Tuesday, 2 June 2009

WOW,Martha's Vineyard!

This morning we were talking to Martha's Vineyard all the way in America. They were 6 to 8 year olds, we had to be in class by 8:00 AM SHARP, They finished at 2:30 in the afternoon and only just got us at 4 O'clock, I know 2 hours aye, They asked us lots of questions like what is your favorite team you always go for in your favorite sport and we said Rugby the All Blacks, League the Warriors, for Netball the Silver Ferns, Magic and Mystics. Those are our New zealand teams we asked them that question they said for Baseball their favorite team tttthhhheeee Red Socks! Their favourite foods over there are MMMMMMMMMMM PPPPiiiizzzzzzzzaaaa.
We sent a little Kiwi named Kip the Kiwi he is going all around the world and will eventually reach them and then will keep going around the world untill it reaches us. They had funny American voices, we had great fun talking to them, they loved fishing and they only have 2 terms of school. They finish school 30 minutes before us because they finish at 2:30 when we finish at 3:00 O'clock. They sometimes get yummy,delicious Pizza for Lunch and Morning Tea from the Cafeteria, they stayed at school for almost 2 hours just for us and cant wait for kip the Kiwi to reach them. They really loved the look of our Playground its got heaps of different things on it like Monkey bars, Flying Fox and heaps of Slides. I think talking to them was really cool and meeting them even though we couldn't see them it was okay, Maybe if we could see them it would be even better, good job they could see us!

By Ezrah


  1. Hi Ezrah, you have had a really interesting day - well worth getting to school early for. You are lucky to be in a class where your teacher arranges these kinds of experiences for you. You know, I think I enjoy talking to kids in other countries as much as the students do (I am a teacher) and I really enjoyed some of the comments you made about the kids you met. The accents, the food, the sport - it is great to be able to talk to kids from a different country about this kind of stuff isn't it?
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Ezra,
    What an exciting experience - I wondered what all that activity in Room 4 was this morning. Good for you guys to get so organised so you could take part in this wonderful opportunity. Mind you your American buddies stayed 2 hours after school to wait for you - shows they were committed to sharing with you too! I'm thinking pizza for lunch isn't such a bad idea - want to suggest it to Mr Sumich for me.
    Great writing too - keep up the awesome learning!

  3. what an action packed week you are all having in room 4! Did Miss Cheeseman take the roll at 8am?! Such good writing about the conference to USA. I wish that we did things like that when I was at school. Well done guys, i LOVE reading your blog. From Mr G.