Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mini-creative stories

Thanks to some PD our teacher had at school she gave us the task to write a story in 8 sentences. The story lines HAD to connect together. The only rule was that each sentence had to start with the word given.When..
  1. They..
  2. Suddenly..
  3. He..
  4. Perhaps..
  5. Next..
  6. Often..
  7. They..
Here are some examples:
When a boy and his family went to the pools. They had a very good time but..... Suddenly a big ugly alien crashed into the pool. He then said "poo bar te par". "Perhaps he's speaking another language" the boy said. Next, the family asked if he would like to go home with them. Often the family usually asked that. They then went back home, but sadly the alien died.
by Gene, Zee & JD

When the children were at the park, they head a loud bark. Suddenly a scary looking vicio
us pitbull jumped out of the bush. He barked and barked and then the children got scared. Perhaps the dog was trying to tell them something. Next the dog found his owner and
started being nice, the owner said" Often the dog is playful but is mad at strangers." They all said oh that's okay we weren't scared, can we play with him?

By Melissa, Kaitlyn and Lynette

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