Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Germs Of All Shapes And Sizes

Hi I'm JD and my class and I had a surprise the germ lady came in (well thats what we call her because she takes germs) but the germs she takes are from the air because she needs to check if the air is good enough for us because of all the leakage building going on. Today she had some germ plates, and they were disgusting. Well this is the story I was talking to my friends and working when suddenly the door opened and there she stood. Anyway Miss Cheeseman asked if she had any plates with the results on it from three weeks ago and she said yes. She pulled out the little plates that had the results on it and the class and I went over and had a look. People in the front could smell what the stuff on the little pates smelt like and Michael said they smelt like rotten carrots, but I couldn't smell anything at first because I was at the back but then somebody let me in and it did smell like rotten carrots! Pooee. But our air in our classroom was all good and then the germ lady said that we breathe in all this disgusting, rotten carrot smelling stuff and that she was used to the smell and couldn't really smell it any more. Also the germ lady said what some of the little things on the plates were called two plates had something called gravity something witch are associated with dampness and wetness but I couldn't hear what the second word was properly. Another. After we had all seen them we had to get back to work, so that was all the fun we had on the 22\7\09 apart from the speed-booking we did. Thats all about our air in our classroom.


  1. the germs stinked like rotted carrot but your post rules

  2. hey its good that you guys haven't got a stinky classroom you guys are very lucky
    Shania Crystal rm 4 summerland primary

  3. wow! that is sooooooooooo coooooooooooool. (yet at the same time disgusting!)

    Leni and Paula

  4. gaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Germ-es icki blah it also stinks too!!!

    By Megan