Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Catch A Thief Digital Learning Tool

Hi our names are JD and Bailey and on the 23 of June my class and I went on a website, the website was a mystery website were we had to solve the mystery of who stole the painting from the museum!. We had to do is look at the security footage, listen to some witnesses and go to the lab and see all the evidence. This is what some people thought of it: I thought it was fun because it was a very different game that I haven't played before and it felt like a real crime scene. By Melissa
It was an exciting game to play it was a hard game. By Jaizel
It was exiting because after you finish you get to go on the computer and it was really fun. By Fazeel
I found it very interesting how they made this easy and fun and the same time so that we wouldn't get bored and it was really easy finding out who it was because it was obvious for me. By Lynette
I thought that it was really fun. because i like mystery's. by Daniel
I found it very fun, next time I think they should make it harder.It was fun going and seeing the security footage because it looked really cool. By JD
I thought it was cool because we got to see in the security camera and I hope I do it again.By Bailey

Catch The Thief! on PhotoPeach


  1. Greetings Room 4. Thanks for your feedback. Catch the Thief seems to be a popular learning object and I can see from your comments some of the reasons why.

    I am interested to hear what strategies you used to help organise your ideas as you worked through the clues. Could you recommend some tips that might help a novice crime fighter to poblem solve?

  2. Hi JD and Bailey, I found the game quite hard too - I am glad you thought so because I thought it was just hard because i am getting old!

    Mr G

  3. Ok Fiona I could give you some tips well first you need to find all your clues (blood type, hight etc) and look at them carefully. Then when you've found all your all your clues and go the place where you pick the person you think it is get your note pad out and read through your clues and then look at the possible people and then you'll find the person you want by seeing what their blood type and all that stuff.