Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Talking to Mr. Cunliffe by video conference

On Monday the 8th of June 2009 We talked to Mr Cunliffe on skype in the afternoon.We did this so we could ask him questions about Melbourne. We asked him questions like What does he do in his spare time? Why did you move to Melbourne? and What creaters are their in the Melbourne Waters? For the first question He said he does reading and teaching for the second question Mr Cunliffe said he was ready for a change.For the third question He replied with a story.He told us that thay had big ants and one of them bit him. Mr Cunliffe he showed us his house, street and his robots.Mr Cunilffe said that the temperature was 4 degrees in Melbourne.I think that it was good for my education because I learnt alot about Melbourne and now I know what it might be like to be in Melbourne.

By Kaitlyn and Dariha

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