Friday, 25 June 2010

On the 24th of June room 22 and 21 went to Corban's Art Centre and we made a Korowai
it was so cool. First we had hession material and we had to fold the top down to about 3\4 then we had to put two fingers down at the bottom and put a line across then do it again but this time we had to do it up above the line. We had to get the long grass and cut it up the top diagonal and stub it in the first line and up through the top line and back down [like a fish].
Then turn it around and pull it so it won't came out. Then we had to get same more long grass a keep on going to the end.
Next got yellow leaves [called kenko] and do the same it is just like diving down like a fish and coming up like a dolphin and then back down and pull at the back. Then we got some feathers. This time we had to flip our korowai over and thread the feathers through. then we were finished and had to sew it together along the fold line. it was really awesome working with the fibres - but the bits of grass gets everywhere. check out our photos here
also look at Mr Qadir's awesome shots here too

By Sasha and Liutu

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New iPad

On Monday the 21 of June 2010 Miss Chesseman bought in a new ipad. When everyone saw it they were amazed,the ipad was huge and the colour was silver and a little bit of black. Everyone was saying wow it is huge and everyone was trying to touch it and Farhiyo and I was the first one to go on the new ipad. It was awesome and exciting but when we went to one of the internet games we couldn't play on them because there was no Adobe Flash but instead we found a really cool game called Aurora Feint 3 the game was like those puzzle game where you had to click on one of the blocks and move it to make the same three pears , and the blocks looked like water, earth, fire and air and we had to do it really fast because time was running out and if you don't do it fast your lives will disappear and we also got to battle different evil characters and so it was very awesome but it was loading very slowly it took like 3 minutes. So any way Hannah got to go first and then I went on the ipad, the ipad is so cool and huge we had a lot of fun, the ipad is so usefull because it has internet so if a laptop or computer doesn't have the internet or someone else is using it we could use the ipad instead of the laptop. The ipad has maths games so we can practice maths in different ways so we wouldn't forget it because we could just play on it again. The iPad has more games and apps then a laptop could have and the iPad is like a mini laptop because it has most of the things that a laptop has like the internet and games.
A ipad is just like an ipod but the ipad is bigger. You have no keyboard you just use your finger to move around or you move the iPad itself.

By Hannah and Farhiyo

Monday, 21 June 2010

Football Quiz

Interactive quiz

Use your arrow keys to go left and right, up and down moves the cannons position. Hold down spacebar to fire the shot - hold it down longer to get a higher shot. You have to answer the questions. Choose an answer and try and shoot the cannon ball onto the top of your answer.

By Kevin and Vik

The Modern School Of Music Competitions - Keyboard and Piano

Last weekend on saturday Vikram, Dain, Tori-Grace and some other kids from our school competed in a competition, for the competition we had to play the keyboard. The competitions went on all day but each competition took 40 minutes. On the keyboard we had to play two songs. Each song took 10 minutes or less. One own choice and a test piece. The test piece was Rock Around The Clock. He had a beat to go with the song. We had a lot of fun playing keyboard for everyone. When we were ready for playing the judges rung a bell to tell us we could start playing. Tori-Grace won first place for the test piece and got a Casy R Riketts trophy. Her name will be carved on the back of the trophy. Another boy from another school school won in the own choice and Vikram came second! After six months Tori-Grace has to give the trophy back to the other guy who came first in the own choice and then he will have it for six months and then by that time it will be the competitions again but next year. It was a great experience and would like to do it again next year.
By Vikram and Tori-Grace

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Battleships and Knowledge

Test your knowledge against the computer.
How much do you know about world cup countries?
Have a go at beating the computer at battleships here
let us know how you get on!

Friday, 18 June 2010


Book Character Parade!

On Friday 18th June at 9:15 AM at Summerland Primary, we had a book character parade. Most of the students in the school are dressed up as their favourite book character. First there was a small introduction by Ezrah, Atarah and Aashay. Afterwards they would call out a pod then that pod would come up on stage and do a catwalk. Before they walk down the stairs, the person has to do a pose! There were cameras snapping pictures of some people they really liked. Then it was the teachers turn to strut their stuff!!! After all that applause, we finally can stand up and dance to the music for a few minutes before we walk out. The most popular characters were Princesses, Superheroes and Cartoon Characters. Students felt really nervous, some students were very excited, and some people didn't even want to go up on stage! As for me, I felt a 100% embarresed because I wasn't wearing any costume at all! I Bet Sahville had a good costume. I felt really shy because it was really nerve racking! After all that dancing we can finally go to morning tea!
By Isabella & Sahville

Book Character Parade Madness! on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 15 June 2010



Matariki is about a group of stars which you would call the seven sisters. It is also known to be the traditional Maori New year.

The Maori new year is marked by the rise of Matariki and sighting of the next full moon.

The Matariki can be seen in the winter solstice in the eastern sky. Which this year it can be seen around the 14th of June.

Matariki is celebrated with education, remembrance and the planting of new trees and plants signaling the new beginnings. By the meaning of education, schools participate the maori new year with flax weaving, learning a haka, making seven stars and for the little kids they color in the stars.

The celebration lasts for 3 days after the new moon had risen following Matariki bec

oming visible.

In room 21 and room 22 we were celebrating Matariki by making clay necklaces that represents something.

Hook: Strengt

Twist: Friendship


Square/ circle:Future

By Louisa

Disco Night!!!!!!!!

On the 11th of June 6:30pm. We had a disco in the hall. It was 5 dollars to get in. The things the parents were selling was candy floss, zombie chews, finger lights, glow sticks, fizzy drinks and water. When a Justin Bieber song came on all the girls started screaming and when it was about 7:30pm all of the finger lights were sold out. All of the games we were playing were amazing. The game we played where called Musical statues, Michael Jackson dance 0ff, Follow the leader. The songs were great I knew the songs were great because most people were singing along. The disco was so cool because we got to get out of our houses . At the disco people wore awesome clothes and some people wore some dresses. At the disco there was REALLY LOUD MUSIC!!!!!!! Some people were wearing T-shirts saying I love Justin! when the disco was finished people were angry because people wanted to stay at the disco longer and dance and have more fun!!!!

By Sasha, Hannah, Rhiannon, Sahville
Rm 22

Friday, 11 June 2010

templates art

In room 22 we did awesome project that was ink printing we did printing with ruber templates we had all sorts of ink colour to peace of paper then we put the ruber template on the paper then printed it on to the paper by rolling it hard then we went to go and put other colour to do more pattens I first used blue then suck it on my paper then rolled it on hard on the paper it was fun at the same time but try not to smudged it and put it down when you have all ready put it down there .The ruber templates were flower plates number 17 plates that has been carved they were awesome.

By Dahria

Monday, 7 June 2010

Game On!

Game On football fans!

Check out our online collaboration project across the world too - a football crazy blog covering the entire world!!!

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nie Newspapers - creative footie cartoon

Our creative cartooning of an image from the newspaper - check out the others on our school website pages here