Published By Sapwe

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Character Book Parade

On the 11 of June 2009 at Summerland primary we had a character book day it was awesome there were heaps of children dressed up as spider-man, pirates, little red riding hod and lots more. At the end of the parade the best dressed up people got a certificate their where different kinds of certificates like best dress up overall, weirdest and wackiest and a few more. The best 4 teachers with the best costumes went up on stage and they were Miss Bucannon, Miss Stangwood, Miss Matia and Miss Brown But their is 4 of them and only two certificates and the most look alike went to Miss Matia and a best teacher overall went to Miss Bucannon. The whole school went to the parade in the first block before morning tea half of the school got changed back in uniform but the other half when to bear park the kindergarden next door to the school and we done another parade their some of the little kids got scared and I saw a little girl cry heaps.

By: Melissa & Bailey

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Talking to Mr. Cunliffe by video conference

On Monday the 8th of June 2009 We talked to Mr Cunliffe on skype in the afternoon.We did this so we could ask him questions about Melbourne. We asked him questions like What does he do in his spare time? Why did you move to Melbourne? and What creaters are their in the Melbourne Waters? For the first question He said he does reading and teaching for the second question Mr Cunliffe said he was ready for a change.For the third question He replied with a story.He told us that thay had big ants and one of them bit him. Mr Cunliffe he showed us his house, street and his robots.Mr Cunilffe said that the temperature was 4 degrees in Melbourne.I think that it was good for my education because I learnt alot about Melbourne and now I know what it might be like to be in Melbourne.

By Kaitlyn and Dariha

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wallwisher Forensic Brainstorm

Room 4 used a new app we discovered via Manaiakalani - thanks guys.
It is a new web 2.0 app using the idea of post it notes. It's called Wallwisher.
We all logged onto the same wall and collated our ideas from the Forensic day with Constable Stace. We also noted the questions we still have.
Check out our wall

Friday, 5 June 2009

Mystery Day with Constable Stace!

On Thursday the 4th of June Constable Stace came to our class to teach us how to fingerprint. We got to solve a mystery as well it was really fun for me and my classmates. all of us got a couple of our own fingerprints. After morning tea we started our own mystery most of us loved doing the mystery and other people didn't like doing it because it was tiring. I liked doing it because it was cool doing a mystery "Man in the ditch". For the man in the ditch mystery we got to look at someones wallet is name was Mark Pullen he was suspeacted to be the man in the ditch we had a look in the mans wallet it had loads of things in it there was a few messages and there was a ID and a picture of a girl. All of the class liked the mystery and I did to. The class was so sad because they thought they had cracked the code but they did not they did all that work for nothing thats what happends every day to the police staion and this is only easy work for them they do harder work then us. The finger printing was so fun we were looking at finger prints on a cup of coffee some one touched it we found out who touched it and who drank it it was Constable Stace ! my friends thought that they knew who was in the ditch but they had another thing coming it is someone you will not expect. It is very tricky to investigate the man in the ditch but at the end it pay off to Know who the man in the ditch was.
By Zee and JD
Fingerprinting Day on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The New Zealand basket ball team

At Summerland primary we had two basket ball champions Sam and Rob from the New Zealand basket ball team to show some tricks about Basketball. We had competitions who can do the best basket ball tricks and some people got prizes like addidas hats and they got sweat bands and drink bottle And they did some slam dunks. Rob is 2m tall and 11 cm tall and his feet is size 16. Sam is 2m tall and his feet size is 16 .


WOW,Martha's Vineyard!

This morning we were talking to Martha's Vineyard all the way in America. They were 6 to 8 year olds, we had to be in class by 8:00 AM SHARP, They finished at 2:30 in the afternoon and only just got us at 4 O'clock, I know 2 hours aye, They asked us lots of questions like what is your favorite team you always go for in your favorite sport and we said Rugby the All Blacks, League the Warriors, for Netball the Silver Ferns, Magic and Mystics. Those are our New zealand teams we asked them that question they said for Baseball their favorite team tttthhhheeee Red Socks! Their favourite foods over there are MMMMMMMMMMM PPPPiiiizzzzzzzzaaaa.
We sent a little Kiwi named Kip the Kiwi he is going all around the world and will eventually reach them and then will keep going around the world untill it reaches us. They had funny American voices, we had great fun talking to them, they loved fishing and they only have 2 terms of school. They finish school 30 minutes before us because they finish at 2:30 when we finish at 3:00 O'clock. They sometimes get yummy,delicious Pizza for Lunch and Morning Tea from the Cafeteria, they stayed at school for almost 2 hours just for us and cant wait for kip the Kiwi to reach them. They really loved the look of our Playground its got heaps of different things on it like Monkey bars, Flying Fox and heaps of Slides. I think talking to them was really cool and meeting them even though we couldn't see them it was okay, Maybe if we could see them it would be even better, good job they could see us!

By Ezrah

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Today our class, room 4 went to the library and we did speed booking. I thought it was fun. This Is what we done we read the back of the book the blurb and we had to judge 1 to 10 if we liked it are not. 10 means it's really interesting and 1 means it's not my type of book. I had six 10's and 4 1's and we got 30 sec to look at the back of the book and look at the pages in the book. Then we moved to the next book when the bell went then we judge it, when we was at the end, some of room 4 got to get some books out that we liked. we looked at 43 different books. I thought it was fun and very cool. Also we got very confused where to go because there where so many books and people from our class that was the worst bit. the good bit was that at the end if we had our book bag we could get a book out of our favourite book.
written by Crystal

Friday, 22 May 2009

Tessellating with Shapes

Tessellating is like shapes and patterns that connect together to make more patterns. They always joins together and leaves no gaps. They are shapes that connect together. Shapes that fit together can be shapes like: diamonds, square, a plus shape, an L shape, a T shape, a pentagon and a hexagon.
Today we went round the whole school to look for connecting shapes that tessellate. We took pictures of shapes around outside the classroom and inside the classroom, by the playground and in the office.
Can you guys find any tessellating shapes at your house or school.

Jaizel, Same and Megan

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Trash to fashion

Trash to fashion is a fun activity that our school does. We have to collect rubbish and make some clothes out of it. We had to choose a catorgorie. These where the catorgories we could choose from, plastic bag palace, green dreams, junkyard superheroes, colour your world, junk to jewels and headgear. Plastic bag palace is making clothes out of plastic bags. Green dreams is making clothes from books and movies. Junkyard superheroes you had to think we are saving the planet our job is to think about using tires, bits from computers, wires, plugs, metal and wheels. Colour your world you have to use one colour or stick to two or go mad and use them all! Think big and bold and imaginative larger than life and leading the way into a bright new future. Junk to jewels you have to make accessories and jewellery. Head high we have to make hats and headgear. Trash to fashion is all about recycling. Last year I did trash to fashion I worked with 3 people we did not win but we had fun. I am going to do trash to fashion this year with one of my best friends, Crystal. Crystal and I are going to do colour your world. We are going to go mad and use all the colours. We are trying to make a beautiful dress. Last year we made a t-shirt and skirt. This is a photo of our design from last year, Sophie is wearing it. Check out all of last years efforts from the school by clicking here. We will keep you posted of how we get on.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Maps Filming Action!!

In room 4 we have been doing lots of things on maps and filming.
When we were looking at the maps we had to understand the directions first; North, South, East and West. This is used on a compass, which is used to find your way. Also we learned the much harder directions, like North-East (NE) or South-South -East (SSE). We had to look at this map that had all of the directions to the buried treasure. So we got the idea of making our own map! We made an island that we named ourselves, also we got to put features; e.g Broccoli Forest, Creaky Bridge, Volcanos, Trees, lakes and even waterfalls! Now after you drew the island and features you have to put down a wharf for the pirates to land on. Then you have to find a place for the treasure to be buried under. You have to make trails to the places and lead it to the treasure! Finally you put the instructions. Instructions: Land at Dolphin Sea wharf walk 250 steps East--> until you reach the Cursed Caves. Now you got the idea! Now you could make your own map for yourself!
At filming we had been practicing different camera views. This is how we got our different camera views, by looking at a movie and thinking what kind of camera views they did. After we knew most of them, we had to do a practice movie in a group. We all had a miniature script and a storyboard to practice on first before making the movie. Also we had to make it in a creative, interesting way. All of the movies were awesome and funny! We got lots of amazing tips! In the end it turned out as wicked as if my mother and father had won the Jackpot on Lotto! You can see our movies by clicking here
We are going to create Whanau movies on our four Taniwhas (Friendship, Honesty, Respect and Learning.) We will be filming all four classes. Room 1, 2, 3 and 4
By Lynette

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Why I hate cross country?

Firstly I hate cross country because if you were running and your shoe laces were untied and the teacher saw you and shouted out to you '' go to the side so other people won't trip over'' and you look up 6 or 7 people have gone past!

Secondly if you had a big hill you had to run up, its just a waste of time, most people always power walk because it will take them like half an hour to get up there and the teachers say hurry up!.

Thirdly if you had a sore leg and it was aching and you told the teacher and they said 'well you still have to run', and the race starts and you are way at the back you can't catch up because you're too slow to get near them and every one has finished and you have still got half way to go

So why bother doing cross country when you won't even come 1st place. I have given you so many reasons why can't you believe me you wouldn't even know what the word cross country means so trust me and you will never have to thank me ever!

Some teachers say that if we do cross country it will make kids enjoy running BUT I think no I do not enjoy!


Why cross county is good for you!!

Reason 1, you should do cross county because, you will get fit and you will start running faster then you normally run, would you like that or would you like to get chubby and lazy, so if you pick to do cross county and you will start to get fitter and faster, more every time you do it.

Reason 2, you should do cross county because you just might become one of the fastest cross county runners in the school, your legs will get stronger and you will have fit and strong legs.

Reason 3, you will be healthy and be able to run a long distance.

Reason 4, it will start becoming fun to you and you will feel good because you went all the way to the end, you will feel proud of your self too.

Finally, the last reason you will get to do it with your friends and, you can all feel proud together because you made it the hole way.

Thats why you should do cross county. You should do it because it is a fun sport.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

letterbox line-up!

Shania, JD and Mikayla all did a creative letterbox. We had to choose a book from the NZ post book awards to make a letterbox then we had to make a creative letterbox out of the book that we chose.
Shania chose Chicken feathers, JD did Roadworks and Mikayla did Ducks Stuck we had to make the letterbox as creative as we could, and of course we all did cool ones. We are in a competition to win books for our school library, class library and our selves. The dimensions could not exceed 30 cm-30 cm -50 cm. Our teacher entered us into this very cool competition we think we are only allowed to enter one of us witch is very sad because our teacher doesn't want to choose 1 out of our cool letterboxs. We all put our hard work into them but the most importent thing is that we all had fun making them.

Shania made hers by blowing up a balloon and paper mashe and then I painted the paper mashe in black paint. After that I stuck the feathers on and then I stuck the head on and feathered it. Meanwhile, I let it to dry and soon after that I stuck the balloon on the head and then I put the googly eyes on and took it to school.

Mikayla made hers by using paper to cover 2 boxes and painted them yellow and red. Then she went to the shop and bought a duck mask and stappled it on to the top of the box after that I put a NO JUNK MAIL SIGN on the bottem of the top box then printed, copied some pictures of the book and made little holes for the feathers she did the number I traced a hole for the paper.

JD made his by starting with a shoe box and cut a little bit out of another shoe box and stuck it on top to make the cab then he did the wheels by tracing around a drinking glass. Then painted the cab and the back white and painted the wheels black once the wheels had dried he painted the silver on so it made it look like a wheel. Then he stuck on the wheels and the front and back bumper then the side and back windows, the indicaters and then all the roadworks stuff.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Information for Easter

What is Easter?
Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon. Following the first day of spring. It could be any Sunday between March 22 and April 25.It is the most sacred of all celebrations.

How Easter was celebrated in Ancient Days?
Ages ago people use to celebrate the coming of spring. They believe that changing seasons is guided by spirits or gods. The plants, flowers and animals coming out of there house or caves they brought life back to land.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday and Easter Sunday?
Good Friday is called Good Friday because Jesus Christ died for us because of our sins at Friday and he rose on the third day and received it at the right had on the Father which is Sunday.

What is Lent?
Lent is the forty days special seasons to Easter Sunday. Sundays are not counted because it is the Lords Day because there is no fasting so it not counted fasting. Some countries have celebrate Mardi Gras which means “Fat Tuesday” in French the day before Lent is Ash Wednesday. It is also called “Carnival” sometimes.

BY: Angelica, Alyssa & Salote