Thursday, 13 August 2009

Trash to fashion

Trash to fashion has just happened. Trash to fashion is when we make an outfit out of tash. Then we have a show. But it is very hard work. Me and my friend Crystal entered. We made a pretty outfit it had a bag with it but the bag broke on the day. We made sure lots of people had fun with trash so every pod had to make a bag. They all had to make a diffent shape bags. Out pod made circle bags. Then we went down the fashion runway. Nobody won because they where all to good. We had to put an outfit made out of trash on a teacher in every pod. Our teacher in our pod was mother of nature. Our pod thinks we won. I think every one did good. After the show the teacher said bring your out fit on friday so we can send to the people who say if you are the winner. We spent 5 weeks doing Trash to fashion. We will keep you posted and tell you if we are a winner.


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