Monday, 31 August 2009

5 Things we haven't done.........

5 Things I Haven’t Done
(and Everyo
ne Else Has)

think about it......
what do you wish you had done that you think most other people have already done.....
it could be anything from
  1. eating a kiwi burger from McDonalds [eeeek it has egg in it]
  2. running a marathon or even a half marathon [errr, why would I anyway?]
  3. getting married [you are too young for that but I'm not]
  4. worn stilettos [lets face it I would fall over]
  5. been skiing [yes, another case where I would land flat on my face]

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Ramadan is a thing that muslims do. They do it in different times around August and November. Ramadan is called Fasting in english. It's really hard because you have to eat at 5:30 am in the morning and not eat in till 6:00 p.m. Every day we are fasting the time changes by 2 minutes later. When we have 2 weeks left of fasting we have to fast for 12 hours. When the new moon happens in August then the next day it will be Ramadan. We have to look outside to see the full moon to make sure the next day is Ramadan. The last day of Ramadan is when we see the next full moon then the next day would be eid. this year eid will be done on monday or sunday. In Eid we get some indian sweets,halal meat etc but not allowed to eat, pork. The reason why muslims do ramadan is because every year the poor people don't eat and were just feeling how it is not to eat for a long time and become more generous and give money to the poor,Reason two our prophet,Muhammad didn't eat at all the only thing he ate was a giant date of hand lengths and it will keep him for hole day with out getting hungry

This picture shows people breaking there fast so they can eat again.

by Zeyaad, Same and Fazeel

Monday, 24 August 2009

A Amazing Day At Winter Field Day!!!!

 On Friday the 28th of August all years 5 & 6 students from Summerland Primary went out of the school to play sports. We played sports like kiwi sport, football, netball, rugby and hockey. If your wondering what is kiwi sport it is where you play lots of different games like dodgeball and rob the nest. When you go to it, it looks like a tournament and there were 8 different schools at the courts. One Summerland team came first but they tied with 2 other schools. At football one team from Summerland came 2nd. The people that play netball played at Tepai courts as well as kiwi sport, at netball they didn't come anything but they still had a great day. At rugby Summerland didn't come any thing too. Team A from hockey came 2nd. The football people played at Henderson High School and the people playing hockey played at Rosedale Park. The people that played rugby played at Henderson Park. The people that didn't do any sport went with Miss Cheeseman filming. Those people are Alyssa, Bailey and Tysyn. They went to film all of the sports they got to ride in Miss Cheesemans car with her.  They got to go to Mcdonalds for lunch and we also learnt how to use a mini video camera.  After that we went to Mrs Shepards house it looked really awesome. When the Sports were finished we went to the dairy we bought pineapple lumps and other lollies. Well I think everybody had a great day at winter field day.

By Alyssa & Kaitlyn

Rock Van Performance!!!!!!

On Friday  all year 5 and 6 classes at Summerland went to perform in the hall.What we did was the whole school and the parents came into the hall to watch everyone that was performing. Everyone  acted like rock stars. All the classes performed different songs. We all had to dress up as rock stars! We were even aloud to bring make-up. We then did our performance that we had been learning all week long. Meanwhile, when we were waiting for the classes to get ready one of the  rock van members came and gave out prizes!There were six winners from our school and they got awesome prizes! They were so lucky! The prizes were some pics, t-shirts and more. Even one of the teachers got a prize for helping out the rock van. She got a love music bag with some goodies inside it. EVERYONE had a blast it was the best assembly ever!! I have to say THANK - YOU ROCK VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mummify Apples

On Wednesday we done a science experiment called MUMMIFY APPLES!! . We had eight cups. In cup 1 there was 1 and a half of baking soda in cup 2 there was 1 and a half of epson salt and cup 3 was 1 and a half of table salt.In cup4 it was 50:50 epson & table salt cup6 was pretty much the same but it had 50:50 of baking soda & epson salt. In cup 7 1/3 of baking soda & epson & table salt & cup eight is the control. The control means it's like normal.

We think that the baking soda and salt will make the apples shrivel.

here are some photos below of what we did

Samuel and Same

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ROCK VAN!!! ( Day 3 )

Day 3, our class have been learning the song called 'I love rock 'n roll' by Joan Jet. We have been learning that song for three days now. Sally, Emily, Jordan and Ashley are our teachers. Sally teaches the bass group and the singers. When they practice they have a strap on the bass that goes around you, so you can play the bass standing up. There are about 5 singers singing the song. Emily is teaching the Electric guitar group, the sound of the electric guitar is really cool! It sounds high-pitched sometimes. Jordan teaches the drums and he is incredible. The sound of the drums are really loud, but the drums don't look like the real ones, because you have to pay a lot to get the real one. They look flat and small. Also you have to plug in this tiny box and put headphones over your ears to hear the real sound of the instrument. Ashley teaches the bass too while Sally helps out the singers. So far we are up to the middle part of the song, so that means we are nearly finished! We will be having a concert on Friday and we are doing our best to make our teachers proud. Sally, Emily, Jordan and Ashley will be there helping out. The sound of all the instruments will sound really awesome on the day. The teachers also said that we can dress up as rock stars! We will ROCK THE STAGE!!!!
We will give you an update later in the week.

By Lynette and Dahria

Monday, 17 August 2009


On Monday the 17th of August 2009 we got to learn how to play three instruments the base
guitar, electric guitar and the drums. We got into three groups and the rock van people gave us group names of bands these are the names of them Led Zeps, Hendrix and Ramones. The drums that we used were electric drums we could not hear any sound for it like a real drum set but we will get the sound on tomorrow. On the base guitar we played three cords they were G, A, D the order of what it went in was G,G,A,A,D,D. And on the electric guitar its pretty much the same cords. On the drums we just played randomly we all got a turn at all of the three instruments here are some photos below of what we did.
You can check out Rock Van at

Sam and Jordan

Friday, 14 August 2009

Catch a Theif

We created a Keynote/Digital Learning Object in 2 days. The links don't work here, we are trying to find a way to share our Keynote with the links working - if anyone knows how let us know!
Catch a Thief

M+M Experiment

On 13/08/09 RM 9 did an experiment on m+m's in water first we did a hypothesis of what we thought might happen but were we wrong!  Then we got the m+m and we put them into water we waited a while until we saw a reaction. What we saw was NOT what everyone thought would happen. We thought the colours would all mix together. What happened was that all the colours that came of the m+m's didn't mix we tried 3 different types of ways [putting them close together, four without one in the middle and the one above] but they all didn't mix so we write down on our books what we thought might have caused the reaction.
Zee said he thought they didn't mix because if there was no spaces between them the colours would mix. Tysyn thought they might not of mixed because the colours were different and the sugar was different in each lolly.
We got the idea for this experiment from a school in Melbourne.
Tell us what you think?
This is a photo of what happened.
By Shania and Megan

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Trash to fashion

Trash to fashion has just happened. Trash to fashion is when we make an outfit out of tash. Then we have a show. But it is very hard work. Me and my friend Crystal entered. We made a pretty outfit it had a bag with it but the bag broke on the day. We made sure lots of people had fun with trash so every pod had to make a bag. They all had to make a diffent shape bags. Out pod made circle bags. Then we went down the fashion runway. Nobody won because they where all to good. We had to put an outfit made out of trash on a teacher in every pod. Our teacher in our pod was mother of nature. Our pod thinks we won. I think every one did good. After the show the teacher said bring your out fit on friday so we can send to the people who say if you are the winner. We spent 5 weeks doing Trash to fashion. We will keep you posted and tell you if we are a winner.


Room 9's whanau movie

In room 9,10,11,12 are doing whanau movies.Here in our pod four kind of different subjects the subjects are Honesty, Respect, Learning and Friendship in honesty we have to film people doing a honest movie.

We had to make the plan and then film the people that were in your group.

room 9 where teachers room we taught 10,11,12 how to edit the movie, but room 9 mostly did the editing while they were playing.

All classes had an amount of days to film and publish.We had to show our movies all of KareKare.All of KareKare watched the movies Me and Fazeel liked Friendship the best .

Fazeel and Tysyn

Sunday, 9 August 2009

High School Musical Stage Show

The day had come our pod was going to see high school musical 2 on stage! Hi I'm JD and me and my pod went to see High School Musical on stage, everybody was excited. That day we had to bring our lunch in a plastic bag and a drink in a throw away bottle because the rules said that we can't bring food and drinks into the theatre. Anyway, we were at school waiting for the bus to come then Miss Hughes came out and said that the bus had got mixed up so we just went to play as usual. After moning tea things were up and running so half of my pod piled onto one bus and the other half on the other bus and away we went. After what seemed like a short bus ride we were there and the place was huge! So we had our lunch there and then we packed up all our lunch put our empty bottles and bags in the rubbish bin or should I say by the rubbish bin because the rubbish bin was filled to the top. The beginning of the show had all the high school children waiting for the summer holidays to come then the bell rang and the students went crazy like a pack of baboons and they sang a song. Then it showed Sharpay at this place with her friends from school and they sang a song and then Troy and the Wild Cats because they had a job at the place to. After about an hour and a half the show was done. Then we went back to school. My personal opinion of the show, I thought the show was awesome because they sang really good and they performed really good, and it was better than what I thought it would be.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

class pano

this is a panorama of our classroom
it is our first attempt at using Hugin

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

production practice number 2

On our second production practice we looked what the scenery people were doing. The scenery people were thinking of scenes and props we could use for our production. The year 6 people looked for photos of Pyramids, stages or labs. When they found any of those pictures they showed some of the little kids what they looked like. While the older people were on the laptops looking at pyramids the little kids were playing with blocks or kenexs. they had to build Pyramids with them. Only some of the kids got the hang of it but the others did well. The older kids were looking for scenes or props like smoke comes out on the stage when the mummy comes out or like guns,hats or suites. The older kids came to ask the little kids if they wanted to see a real pyramid . When they asked them if they wanted to see a real pyramid they went wild crazy just to see the coolest thing ever in the whole wide world it's called the pyramid. All the little kids kept on asking how did the Pyramids get built and what are they made out of or how old is Egypt I said it must be thousands of years old because Its been there for ages it's even been there before my parents were even born. When the little kids built the pyramids they even looked like real Pyramids. We have been trying really hard and we hope we will do fine on our production.

Football Fun!!!!

On the 5th of August 2009 room 9 went to the courts and played Football with two men they taught us some Football tricks. One of the tricks was to put the ball on the back of your neck and slowly stand up another trick that we did was dribble the ball and make your feet go in a circle around the ball. we played two games one of them was someone had to call out ether foot, hand, fist, fingers, elbows, nose, knee, ear and cheek whatever body part they say out of those you had to put it on the ball.
The other game was called Shark Attack! The rules are everyone has there own ball and they go to one side of the court they have to dribble the ball all the way to the other side two people are sharks and they have to take the ball from the person that is dribbling the ball once they take the ball they put the ball on the side of the court and the person that was dribbling they become a shark to not become a shark you put your foot on the ball and the sharks has to walk away you can only put your foot on the ball one time when you reach the end it renews. after we played Shark Attack every one was sad because our time was up at the end of the day we got a notice joining a Sunday taring team and after school on Tuesday. It was so much fun everyone had a good time.

Alyssa, Crystal & Kaitlyn :)