Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Stu Duvals stupendous story!

Stu Duval is a famous cartoonist and an author! He came to our school and talked to us about drawing and how it's fun, Stu Duvals drawings are so amazing! He asked one of us “Choose a number out of 1-1 million.” Then he choose one person and they said “6 million!” He sm
iled and said “Oh 6 million wow.” He wrote on the huge whiteboard 6,000,00. After that he drew a face using the numbers as things on the face. He then showed how to make a face out of S, you draw a S and two dots and a prickle and a line. He showed us his books that we wrote and there was about 10! They were big chapter books and he showed his latest book named “The lake of the dead!” We were very interested. He asked us if we knew the story about Anzac day and that horse with the farm at Piha. After that he told us that story and it was very sad, it took place in italy where they had war. He drew a picture of the setting of the Piha. The story was called “Galloping to Gallipoli.” He did lots of funny actions that made us laugh so much! Then Stu finished the story & shook hands with everybody then we took photos!
By Alyssa and Lynette

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