Monday, 31 August 2009

5 Things we haven't done.........

5 Things I Haven’t Done
(and Everyo
ne Else Has)

think about it......
what do you wish you had done that you think most other people have already done.....
it could be anything from
  1. eating a kiwi burger from McDonalds [eeeek it has egg in it]
  2. running a marathon or even a half marathon [errr, why would I anyway?]
  3. getting married [you are too young for that but I'm not]
  4. worn stilettos [lets face it I would fall over]
  5. been skiing [yes, another case where I would land flat on my face]


  1. 1. I have never ate KFC [thats unfair.

    2. never drived a car.

    3. never broke a bone in my body.
    4.I have never been on a snowboard.

    5.I have never touched snow.[ cant wait till Im older{

  2. 1. Bunjee jumping [I never would do it I'm to scared]
    2.wering ballerina allfit [I would put it on but to girly]
    3.wering tights[ way too tight]
    4. going to a circus[ the clowns are to scary]
    5.I've never went to the dump and smell the rubish [eeh trust me I will never do it ]

  3. These are the 5 things that I have never done but lots of people have: 1.bungy jump of a very, very high bridge
    2.never ever have I worn high heels
    3.never ever broken a bone
    4.never ever have I worn make up
    5.never ever have I been a millionere


  4. Five things i've never done............
    1.I have never ever gotten drunk [ ew it's addictive)

    2.I've never ever jumped off the Habour Bridge while wearing a gorilla suit (Nice and hairy)

    3.I've never gone fishing and never got a fish

    4.I've never got married to cow while wearing my undies

    5.I've never had an operation

    From Ezrah

  5. The 5 things I have never done is:
    Ate any food from Wendy's
    Never ate dogs ( I do know some people that have!)
    Go bungy off AJ Hacket (maybe I will when I'm older)
    Pierced any part of my body (except for my ears)
    Never drank wee (EWWW!)

    Lynette :) ;) >.<

  6. the one that has bunjee jumping as first is mine and it has ballerina in it from zee

  7. I have never slaped a Bull's but. ( Why would I anyway!)
    I have never squashed a caterpiller.( gross)
    I have never pierced my tounge. (Oww that would hurt)
    I have never said bogjamanbobo.(I got other people to say it for me)
    I have never worn a chicken suit. ( "Bock Bock")

    by sapwe

  8. 5 things Iv never done is Iv never dressed my dog, never driven a car, never been waxed, never been to a rock concert, never been to a funeral

    Shania >.<

  9. 1. Never wore high heels
    2. Never have cut my hair
    3. Never sang in front of the whole school
    4. Never have ate fish
    5. Never went overseas

    Salote =]

  10. 5 things that I haven't done befour......

    1. going on the fair fall at Rambows End

    2.never made a snow ball

    3. never watched t.v 1

    4.never jumped off a boat

    5.never empted a rubbish bin

    by kaitlyn

  11. The 5 things I have never done is:
    Never ran into the middle of a busy street and do a chicken dance, wearing a chicken suit!!
    Never ate dogs ( I do know some people that have!)
    Never danced for more than 1 hour and a half. (I'm a danc-a-holic!)
    Never ever met Johnny Depp
    Never drank wee (EWWW!)

    Lynette :) ;) >.<

  12. 1.I have never gone snowboarding

    2. I've never been to wellington

    3. I've never got marred

    4. I've never broken a window

    5. I've never got robbed

    From Dahria room4

  13. Here is 5 things I have never done!!!!!
    1 Never eaten white chocolate (looks gross)
    2 Never drunk an energy drink (it looks gross and unhealthy)
    3 Never watched a R18 (proberly will soon)
    4 Never met my mums dad
    5 Never been lost in a shop before

    by : Melissa

  14. .I've never jumped off the the Sky Tower Because i'm a migth poo my pants

    2.I've never fought a pig because it might win

    3.I've never been in a space exploden

    4.I've never said hellolowmojozo

    5.I've never wear a skirt

    Jordan = )

  15. 1.has you stollin hamburger from McDonalds
    2.has you stollin a cloawn from McDonalds i barist thing is my tooth i pot it in tolit paper and flust it down the toliot.

    by michael

  16. I have never been in the snow
    I have never drove a car
    I have never wore high heals
    I have never been to a junk yard
    I have never smelt a rotten egg

    Daniel :D

  17. 1.I have never meet Michael Jackson in person.(I cant he is dead R.I.P)
    2.I have never meet Johnny Depp before.(Lots of people had)
    3.I have never jumped off the sky tower.(I would not want to)
    4.i have never worn a gorilla suit.(you would look very stupid)
    5.I have never had swine flu before.(a lot of people have had it before)


  18. 1.bungee jumping
    2.getting suin flu
    3.wont wear a girl outfit I'll reather be a pirate
    4.comit a suirside a wimpy kid

    by >.< fazeel

  19. I never eaten a kiwi fruit

    never been to rainbows end

    never been rock climbing

    never been in a go cart

    never touch a frog

    by Megan

  20. 1. I have never eat a dobble cheese buger.[ to big]
    2.I have never broke a bone [ want to]
    3. I have never touch a spider [ don't want to]
    4. I have never seen a snowstorm [ it would be sad]
    5. I have never jumped of the shy tower [ ahhhhhh]

  21. 1:I never ate Burger Fuel in my hall life.

    2:I never had a boat

    3:I never ate stinkey dog food.

    4:I never had long hair like a girl.

    5:I never droved a car once.

    By Jaizel

  22. 1:I never touch a spider.
    2:I never plaed in snow.
    3:I never touch a gun.
    4:I never rund in a race.
    5:I never killed a bee.