Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Chair

I cried as the girl pulled me out my home.
When she pulled me out she was holding 
on to my shoulders like I was a thin pencil.
She sat on my lap just like that and she 
didn't even ask me.Besides the girl 
didn't need to sit on my lap because 
she wasn't a baby.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Rocking Reader

A reward for all those that choose to read over the long holidays and flash up a wee review here with labels of reviews and reading:

Review Instructions:
When writing a book review, you must explain the following things:
RATING: score out of 5

Recommended for
Your opinion of the book
Reviewed by:
Title: Baa Baa Smart Sheep
Author:  Mark Sommerset
Rating: 4/5
This book is a picture book with wee little speech bubbles to tell the story. It is based around two characters, the Sheep and Quirkey Turkey.  It could be set either on a farm or in a field, the illustrations are quite simple so it’s hard to tell. The characters show great expressions in their faces throughout the book. The story is based around the Sheep telling Quirkey Turkey that his poo is actually smart tablets. It’s awesome the way the sheep convinces him to  eat the tablets – and obviously there are some interesting consequences.
I would recommend this book to all children who love funny books, and some teachers too.
It’s a great read aloud book! Hilarious!
Reviewed by: Claire Cheeseman

Thursday, 9 December 2010

octopus voicethread from a book

we did it from a book we read in our group
by Tamir & Liutu,

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Personification Poem : Books

I sit on a shelf beside a window feeling hot and cold some of my pages can't hold.
I've been trampelled on jumped on by my grumpy owner. Someday I'll have a lovely owner that won't break my spine because they don't own that kind of mind.
I am made of trees can't you see from branches to leaves into a factory. My poor paper has been in a typing machine for too long it feels longer than 3,600 songs.
When I try to speak zero words come out I feel daft and want to shout.
Screaming for help just like in my words I've meet two pairs of eyes but not lemon curd..mmmm If I had a mouth I would die from wetness would never be dry would never be read.


By Tori-Grace

personification Poem ~ Axe

An axes life isn't a good one, after they use me they dump me in a dark shed until they want to use me again. Every day I get used to cut stupid trees with my amazing shinning head after I cut a tree down I scream for joy, I also get painful headaches after a hard days of work I come in small sizes and big sizes, I also have cracks and scratches on me, why can't I be used for something else.    

Personification poem - Wind

The wind blew me away from where I was standing it was taking me somewhere safe and beautiful.

 Where a lake would flow and trees would grow bright green.

 Then it would be my guide for the rest of the day its like my family it would visit me everyday, take me somewhere special and lots more.

Whenever I called wind it would reply with a blow leaves and mucky stuff would come into my bedroom that meant he was coming.

When midnight  came I would hear nothing so I would fall asleep.



Personification: Clock

I am a clock my arms move from place to place, I just sit there hanging, relaxing and looking outside. There are old clocks like me and new clocks thats just the good stuff. The bad thing about me is that I just sit in one place moving my arms, I don't get any precious sleep and I get picked on by cuckoo clocks.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I am a big and orange ball, the people bobbed me on the ground and I go wee and try to go in the hoop and I feel saw from those people bouncing me to the ground and people chucking me around I think I'm going to be sick.


Personification: Ring

I get happy when somebody put me in the soft sponge case.

I always get stinky when a sweaty man wears me.

I get lonely when my friends are gone.

I can't feel anything even a lovely snow.

I'm lucky that I'm waterproof and stainless steel
and I still hate to go into the water.

Jae Yu

Monday, 6 December 2010


I have stripes and I bounce.
The people bounces me to the ground and I bob back up and try to fly and hop in the hoop.
I have to do it for hours and I feel really tired bouncing and flying.
I get hurt by bouncing on little rocks and glasses really badly.
I think my owner and other people don't treat me well.


Personification Poem ~ Chair

The chair screeched as I sat down.
At the top of my leg I broke.
If I was awake my leg would hurt but I'm tired so I'll go to bed.
Being dragged or being carried "Yay" I don't have to walk.
Stacked on top of anothers head.
Another day another sore back, being sat on everyday all I want to do is play.
Instead I'm squashed to death.
• I look out the window on a sunny day, and all I can think of is play play play
 I can't jump up high but I can be dropped by kids over a centimetre high I can't take it.

Friday, 3 December 2010

the year six dinner!!! and more food, FOOD! Did I mention food?

On the 1st of December we had our year 6 dinner at Gengy's and enjoyed lots of food, we had 5ths and then dessert. The food was yummy and we had lots of time to talk, eat and eat even more. There was so much food to choose from like:

tandoori chicken,  seafood delights,  pork,  beef,  fries, veges,  salad,  fruit,  sushi, breads and mickey mouse pancakes and ice cream.
There were teachers from Summerland that only teach littlies such as: Mrs Harford and Mrs Shepherd they came too because they used to teach some of these children when they were little. We all had fun but, after dinner there was something special...
WE HAD OUR GRADUATION CERTIFICATES!!! They went from order room 1, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17 and 22. After the certificates were handed out we were allowed to take photos of our teachers and friends together. It is an awesome time for people with friends to catch up and talk about things. We all love the food(mostly) there was lots of fun bits and humour to share!!

From Rhiannon &  Tenera.

personification poem-Ferrari

I can't pull the trailer its not my way.
I'm still a 4x4.
I still want to be a Ford F950, ultimate power.
you don't need to be going  over 100 km .
I hate kids walking up to me and puting ther sticky fingers all over me at least it is not as bad as a complete stranger walking up to you and punch you eyes out
and the alarm goes off and he runs off.
at least I'm not a Toyota Boo

by Josh   

Personification-Wheelie Chair

I dance and twirl like a ballerina across the floor as the children play and sit.

I'm having the most fun a chair could have with my legs spinning like an octopus.

As the sun and moon met, the room got lit with light, just like the light sparkling from a candle.

As I got dirty from all that fun, I realise it's a cover I need to have!

Oh, I had so much fun!
Oh, how I want to be a human!

My bright eyes are gleaming like the stars in the night.


Personification - Trash

Trash gets bashed  no one likes me.
I am  covered in dirt I smell like pooh.
I never get cleaned I have flies all over my head.
I am lonely with no friend's..... it's not funny.... it's true.
Why can't people reuse instead?
I am just stupid trash I never get good luck.

By Farah

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Disable Blindness

I am a person just like everyone else, except that my
glittering eyes are covered with a blanket of darkness.

Always I try to seek brightness, hard as I try to get
brightness to plunge onto me. The blanket wouldn't
give away. Everywhere I go I sense others laughing,
pointing and gesturing at me. I could feel the insults
drowning me down.

Suddenly, a light sparkled somewhere in the darkness.
I would sing. In my songs, I will see wonderful things
like the sky, sea and land!


Personification poem about pillows

When I hear the parents say, "Come on kids it's time for bed!", I start to panic because when the children lay their heads on me, it really hurts. For the whole 10 hours, all I ever get to do is rest. in. pain, have kids drooling on me! The next morning my luck gets even worse. Mum says, "Kids! Put your cases in wash!". While my case gets washed, I shiver for a half hour. Finally, I get my case back resting for the whole day.

By Sahville.

Personification poem~Netball

I get used everyday it is a pain I get put in a shed with other balls and footballs.

Girls use me every time  in netball I get hurt all the time.

How would you feel if you got hit and bashed in a netball game .

By Nolwazi

Personification - Books


I have words written all over my face 
I have a spine just like you do 
I sit on a self all day long
sometimes my owner doesn't even look after me 
I have a beginning and an ending just like this is 


Personification- Bean Bag poem

Bean bag  

Noise's everywhere I go

I sit there doing nothing

someone comes and takes me away

I feel like I'm lost

I'm flexible and comfy, but then I get squashed

I don't know whats inside me and don't know why it hurts

When people lay on me, I think I lost some cells

The next day, I hope people will people treat me well.