Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The apprentice

The Apprentice has reached room 22 and their been chosen for the challenge.....

So what's the challenge......

Getting ready...

*First Challenge: Getting Sorted, Everyone in the classroom had to get in to teams and think of what their Motto is,Team name is and what is their logo.

*Second Challenge: Make your business cards, bring your logo and motto design and create your team wiki page.......???

Monday, 19 April 2010

Shania's Awesome Birthday Party...

Yay!! It is finally my best friend's birthday party this is the day we have all been waiting for... A day at Ice Paradise. Soon after everyone was at Shania's house ready to go in the car for ice-skating. Then we pulled up to Shania's grandma house, she was very kind, and was letting us eat the chocolate fudge cake early, everyone had some then there face went red... like they were blushing but they weren't... the cake was horrible... It was dry and spongy and we figured out that it was gluten free.
Soon we were all ready to go when we went, no one was there at ice paradise, it was only speed racing , it was not open till 1.00Pm but the party ends at 2.00pm this is a disaster! We thought about doing laser strike but that takes about half an hour to get there.... Suddenly we saw a sign... It said MOTAT... What a perfect idea! We went inside everything had changed AGAIN last time we went there it was full of sports and now its all about cars even the duct do dome changed it is now called the haunted house.. It is pitch black and you can't see anything it was an obstacle coarse, and there was a net that went up and a rope attached to it, it was scary at first but then we got used to it and went again and again.. It felt as though we were going 1 million times. After the obstacle coarse we were on our way to the scrumptious Mc.Donald's. Soon after that we took Devon home while Shania and I played sing star for half an hour at her house... Soon after that Shania's dad drove me back to my house... And that was one of the best party we have ever been to.

By Shania and Tori-Grace

Friday, 16 April 2010

Visit to Ruakaka beach/camping site

On the first day of the school holidays, my family and I went to a camping site up north called Ruakaka Reserve Motor Camp. It took along time to get there by car. It took around 2-3 hours.

We booked in earlier for 4 days and 3 nights in a tent, so we did'nt need to care a bit.
When we got there we had to get out of the car for fresh air, because all the way from Auckland to Rukaka, we could see many farms and dryland. I was so happy that I live in Henderson were the air is fresh. But we are not talking about that now.

When we got access to the camping ground, we had to put our tent out obivously, so we did but it took quite a long time because we kept fussing about were the front door is. But we finished.

There was a kitchen for use and toliet and shower joined together. It was close to us that we had no trouble getting in and out. The only thing is that when we came to the office to pay the booking, the office lady gave us 10 50c tokens to use for the kitchen and the 5min hot showers.

At night it was not so cold than we thought it was. Because we brought in so much warm clothing that most of them had'nt been touched since we left. I was all hot and stuffy at night that I couldn't sleep well in my sleeping bag!

On the next day we got up at around 6.30am to around 7.30am, had breakfast and left for a morning walk on the beach. It was a reserve motor camp so we couldn't take any seashells. How sad! My dad thought there was fishes in the ocean at the beach, so he brought his fishing rod out and gave it a shot. Then he realised there was no fish here, so he drove us up to Mardsen Point, where my dad caught a few fishes! It was so sad that they were so big that I could eat them, because I hated fish!

A few days pasted, and it was time to leave, I had so much fun that I even forgot what my homework was! But I did because I 'm doing my homework! I wish I could go back there and have more fun and remember to bring sporting stuff to play with!

Louisa Tan

Sunday, 11 April 2010

visit to soljans winery

Today I went to the WINERY ,KUMEU in AUCKLAND.
Winery Tour started at 11am there were lots of people who were waiting.
The restaurant manager (he looked like my neighbor grandfather) told us how to make a wine for one hour .
First I saw grape trees that were covered with net because to protect from letting the bird eat the grape, and then we went inside the factory where they have alot of instruments those need to make wine .


1.pick some grapes
2.wash them carefully
3.squash and squeeze by the machine
4.Put it in the stainless that can be fermented
5.put it in a wine bottle

After the tour I tested a sweet wine, it tated like salty cola.
So I wouldn't drink it even i grow up.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

GOLF, my new favourite sport

Today, my family and I went golfing. We went there to take lessons. My balls went really far. They went about 90 metres.
Our tutor was Korean so we could understand him easily. He told us to bend our knees, always whatever we do don't take our eyes off the ball and the targets, spread your legs out, don't hit the ball to hard and so on.
My brother hurt his finger badly and had to put cream on it. He said "It hurts a lot!" and he burst out crying. I felt so sorry for him.
Well, but it was still a nice day. We had so much fun.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I have always wanted to be a scientist since I was little. Now, this is my chance to be one.
Not just any old random scientist, but a geophysicist. A geophysicist is someone who studies about the physics of the earth & its atmosphere. So I thought it would be really cool to be one.
In order to be a geophysicist, I have to study. So I print off sheets from a website called It is a very good website for science because it has all sorts of science worksheets. I think all teachers should use it.
Well, but that's another story. Anyway, if I get to be a geophysicist, I would like to be a very kind and generous one. And I would like to be someone who respects others and someone who others respect. I would like to get at least one 'Novel Award' , leave my name in history and many many more.
I hope my dream comes true!


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Your first Apprentice Challenge - should you choose to accept it!

Your Challenge for your first Apprentice team award:
  1. post a blog post on something exciting you have done or experienced over the holiday - include lots of description [TIP - use your senses]
  2. Pay it Forward - watch the movie [or read the summary here] and do a Pay it Forward challenge of your own - tell us about it
  3. create your NZ Post mailbox on one of the books [list can be found here or in your local library or on our last Homethink sheet]
Have fun!


The monopoly update you are reading now is going to tell you who won it was a fine day when we played monopoly Kevin and Miss Cheeseman got bankrupt. Josh, Vikram and Louisa was left in the game we all had hotels on different properties. It was a close game but if we carried on it would take fifty million years. How Kevin got bankrupt was he landed on one of Louisa's properties [she had The City and Canary Wharf [the most expensive ones] and he didn't have enough money so he lost. We all thought Josh was going to win because he had 3 hotels on the green properties. But then the winner ended up being Vikram - because I had 3 hotels and heaps of people got sent to my properties!!!