Tuesday, 27 July 2010

mystery egg...

Two kids from room 13 came in to show us an egg but what type of egg we don't know? we had to guess what it was. I saw that it was dark green with white lumps all over it and it was about the size of a kiwi's egg. Was it an emu, a peacock, an ostrich, an albatross or a crocodile egg?

The next day they said it was an emu. At morning tea they broke the egg and cooked it and now eating it. These are some photos.


Friday, 23 July 2010

kiwi egg

A surprise came to the library for room 22. Miss Galbraith had brought in a kiwi egg as she let us pass it around. Miss Cheeseman walked away saying OMG i can't look! because she thought we were going to break it. When we got to the end we were wondering how such a big egg could fit in a small kiwi?
by Ginger

Kiwikick taster session

Yesterday we went to the courts to play kiwikick. Kiwikick is like rugby, but its more better and the people who do it tell you how to get better at kicking. We did the drop punt. We had lots of fun with room 17 and the kiwikick guy. We had to try to hit the teachers with the rugby ball by drop punting the ball, hardly anyone hit the teachers because they were kicking too hard. Some of the class were good at kicking. We also tried to hit Adam with the rugby ball. When you drop punt the ball you have to put the laces towards the person you are kicking too 'laces away from faces'. You have to kick with the bridge of your foot. You have to imagine there is mud on your toes and you want to kick it to your partner.
We played a game warm up, we had to jump on one foot and run on the spot and stuff and then when he blowed the whistle we had to rush to pick the rugby ball off the floor.
By Tamir and Jarred
kiwikick on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Haiku Poems

We created some holiday haiku poems on fotobabble.

Monday, 19 July 2010

cooperative games

Tied up in knots made the start of the term interesting. Room 22 played a game called ties that bind games.What happens is you need a partner and two pieces of string, what you need to do next is you need to make a knot so the string can fit on your hand so you don't cheat. The rules in this game are you are not aloud to use scissors, slip your hands out of the string or bite the string with your teeth. The aim of the game is to figure out a way to untangle yourself and your friend.Now when you and your friend have finished and have untangled your self you have just finished the game.And the best way to help you in the game is to use communication and cooperation.
Co-operative fun to start the term! on PhotoPeach

By Rhiannon

Q: What did the rope say after it got tangled?
A: Oh, no, knot again!
[thanks Mrs Brown for that joke]

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Karate Kid Movie!

Last Friday,mum and I went to the 'Event'Cinama to see Karate Kid. Jackie Chan was a Mr.Han.Drae is Jaden Smith.The original of Karate Kid was in 1984.They based on original story. Then they remake the movie.
I think the Karate kid is a funny and great thril in the one movie you should watch it! It is cool movie!


~***~ Trip to Mt Maunganui ~***~

Last week on Tuesday the six of July my Mum and I went down to Tauranga - Mt Maunganui to stay for six days. It took two hours and a half to get to Tauranga from Auckland. When we got to Mt Maunganui we stayed in an apartment named the Atrium. We had a fabulous time staying there for four days and after that we stayed with my auntie and then a night with Nana. At the Atrium we got the penthouse. The penthouse that we stayed in was in the forth floor and it was huge. When we got in we where staring at the beautiful ocean that sparkled in the sun. We could see the Mount. I went to see my room...I was sleeping in a double bed looking out to the sparkling ocean sea and I had a wardrobe to. It was BEAUTIFUL. All the way down the other end was my Mum's room. She had a double bed as well and she could see the beautiful ocean as well. Near my room their was a bathroom, the lounge, and the kitchen. It was so hot on the Wednesday that we needed shorts! We loved it. Soon the four days were over and we had to check out. It was one of the saddest times of our lives...lol!! That night ( Friday ) We went out for dinner to Blues cafe and bar restaurant with my auntie. We stayed at her house that night. Then that Sunday we went back to home sweet home!! We had SO much fun I can't wait till the next holidays!!



Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rain Forest Express

Today I went to the Rain Forest Express in Titirangi with my mum and we took a lot of food because of the brouchure saying it would take about 3 hours to watch in the Express train.
We came to early so we looked around and took some pictures waiting untill the Express train comes.
There were rules about the Express train,The rules were watching out for poisons and traps,no putting our body outside the Express train and listening what the explaining people are telling and the really important rules are no opening the door when the train is going and no touching plants that we don't Know for example:Tutu is a poisonous plant!and the other important rule is no breaking the rules.
The leader had called our groups name , when we were getting in train, my mum was keep baging her head on the window and the leader said to be careful further.
The train is passing 10 tunnels,nine briges and a highest dam - Nihotupu in Auckland.
The interesting thing was watching gloworm and grasshopper in the tunnel and the dam was so scary because it's high and looks like a cliff.
I have learnt the dam is supplying to 1.2million Aucklander .
The journey seemed to through the bush .

Monday, 12 July 2010

Our Fishing Trip

During the holidays, my family and I went fishing in Warkworth. The beach was called Omaha Beach. It was a very cold and windy day and there was drops of rain. It took about 1 hour to get there and there was lots of traffic. When we go there, we had to get lots of things out from the back. This included fishing rods,buckets, tackle and bait. Rain started dripping on our heads as we walked to the beach. It was tricky waliking to where we fish because there was of sharp rocks and sticks. I then realised that it was low tide, so I thought there might not be a chance of fishing up any fish. But my dad didn't care so he just keep fishing. Timed passed as we still hadn't reeled in anything. The sun was coming down and the water started to rise. It was high tide. This was a chance of fish. It started to rain so my mum, brother, sister and I found a big rock and hid in it for shelter. My dad then got a couple of bites of the legal size snappers. He then caught a Kahwai too. I also got a chance to cast and fish but I always get the bait stuck between the rocks. My mum fished up a couple of snappers that ended up to be bigger than my dad's catch. The day ended in a big tasty dinner and lots of fish. 10 Snappers, 1 Khawai, 1 Trevally and another I don't know. This also ended up to be the best day my dad ever had!!

By Louisa

Monday, 5 July 2010

Studying In Holidays

In the 2nd week of the holidays, we planed to study at the Waitakere Library. Isabella & I still didn't know where to meet each other before we went to the Library! Anyway, it's the last day of school so I gave her my phone number. On Sunday Isabella phoned, telling us that her mum argued about looking after us for 3 days. I was away at skiing for the 1st half of the 2nd week. When I came back Isabella phoned again, saying that she forgot to tell that she's coming over after lunch to study together at my house! Friday finally came, when 12:30 came I could see her tiny blue car waiting outside my place. Isabella told me she had been to the Library while I was away and brought 3 science books! I asked her if it's OK to study in my room, she said "YES!" We studied the subject Science. After about 30 min I declared to have a rest by reading Eclipse.

By Dain and Izzy

Calling all Readers!

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The top three students from each age group who submit reviews for the website will also be rewarded. Their reviews will be published on the Book Council site in the Your Reviews‚ section of the Kids‚ Education site. (http://www.bookcouncil.org.nz/Education/Shiny-and-New/Reviews-by-Children.htm)

To submit a review or three and be in to win these fantastic books, simply email Sarah at education@bookcouncil.org.nz with your entries, including the name and age of the reviewer, and name of the school in the top right-hand corner of the word or PDF document. There is a word limit of 200 words for all entries.

Or you can just email them to me and I will send for you! Get reading and reviewing folks!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rainbows end fun!!!!

On Saturday I went to Rainbows End in Auckland and there is so much fun stuff there you might feel like staying the night there. RIDES- The rides that are there are dodgems, Invader, Bumper Boats, Gold Rush, Log flume, Fear Fall, Movie Theatre 180, Motion Master, Coca Cola Roller Coaster, Power Surge Family Karts, Scorpin Karts. LOG FLUME- When you go on the log flume you go down a big hill and when you get to the bottom you get wet. PICTURES- When you go on a ride there are cameras by the rides so when you go down a hill do a funny face. CAMERAS- When you are on a ride that has water, beside to them be very care full because when you take your hands out of the boats the camera people will see you and you will get in trouble.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dance off in room 22

On friday we went on a trip to corban's art centre.We left school before morning tea we came back after lunch.For lunch we had subway. After lunch time we had to make cards for the parent helpers. Some people did blogs.

Miss Cheeseman said if we have enough time we could have a dance off. On friday was white glove day. We had to do a Michael Jackson dance. Sasha's group was the best because there one wasn't random they new what they were doing but the others were good as well. Hannah's group was so funny. Hannah's group were doing random things they danced to thriller. Rhiannon was doing a bunch of random dance moves but she was funny as.

This year was the first celebration of Micheal Jacksons death.

by Sasha & Tui