Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Today our class, room 4 went to the library and we did speed booking. I thought it was fun. This Is what we done we read the back of the book the blurb and we had to judge 1 to 10 if we liked it are not. 10 means it's really interesting and 1 means it's not my type of book. I had six 10's and 4 1's and we got 30 sec to look at the back of the book and look at the pages in the book. Then we moved to the next book when the bell went then we judge it, when we was at the end, some of room 4 got to get some books out that we liked. we looked at 43 different books. I thought it was fun and very cool. Also we got very confused where to go because there where so many books and people from our class that was the worst bit. the good bit was that at the end if we had our book bag we could get a book out of our favourite book.
written by Crystal


  1. Yeah! It was fun speed booking! I really enjoyed it and thought it was a very interesting and creative idea to do because doing this could make us interested in some of these particular books!

    Lynette :) ;)

  2. What a cool idea! I know some classes that will love to try that. Your teacher sure knows how to make things fun - and so do you Crystal coz it was YOUR write up that got me interested in the first place.
    Mrs Burt