Thursday, 11 June 2009

Character Book Parade

On the 11 of June 2009 at Summerland primary we had a character book day it was awesome there were heaps of children dressed up as spider-man, pirates, little red riding hod and lots more. At the end of the parade the best dressed up people got a certificate their where different kinds of certificates like best dress up overall, weirdest and wackiest and a few more. The best 4 teachers with the best costumes went up on stage and they were Miss Bucannon, Miss Stangwood, Miss Matia and Miss Brown But their is 4 of them and only two certificates and the most look alike went to Miss Matia and a best teacher overall went to Miss Bucannon. The whole school went to the parade in the first block before morning tea half of the school got changed back in uniform but the other half when to bear park the kindergarden next door to the school and we done another parade their some of the little kids got scared and I saw a little girl cry heaps.

By: Melissa & Bailey


  1. This was such a cool day. Miss Matia was an awesome Dorothy, but I do know who the best Little Red Riding hood was!

    Way to go everyone for getting into the day, it made it so much fun. I can't wait to do it all again next year.

  2. Hi Room 4 and Melissa and Bailey, great recount and we loved the animoto. It sounds like it was a lot of fun dressing up as book characters. How did the people feel who made the kindy kids cry? We liked reading about your teachers dressing up too. Our teachers dress up every term for immersion.
    Room 18 at Pt England

  3. we love the costumes and the entire blog

  4. I had so much fun!
    I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood with my two other friends!
    I loved it when we had a runway even though I was kind of squished from people.

    Lynette :)