Friday, 15 July 2011

Animal court

Yesterday a drama group from the drama box came into room 22 to do a play called Animal Court. It was based on the after time of the Miss Tortoise and Mr Hare's last race. It was in a court room where there was Mr Hare, Miss Tortoise, Miss Fleece, Mr Fox, Court Registrar, Mr Stoat, Farmer Brown and the Judge.
It was all about Mr Hare complaining that Miss Tortoise poisoned him on the race day because Miss Tortoise put some white powder on it. But it turned out to be Mr Brown who had put pesticide on his carrots to stop Mr Hare from eating his carrots. Mr Brown had not known about the race. "Lets celebrate with a cup of carrot juice" said Miss Tortoise to her lawyer Miss Fleece. "I'll race you". My favourite bit was when Miss Tortoise said "I'll race you.
After the whole show we did 3 things called thought alley, hot seating and tap the character. Thout alley is when the class gets into 2 lines and a character walkes by and you have to say what you think their thinking or feeling. Hot seating is when a character sits on a chair and the class asks questions about their character and they answer.
By Chantelle

Friday, 8 July 2011


This month Muslims are celebrating Ramadan.
Ramadan is a month where muslims do not eat or drink anything during the day. We do this because our god gave us food and drinks. So we should't be playing with food and water or our god might take away all our food and water. So this is why we do Ramadan to bless our god and thanking him for giving us muslims food and water. For kids the most striking thing about Ramadan is fasting. Children sometimes go crazy and have a tantrum when they are doing fasting. For example celebrants spend more time with there family. Ramadan ends with a celebration called ' Eid Ul Fitr ' (eed al fitter) or the festival of fast breaking. Eed ul fitr lasts for three days. During the celebration, children get gifts from relatives and their parents.

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By Rayhan, Faaziah and Fardeen.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

100 days of learning!!!

100 Dice [or Die]
Yesterday Muriwai pod did 100 days of learning. First we all got into our buddys. Then every person from  Room 21, had to get 100 things. When we were all sorted, we had to make something creative and all we had was the 100 things in the pack. Abby, Nikita and I, Stephanie made a penguin. Emma, Emma and I, Atalia made a flower. "Wow it looked amazing" I said to myself, and it was so cool and I loved the shape of it. The penguin was out of lego  it was hard the make into that shape it broke a lot because it was not still so it kept going side to side???
Our group's one was very easy because the only thing we had to do was do a big circle and a small circle then make the petals out of the big circle. The other thing Abigal  wanted to do was skip a 100 times. And the other thing that Emma wanted to do was say her name 100 times. And Neha typed her name on the computer 100 times. It was pretty awesome doing something 100 times but it was tiring. After Morning tea we all played maths games. I, Stephanie  I played  sting and in or out. And I, Atalia played Multiplication bingo and then I measured water. It was the best day ever...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Experiments with Natasha!!!

 (The third  Experiment when 2 - liquids turn into a solid which is called precipitation reaction )

 On Wednesday, a scientist named Natasha came and showed us 3 experiments about acids and bases. The first experiment was putting a 10 cent coin in lemon juice or vinegar.
Method :
  1. One person from each group came and got a cup of lemon juice or vinegar and a 10 cent coin.
  2. We put it on the table and put the 10 cent coin in.
  3. We watched to see what would happen.
I learnt :
  1. That fruits like lemon, orange and grapefruit are a citric acid.
  2. That lemon cleaned the lemon because lemon is a citric acid and the coin is a base.
Results :
The coin got clean because the lemon juice it is a citric acid and it is sour.

The second experiment was putting magnesium in hydrochloric acid or for short you can call it HCI.

Method :
  1. A different person from each group came up and got a cup of HCI and a small piece of magnesium.
  2. We put the cup on the table and put the magnesium in the cup.
  3. We watched to see what happened.
I learnt :
  1. That it took about 1 minute to start fizzing and bubbling.
  2. About 5 mins later it started dissolving into the HCI.
  3. Later on it was gone.
The magnesium dissolved into the HCI so about 4 mins later it was gone.

The third experiment was a blue liquid and a clear liquid and put them together.
Method :
  1. A different person from each group came and got a cup of clear liquid and put it on the table.
  2. We all waited for Natasha to pour some blue liquid into the cup of the clear liquid.
  3. We waited to see what would happen.
I learnt :
  1. That 2 - liquids make a solid.
Results :
The blue liquid and the clear liquid made a blue and hard solid which is called precipitation reaction.

Note :

The words that are blue are scientific words.

By Atalia :)