Tuesday, 12 October 2010

my coloring pot with a paper elephant

Today I painted a pot with bees,flowers,grass or leaves and light blue sky.
Outside it's all painted,but when I look inside there's a hole to put some air in.
When I look at it,the painting seems real and come out of it and reach me.And the elephant looks thin,but real without any colors except grey,white and black.
It was connected by the thin long slices that goes in  it.
When I look at it I see these interesting details it makes me go wow!!!

When I put These together it seems a paper drinking water or eating a bee.
When I see carefully it seems it's chasing the bee to the flower!


The HUGE fire!

Around 5:30pm  on the middle Sunday of the holidays, Vikram, his dad and I went to school to play touch for a few minutes. Later some kids we think they were from Intermediate and they said "excuse me mister but there is a fire down there" and guess where he was pointing to Murawai pod. Vikram's dad said stay here but we did not listen we just followed him each time we got closer we could smell smoke it got worse and worse. Then I was shockingly amazed we saw the rubbish bin completely melted down to the wheel. I could see black burnt rubbish, there were burn marks on the pole we suspected it to be drunk people because we saw beer bottles and beer cans on the floor. The fire was scorching hot my dad went to someones house and asked them for buckets.
They gave him buckets then he came back Kevin and I filled them up with water and chucked it on the fire when we did it got bigger then shrunk. Then Vikrams dad called Miss Cheeseman, then Miss Cheeseman called Mr Sumich and Mr Sunny. The smell was awful then we check the other pods to see if there was another fire then we went up to the office to see if there was anyone to help us but there was nobody there. Then we went back down to Murawai to see what was happening. The fire was out when we went back there Kevin and I were pretty happy for the fire to be out. Then we went on the playground to play for a few minutes then Vikram went home with his dad and I went home on my bike.  

Vikram and Kevin  

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The review of dispicable me

Despicable me a spectacular movie,a lot of laughs,some dramatic scene's and great animation. If you have not seen the movie the main character is known as Mr Gru. He wears a black and grey scarf around his neck.He has a nose as pointy as a sword,he is so bold that it is as clean as a mirror. He wears grey clothes and he has a Spanish accent.

It's about a man that a supervillian and tries to steal the moon then addopted three kids to help steal somthing. He hated the children at first then started to like them.Well we shouldn't give the movie away so you will just have to see it.

If you comment on this post you will get two free  tickets to the movie....
na just kidding.

Vikram and  Kevin 

Monday, 4 October 2010

Diary of a wimpy kid

Hi wellcome to the cheese touch!!!.I liked the cheese touch story do you want to know here it is''Tom touch the cheese than a yong girl said ''CHEESE TOUCH!!"the only thing to get rid of the cheese touch is to do is pass it on ,Tom pass it on to a bully than the bully pass it on to a nerd guy than the nerd guy pass it on to a cool guy the cool guy pass it on to a french and guess what "what" the french guy keeped on talking and then he went to camp". It was so  awesome i got chips yum it was so cool the movie Well the movie is kind of not wimpy well its funny.

By Farah