Thursday, 5 November 2009

We are the World!! Cultural Festival

For our Cultural festival on the 19th of November some of my classmates and I [Ezrah] are doing a dance for 'We are the World' kind of like a little tribute for M.J . The whole school will be doing something, everyone will be dressing up for a country e.g me N.Z but for the dance that me and my friends are doing , I will be singing for my classmates and they will be dancing. I heard that there will also be a fan dance, art work on display, some acting and of course me, and do you know what will make it even better you being there. It was a great success last year it should be even better this year because there are more surprises to come it will be awesome, fun and entertaining. Check out last years photos


  1. All of yous guys are doing so good at practicing learning it must be boring doing all of that, i know how you feel if it is boring cause i just have to sit in the office listening to the same same song so boring but quite good because i HAVE to learn it, i do get quite tired most of the time after about 20 maybe 30 minutes but then when i have to get called out i am quite glad that i can get out of that pig sweating, teacher making place i mean honestly who would want to be stuck in there for more than an hour sure not me and i dont think anyone else would want to either but i have to sit in there for about 40 minutes it does get quite boring after the 20th minute okay its just like me to talk like an old man born in 1898 that had been to war its kind of like this episode on 'The fresh prince of bel air' when this old man was talking about the parliment history but i wont keep going on like how i was anyway my time has come i am so sorry but i have to leave i am getting old.....

    P.S. I will be coming back with more comments to you and your friends so keep a watchful eye....


  2. I have heard you guys practising and I am really looking forward to seeing your finished product. I hope there will be costumes!
    Miss Edwards