Thursday, 23 September 2010

As good as it gets!!!!

This holidays mystery picture...

This Holidays mystery picture is :

Post your answer as a comment. The winner will be announced soon....

By Aaliyah and Louisa

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ramadan - the month of fasting

Fasting means you can't eat or drink when the sun is up.When the sun is down and its really dark you can finally eat. You have to wake up early like 5 or 6 a.m if you want to eat before you fast. Muslims only fast in August when september comes thats when Eid starts. Muslims don't have to fast the whole month you can fast any time or 2,3,4, 5 days. Muslims fast because  they want to feel how the poor people felt. Some people fast because Allah says to fast. If you fast you need to be over  8 years old. Muslims don't have to fast but they have to fast sometimes. 


By Farah

Eid the day of joy yeah!!!!!

Yeah awesome lets go. That is the sound we make when it is Eid, Eid is the day of joy.  Eid is only        celebrated by muslim people it only comes ones a month after Ramadan which is also celebrated by   muslim people in August every year.  Eid is when muslim people go out and celebrate, they celebrate because they have been  fasting [not eating] and now it is time to eat as much as they want. For my Eid I went to Mission Bay and the  Rainbows End and ate nandos. The kids are the must luckiest because they get money from who every  they know I am so lucky because I have heaps of people in my family the only people you can't take money from is the people that are younger then you and also they can go anywhere they want to go kids choice. We muslim people call it the day of joy because it is a very fun day and we love this day . 


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ginger's creative nature poem

N = nothing but a little door, will lead you into nature's tour

A = animals run and jump all day, while people sit and fade away

T = trees of the forest and plants of the land, and the cactus will lie in the sand

U = you know the seasons Summer,  Autumn, Winter, Spring, something god will always bring

R = rain can make some of our rivers, and some are cold that gives me the shivers

E = earth will spin round and round, on this place that someone's found

by Tenera AKA Ginger  [yes it's my own work!]

Conservation week

Last  week was conservation week. You should have worm farms and you should  keep the world clean. Don't you use your car, use your bike because the smoke and oil that comes out of the back it causes pollution. Get some plants if you do your  cool as! Anyway here is a website for saving the planet.
Go to this website because it has some cool games to play, you could win prizes, you get to design your own agent and its has some tips about saving the planet.

By Vikram & Josh

The Horrifying Earthquake in Christchurch!

Three days before the horrifying earthquake struck everybody was going to work going to school as usual. At night the rumbling had started everybody came out screaming. In the morning people saw their houses their cars were all damaged.
The magnitude was 7.1 it happened on September 16th 2010.
Now Christchurch is having aftershocks. One of the after shocks was so deadly that the magnitude was 6.4!
The cracks on roads and paths are so deep that sand is bubbling out.
People are saying that to repair Christchurch it will take 1 to 2 years to get Christchurch repaired and on the go.
People were saying that an earthquake was going to hit Christchurch anytime.
But luckily it happened at night and if it had happened in the morning buildings would fall lot of injuries would occur more often. An earthquake happens when rocks underground fall along a fault then it releases a big amount of energy that makes all the rumbling Check out this video

By Nawshi


The adventures of Freddo

The adventures of Freddo is a game were you get 10 days or more to complete you get your own room and you get to customize it by playing games and getting points you can customize the outside and the inside. Once a day you will get an episode the episode is about adventures with Feddo and his friends Zac, Hannah and Ashley. You will get a game with your episode after or during your episode. Once you finish the game you wait a while and you will get an another adventure. Well I hope you like this game.

By vik


Today we done Zumba with too hard out ladies  one Miss Pullman and the other lady was Rosaline. Our first song was O.M.G (oh my gosh) we had so much fun dancing away like we we're at a party. We did moves that were kind of hard and some moves were easy like shaking you bottom that was easy. The hard dance move was when we had to jump and roll our hands in the air until Rosaline changed the move. The  song to that we didn't know. The third dance I liked because we had to shake it like someone is shaking you that is why it was the best dance that we did that was fun for me it was but other people would say that they like O.M.G better because it was the best song and the best moves in that song. Everyone sang in the last song  the last song was party in the USA and every body sang how amazing do you know why? Well because the BOY'S we're singing HAHAHA. that is such a crack up I have never seen boy's sing before but only my brother. The girls we're singing like they we're at a club singing for a band that was so fun hope Miss Pullman and Rosaline is reading this thank you's. You are two amazing glorious,graceful teachers. 

If you want to do Zumba come to Summerland community house on Wednesday after school it starts at 3.30pm

By Olepa and Sasha

Monday, 20 September 2010

Pirate day with Rm 21

Clang! Clang! CLANG! That's the sound of the swords bashing into each other! Starting from the morning bell - Beep! - till the end of school, we had a day, a wonderful day when we dressed up into our fantastic costumes, from head to toe, all pirate things such as an eye patch, a cutlass, and all sorts of other stuff! Even things that others never thought of! Some thought of wearing stockings underneath their pants! I think that was really creative in some ways! Because only a few, well, that was including me, of course! We did pirate activities all day long! Miss Cheeseman even put links to pirate websites! You know how she loves pirates, right? No? Well, she does. I think it's because of her dream boyfriend, Johnny Depp. :)
Anyway, we did math activities like counting in 3's and 4's. Then, we did some co-ordinate activities and pirate maps. What I mean by 'pirate maps', is that we got to make our own. Then, at the end of the day, well, near the end, we did some literacy activities. We had so much fun! To be honest, I didn't really like my pirate name which was Cabinlass Sal. Isn't that a weird name to have?
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Summerland Sports Exchange

 Some of the year fives and sixes went on a sports exchange replaced by a Winter field day that was going to happen earlier this year. The sports some kids were doing were Hockey, Soccer, Kiwi Sport, Netball, Rugby League. In Hockey, Summerland  had to play Sunnyvale, Summerland. Summerland Team Red had take off one player (which was me) on our team to make eight players because there were nine players in our team. In Kiwi Sport you got to play games like Unihoc, The Nests, Bombers and Dodge Ball. The schools that the Kiwi Sporters played were Ranui Primary, Western Heights Primary, Summerland. They played the sports at the Te Pai courts. In Soccer, the schools they played were Pomaria, Western Heights, Henderson North.They played soccer at Henderson North. In Netball, the schools they played were Western Heights, Pomaria, Henderson North, Summerland. They played net ball at the Te Pai courts. We all had so much fun at the Sports Exchange, we could have been playing longer!
By Sahville

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

F1 italian Grand Prix 2010

The idea's of the high speed track in the circuit of Monza 1955, Antonio Beri and Aldo Di Renzo had one goal, Create a  track with a very high avarege speed, Without having changing of direction and with no use of brakes. the project so, strarted from the idea of the the one built in 1922, but with a modern concept. Finally the "ring" was composed of two half circle of a radius of about 320 meter and two straights of 875 meter. With a slope fo 80 % the car could keep going at 300 km/h all long the circuit.

The circuit of Monza will again host the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Italy from the 10th untilthe12th September 2010. The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most popular races on the F1 calendar worldwide. In 2008 it saw the maiden victory of Vettel in his Torro Rosso. In the extreme wet conditions the German took pole on Saturday and brought home the victory on Sunday. The “Autodromo di Monza” is the ultimate circuit for speed lovers. On the long straight distances the Formula 1 pilots can race high speeds. Overtaking is easy, but also very dangerous. A race on    the circuit at Monza forces a lot from both the car and the driver. As a result, spectacular crashes are also known to occur. A race at the “Autodromo di Monza” guarantees annual tension and sensation. This race should not be missed by real race fans cool !!!!!!!  
The race was on sunday on C4 I watched it  while the V8's were on Tvnz 3 .The race stared with Luwis Hamton crashed in the opening lap,

Hey may still be stuck on zero points, but the 2010 season has progressed so well for  Lotus that they look increasingly likely to finish the year as the best of the three new teams and clinch the all-important tenth spot in the constructors’ championship. For a team that only came into being a year ago, it’s an excellent achievement, and with some key announcements about their future due in Singapore next weekend, team principal Tony Fernandes is understandably feeling proud''. team Lotus spoke  '' I say well done''
there is two track's  here

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Monday, 6 September 2010

Mystery Picture 1

Starting from now, we will be putting on mystery pictures for you guys to guess what it is. Thanks for the Australian School, one mystery picture has inspired us so we decided to give it a try. Every week there would be a new mystery picture.

Enjoy this weeks mystery picture:

Post your answers as a comment and the winner/s will be announced at the end of next week.

By Louisa

visit to Henderson

Brrrrm Brrrrm we were sitting on the bus waiting happy. When we were their we got put in to groups the first thing our group did was cooking. We made rice paper rap we made it with some cucumber,carrot,capsicum,parsley,lettuce and mint leaf. We also made an apple tart witch had some apples, egg, pastry and Cinnamon. The other activity that we done orienteering witch we went around the school looking for some clues witch was very easy. The last activity was story telling we went there for a short time but the story was called Imagine a day and it was cool because one of the photos had the same reflection and you couldn't tell witch one was witch. Then we had a sugage sizzle morning tea and a ice-block while they were setting up an assembly then we went in and sung and watch their play. Next year we we really want to go to Henderson so we can enjoy art,music and maybe even be in a play. We really liked it we hope you have fun next year when you go to visit Henderson next year.

Olepa and Tenera

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The winning match

Last night we had a match Oratia Cool Cats v's the Oratia Hawks for a catch up match of soccer. First we did same shots at goal to warm-up but our keeper was sick and I was back up so I was the one that got shot at in the goal. But on the other hand I could pick up the ball which was cool then the other team arrived.

Then it was kick off I was midfielder Tom passed to Kail and then he went all the way (with us fowling Kail to the goal line ) to the keepers goal and booted it right to him. so he punched the ball to the goal line so it was a corner. so Kail did the corner. Kail passed to jamie and jamie passed to me ( with the hawks still at the corner ) so I booted the ball into the goal ( with the keeper still looking at the corner ) and I said "GOAL!!!!!" it was 1-0 .But I forgot to rip open my shirt up. oops getting to far now sorry!!! Now back to the game since we got a goal it was there kick off.

(Right at the back of me was this larch pudie of MUD ) the coach said goal for the cool cats. Kick off for the hawks then it was half time so our coach Kevin told us about the game plain when we wore eating Moorobars hay don't look at me I'm not In charge ok ok good then it was back on I was keeper for this half and then it when it so fast the coach said"full time" then we shook hands with the hawks saying good game good game "ok we get it'' ''ha its my story here'' ''I thought it was real '' ''it is '' ''ok''. lets get to the good point now I got player of the day so at 4:00 tonight at the club room for the prize draw to win a $20 Sterling sports gift card. and you get a bottle of coke + a bag of chips. so at 4:00 we went to the club room for fun and for the gift card. so they called out the 9 yr old boys cool cats it was a win 1-0 at that point I ran up to get the bottle of coke and a bag of chips and they draw out a name for a prize and they called out Josh- I got a $20 Sterling sports vocuher.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Discovery time

One spectacular Friday we joined room 20, 19, 18, 17 for discovery time. When we arrived we sat down for around 5 minutes and then the teachers from Anawhata started explaining discovery time. They had a sheet of paper with words on them they said today we are doing discovery time. The sheet said what would it look like and our mission was time management the little kids got 3 or 4 tasks the big kids got 5. We had to finish our activity's before morning tea time and we only had one hour. So when we started everything it was fine but when it was around 9:30 it was a mess they were scissors on the floor vivid's all over the floor. It took us 5 minutes or ten to pack it up. At the end of discovery time we wrote down what we found hard and why it was. Some people finished all the tasks but most of us didn't, we found it hard because people were not putting there equipment away and everything was messy. I managed to finish the sheep and the lily. When I was trying to do them I had to wait for ages for the equipment. Next time I will not wait for the equipment I will go and do something else. Then we left I really want to do it again, because its fun doing stuff with paper and sticking stuff, making things is good to take home.

Check out the photos here DISCOVERY TIME IMAGES

By Vik and Tamir