Friday, 20 August 2010


We played hockey with Shaun and other player from Western Hockey. They taught us how to dribble and how to hold hockey stick. We played game called 'hockey ball rush'.
We had a lot of fun.
It was interesting to watch Shaun doing the tricks. It made hard to get his ball off from his hockey stick. The dribble was kind of hard because it was hard to control the ball. Anyway, it was short time, but it was funny.

By Jae

Reach 4 the *'s

Starlab reporting for duty.... LAUNCHING 5 4 3 2 1 ....... BLAST!!!

Straight after the bell, Louisa, Isabella and I went out to the court to meet Mrs Dysart and all the other people doing the 'Reach for the Stars'
seminar. Gloria Witheford was our teacher who taught us about the star constellations which is stars that link together to make special pictures! How exciting! We got to feel how a real meteorite feels like, make a Star Chart which we need to help us find star constellations and go into this Starlab AKA Mini Look-alike spaceship. We got to make a comet (the closest thing to a real comet
) with her. She showed us a trick with candles and some dry ice. The trick was she kept a bottle of oxygen which was made by dry ice. If she put the bottle close to the lighted candles the candles went out. At the end, we got to have a bead that changed colour in the sunlight. A few days later, Isabella lost her bead! I found another bead that was blue while Louisa
found out hers was blue. Then I lost mine too!
By Dain, Louisa & Isabella

Left: The beads when theres no sun.
Right: The beads when there is sun.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Devon and Jarred were selected specially because they are awesome [Miss C said] and they went to do robotics to see John who was a expert at use these Lego robots. The robot had a brain that was called a brick, the brick had 4 buttons, left, right, select and back. Every robot could walk left, right, back, back right, back left, forward right, forward left, forward for 2 seconds and five seconds, wait for 2, 5 or 10 seconds, loop, stop, move at a object, move at sound, or move on a black line plus much much more.

Each robot had a name I can remember some, Sue, Cyrus, Rodney and Phillip. With the robots there was a touch sensor. He showed us (everyone that was there) some videos from a tournament.

We did a course that only a few people completed. Forward, right, around the bucket, through the middle, around the other bucket and back again...

By: Devon and Jarred.

Friday, 13 August 2010

End Game

We went on a class trip to the theatre to see a play called End Game, the characters were Alex and Mum. In the game they were called Pluto and Madonna. We did a PMI on the play. The pluses about the play were: The bit where they tell the time and when Alex had to smash only two statues to find his mum. Also the bit when Mum had to change her name to some thing better rather then Madonna! Some minuses were that in the beginning of the show it was a little bit boring because they were talking too fast and we couldn't hear them, and also when they said some rude words. The show was really fun and interesting, we really enjoyed it and we can't wait to see another show!!

Shania, Tori, Tenera and Sahville

Thursday, 12 August 2010


A couple of weeks ago we did Egyptian activities with room 21.
It was awesome we got to do 6 activities.
They were called Egyptian bread Egyptian sandals senet game Hieroglyphics, beads it was fun we also did Egyptian maths That was kind of hard because we didn't under stand it proprely.
Room 21 was funny because when they made Egyptian bread they made a big as mess and we had to clean up their mess that was so unfair.
But we just did it without any fuss.
It was so fun.
But we always had to clean up the big mess in the back room but we still did it!!!
When we did the Egyptian maths people just keep moaning and asking for help. Do you think that is fair? some people think that it isn't fair well at less we finished the maths sheet.
It was fun doing all the activities we had great time with room 21 and we hope they had awesome fun with us hope their reading this.
Anyway some of the kids always ask for help when they were doing the maths so we
just did the right thing and helped them!!!!!
That day was great thank you room 21 for the awesome fun!!!!!

By Sasha , Aaliyah , olepa

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Egyptian Immersion rotation

So what did you think of the rotation - click on the link and write a word or two words in the space and press enter: