Monday, 7 December 2009

Midnight slumber party!

On Friday 4.12.09 all the girls in RM 8 went to Mikayla's place for a slumber party. It was amazing we had so much fun we arrived at 5.00 and waited for all the girls to come then we danced and took photos. we made our beds then we had dinner we had fish fingers, nuggets and hot chips and then we had desert we had chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and apricots. Then we did a fashion show we took heaps of photos of us in different clothes. After that we watched Another Cinderella Story . At night things started getting scary the lights were flickering the blinds were moving and at about 4:30am a guy with a bottle in his hands and really raged clothes with a beany was walking on Mikayla's property we kept peeking through the blinds to see where he was going he ended up going all around the house. In the morning we had waffles with cream and golden syrup after we had our waffles we went and played on the tramp. Then we watched Monsters Vs Aliens until everyone went home it was an awesome sleepover and everyone had a great time.
Shania and Mikayla

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