Sunday, 9 August 2009

High School Musical Stage Show

The day had come our pod was going to see high school musical 2 on stage! Hi I'm JD and me and my pod went to see High School Musical on stage, everybody was excited. That day we had to bring our lunch in a plastic bag and a drink in a throw away bottle because the rules said that we can't bring food and drinks into the theatre. Anyway, we were at school waiting for the bus to come then Miss Hughes came out and said that the bus had got mixed up so we just went to play as usual. After moning tea things were up and running so half of my pod piled onto one bus and the other half on the other bus and away we went. After what seemed like a short bus ride we were there and the place was huge! So we had our lunch there and then we packed up all our lunch put our empty bottles and bags in the rubbish bin or should I say by the rubbish bin because the rubbish bin was filled to the top. The beginning of the show had all the high school children waiting for the summer holidays to come then the bell rang and the students went crazy like a pack of baboons and they sang a song. Then it showed Sharpay at this place with her friends from school and they sang a song and then Troy and the Wild Cats because they had a job at the place to. After about an hour and a half the show was done. Then we went back to school. My personal opinion of the show, I thought the show was awesome because they sang really good and they performed really good, and it was better than what I thought it would be.


  1. I really enjoyed the play!

    I think that they could of done better because most of there sentences were hard to understand.

    But it was better than I expected!

    Lynette :) ;)

  2. it was better than I thought it would be
    and the scenes were good.