Monday, 30 March 2009

Big Day Out for Summerlanders!!!!

On Wednesday the 25/3/09 Summerlands year 5's and 6's went on the big day out!!.We traveled around West Auckland trying to find clues to find our way back to school. We had 70 dollars in each group. There were 17 groups all together. We had to use the money wisley. We had to buy our lunch out of our group money. It was a hot day walking around in the sun and finding clues. On the clues there was these qustions that we had to solve and as we were solving them we had a parent to supervise us but they weren't allowed to help us with the problems For example: find this book in the library 16500, & do a dance outside the mall.
When we got back to school we had to do an assessment. We think that we will talk about this trip for a long time. Some people walked back to school because they had no money left and some people went on this small as bus that we were so squeezed we coundn't even breath for 2 seconds but we all got back to school safely.
Shania & Salotte

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

E.O.T.C Survival day

Yesterday, we had E.O.T.C survival day. We had to do 6 activities. They are: Make a waterproof shelter using bamboo, string, tarps and rocks. Next activity was First Aid, we learnt how to use medical equipment when a doctor is around and what to do when someone or you are on fire. Another activity was making our own stretcher, it was as hard as drawing a masterpiece, using jumpers, 2 planks of wood, scissors and black sacks. We had to carry a person in our team on the stretcher through an obstacle course with one person blind folded. it was hard carrying someone in the stretcher. Then we used charcoal to cook sausages because in an earthquake there is no power. We also put up tents using teamwork. It was also hard putting up the tents because some of us didn't know how to because we hadn't put one up before. Last of all we made alarms using 1 plastic bottle, 20 sheets of newspaper, 1 piece of cloth, 1 pair of scissors, 1 roll of sellotape and string also doing a 20 second dance. the point of the activity was to communicate using sign language. Everyone except for 1 person couldn't speak because they drunk some water that gave them a virus. It was a fun day but tiring at the end.
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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Apple bus tour piles in our class

On the 17/3/09 the Apple bus tour came to Summerland. They go around New Zealand for one whole week, they go to over 6 different schools and learn new stuff about schools and what they are doing. Some of them asked us some cool questions and what we were doing, we were making a new post about our new character descriptions. We had around 20 too 35 teachers in the school and had around 10 too 15 people in the class at a time, some of the cool questions were like what is this you are doing, How do you do that and yeah. Some of the teachers from the different schools told us about their own class blogs, some of them told us their blog names so we could search them on where most blog people log on to their own blog.

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Monday, 16 March 2009

Character Descriptions

WOW!! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's our 'character descriptions'. We started by going on Inspiration, we first read a book we wanted to do it on them we started to write stuff about them their personality, behaviour, interests, what they look like and their talents.We did some character descriptions on Amelia Bedelia and Winnie the Witch, Grandpa's....,Curious George and then we printed it. By Ezrah and Zeyaad!!

Bullies In Our School!

Lots of schools are having trouble with bullies, the reputation of our school of having good citizens are going down. The most common situation in our children's lives are about bullies threatening us or using bad actions, such as kicking, pushing and punching. If we have a staff meeting with all of the teachers about how to stop the bullying in our schools and keep things safe. Our environment would be a bad place if we don't stop this bullying now! So we need to make our kids environment better and safe to live in. Even we try to stop bullying but sometimes we don't care and just do it anyway. So if our kids keep on bullying we will give them four warnings, and if they don't stop bullying they will get some of their medicine!
(Isn't that quite dangerous?!)


Thursday, 12 March 2009

All The Good Times

Hi I'm Jared and we're going to have to put my cat down, he is getting really old.  But, I'm going to tell you about all the good times with him. Well first his name is Blacky. One of them is when I feed him I love how his lovely soft fur rubs against me to tell me he is hungry. I also like how he comes and sits on my lap to grease me up if he's been naughty! 
Last of all I love how he looks at me with those big black eyes it's sort of like he knows what I'm thinking. So thats all the good times with him. 
I will miss him but at least I have two other cats Puss and Boots.  We called one of them Boots because her feet were like boots and we called the other one Puss because we thought it would rhyme with Boots. JD

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cluster Swimming Day 09

Wow Swimming Cluster Day already it must been so fun. First we had to get into groups of 5's,4's and even 3's some of the parents had to take us to the Swimming Pools, we had to wait in our age groups and wait for our age groups to be called out, some of us had to swim back stroke, breast stroke and or freestyle some of the events were so fun!!! The people swimming splashed a lot because their arms were moving so fast!
There were about 11 schools there. Heaps of parents, teachers and children were at Westwave. We came 6th equal with Holy Cross, which was awesome! We got into all the final races too!
Ezy and Michael
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Monday, 9 March 2009

Robber Out West

Last week I got burgled!  When I got home with my mum and my sister we saw the place and it was trashed. I said "what happened here?", my mum said we have been robbed!. I felt so mad and angry I was shaking like dog.  We went to ask our neighbours to see if they saw anything. They said they saw a guy with a black and grey hoddie the night before it had happened. 
My opinion is that people that do that should be thrown in jail. We called the police and they said they will be here in the next 48 hours but they still haven't come yet. I am really angry that the police haven't been yet and it is a really disgusting feeling that people have been through your house.

Krypton Factor 09

Hey guys, Yesterday Was Krypton 09. We had two teams we had a Team A and Team B. Miss Davies and Miss Rack were running it. There were about 18 schools that enrolled, there were about 8 to 10 events. The events were awesome they were active, cool and funny. My favourite event was the obstacle course we had to go under ropes through tyres, through a pair of ropes, up a concrete mountain, through the playground, down the hill then through the ropes, we did this going one way and then back. The activity was active and fun too but we were all in groups doing it. This was also the hardest activity.
It was a great day, I love the fun activities and they are good for my health.

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Friday, 6 March 2009

Mr Gardener

Hey guys today we Summerland has just had Mr Gardener over to our school, He was so funny he read us lots of funny stories with lots of funny characters. When we were sitting down in the school Hall he sometimes choose someone from the crowd to come up and play a character, Then sometimes he would play the characters by himself he was the funniest Gardener ever and he loves to read stories, He is so funny.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Totally Twisted Taniwha's.

We all drew the outlines of some Taniwhas. Some teachers selected the best designs. We projected the 4 selected Taniwhas onto the large card, we copied the outlines. We are making our own Taniwhas human sized.
We have been collaging over them, we stuck bits of little pieces of paper from magazines on to the vivid lines of the Taniwhas. After that we all worked in a team to stick the papers on the Taniwhas using the coloured parts of magazines to match the colours of the Taniwhas.
We are still working on them because they have the pieces of paper have to be the size of your thumb but they are looking so good. You can see more pictures of our art work here
Malaga and Ezrah.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Surf Life Saving

Every Sunday we go for a swim for 200 meters. We go on the bogey boards for 20 minutes. We are practising paddling with your feet . We learn how to get out of a rip too.
I am learning to be a junior life saver at Bethells beach. I want to be a life saver so I can save people. I really enjoy it, a lot.