Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Ramadan is a thing that muslims do. They do it in different times around August and November. Ramadan is called Fasting in english. It's really hard because you have to eat at 5:30 am in the morning and not eat in till 6:00 p.m. Every day we are fasting the time changes by 2 minutes later. When we have 2 weeks left of fasting we have to fast for 12 hours. When the new moon happens in August then the next day it will be Ramadan. We have to look outside to see the full moon to make sure the next day is Ramadan. The last day of Ramadan is when we see the next full moon then the next day would be eid. this year eid will be done on monday or sunday. In Eid we get some indian sweets,halal meat etc but not allowed to eat, pork. The reason why muslims do ramadan is because every year the poor people don't eat and were just feeling how it is not to eat for a long time and become more generous and give money to the poor,Reason two our prophet,Muhammad didn't eat at all the only thing he ate was a giant date of hand lengths and it will keep him for hole day with out getting hungry

This picture shows people breaking there fast so they can eat again.

by Zeyaad, Same and Fazeel

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  1. Well done boys. This is a great blog. It was really interesting to learn about ramadan and why you do it. I bet it is really hard to fast, especially when everyone is eating at school. You must have really good self control and commitment. Keep up the good work.
    Miss Hughes