Tuesday, 18 May 2010


We walk to the gate, we're inside the trust stadium and we see our home team....the LG MYSTICS!! They were versing the pulse team. Beep as the whistle goes! The game has started...wow the mystic's goal shooter has the ball in her hands ready to shoot! Beep the whistle goes again the mystics have a goal!! The crowd goes wild and then very quiet...soon the whistle goes again now the crowd is waving there blue banners, shouting and screaming, then everyone is suddenly quiet then the ball has been thrown to the pulse team then the whistle blows. The timer goes its a quarter gone already the mystics have 21 goals already. Pulse has 30 goals they have got in the lead I wonder what happens next! The whistle blows its the second quarter already the mystics have 31 goals and the pulse team are still on 30 goals.....But wait a minute? Something awesome is coming out? it is, it is, a HUGE DICE!! What happens with the dice is when you get a number from 1 to 6 that is the time you will get for the game, and if you get the smile face we get 15 minutes to go,so that is quite a long time for the mystics and the pulse team. So the dice has been rolled and what number do we get???? We get the number 6!!!!So then we get 6 minutes for the game to end, so then the mystics have 59 and the pulse team had 59 as well so then the talker guy said that we should have 14 minutes left to the finish. So this is what he meant, so we have 7 minutes for the mystics and pulse, then they have 1 minute to have a drink, then have a talk, then they will go play again for 7 minutes then have another drink and then another talk. Then we all look at the Score board and OMG!!!! pulse have 60 goals and we have 61 goals and the CROWD GOES WILD by screaming and shouting and cheering and then we all clap and cheer some more, and then everyone starts walking outside so they can go home and then the game was finished, and if you wanted to you could meet the mystics and get something signed.

written by Rhiannon and Tori-Grace

Monday, 17 May 2010

another voicethread - more Teaching Maori

awesome maori words.

Tamir & Jarred like doing things for you and we love to do any thing for any body. we would like to do maori for you and please send us more. We would like to thank you by saying tena koe.

here is our second voicethread with more maori words that Martha's Vineyard school wanted to know

Woodhill Racing

wood hill mountain bike race!!!!!!!!

on Sunday 16th may 2010 at wood hill mountain bike park. you had to bike ride on the avanti bike trail. I did the meridian bike jams.
it was ausome you showed came to it next year!!!! you get a goody bag and a magazine, and two milo drinks.
the trail was 5km I came 1st in my race.
it was an assume day. I fall off my bike two times trying to overtake someone on the first km.there was an ambulance there too just in case.

later on in the day I went to the bike shop there was a bike there it cost $7,450 and anther one with carbine fibre forks in the front. suppression in the front & rear of the bike with 6 gears.
then wen I went to the starting grid.
I saw some cool cars on the way back. then it was time to go it was geting late in the day so we paced up the bikes & went back to home.
on the way back dad said wen we get home you wii have to wash your bike because its rally dirty and so is yours luke



On Friday evening last week, there was a post box competition. Many schools were competing and getting prizes for all their hard work that they had done. Jay Yu and Dain got 'Highly Commended' certificates. All the certificates that were given out to everyone that won a prize each. When we went up, we got given two black bags with goodies in them. In the bags we got some roses and the certificate. We are quite proud of our class and all the people that made a letterbox. We were so happy when we went up stage. Dain couldn't take the smile off her face! It looked like it was going to be on her face forever and ever!!! When we went off the stage we gave our bags to Miss Cheeseman so she can look after them. On Monday morning, we found out what was inside the bag. There were gift cards for the class and the 'Roses' chocolates enough to hand out to the whole class! YUM!!! Everyone had so much fun making the letterboxes! Well done to Tenera, Tori-Grace, Alex, Farah, Isabella, Sahville and Dain and thanks for coming!!!

By Dain and Tori-Grace :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

How to use text edit

Vikram and Jae used TextEdit for the first time yesterday and created a 'how to' video for others.
TextEdit is a free piece of software on an Apple Mac computer

Maori Voicethread

A group of 3 boys were keen on making this voicethread to teach a school in Martha's Vineyard some Maori - they are 9 and 10 years old and their names are Jarred, Tamir and Kevin.

We had a good time with helping you with your maori numbers.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Cross country.

What a awesome day. People are running and running trying to be 1st. As soon as you pass them they give you a BAD look like you let them all down. Some were cheering you on some weren't. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK the time went fast in your head people were getting ready for the next race. By time it was my turn to race my heart was pounding, my pod was telling me to go faster. I started to pick up my speed. I started to past some girls. I was coming first in the start but then Hannah past me and Sarsha and I was coming in a tie together. When everything finished everyone was very happy and some weren't just because they never made it in the finals.It was hard for some people because you had to try come in the top 8. hi my

by Sasha & Aaliyah.

The Values Filming With Rm 21

On Friday, we did some filming about the Summerland values.
We did it with room 21. Before we started filming, we had to get into a group, watch a few videos then we planned about how, where and when we were going to film it. After we planned it, Miss Cheeseman showed us how to use the camera with a tripod. She showed us how to change the size of the tripod and how to record with a camera. After, we told Miss Cheeseman where we were going so she didn't have to go looking for us all the time. When we went to go and do our filming, we weren't allowed to go where all the other groups were. After we filmed, we imported it to Imovie. Nobody got to the editing part yet because we had to get ready for home-time.
But when we get up to it, we will update this post!!!

By Dain, Olepa and Farhiyo

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Eleven children have made mailboxes over the school holidays. Their names are Tenera, Farah, Jae Yu, Hannah, Isabella, Alex, Tori-Grace, Dain, Vikram, Kevin and Sahville.
They made mailboxes for a competition that was for some books. The books they had to choose were: Cowshed christmas, piggity wiggity jiggity jig goes to dad's cafe and Sting. This is how the mailboxes are made, Tenera's mailbox is made out of a paint container and cardboard. Farah's mailbox is made out of cardboard. Jae Yu's mailbox is made out cardboard, popsicle sticks and foam letters. Isabella's mailbox is made out of cardboard, pink cellophane and plastic plates. Alex's mailbox is made out of recycling cans, cardboard, containers and paper. We are entering the NZ Post book awards competition and it will be on at Westcity on May 14th at 7pm.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


This will seriously FREAK you out!
This will seriously make your BRAIN MELT!
This will seriously make you go 'HOW DID THEY DO THAT???'

Don't believe me???
Well give it a whirl!


PS - it is Appreciate a teacher week - how will YOU show you appreciate a past or present teacher??

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Google Lit Trip - testing learning

First Google Lit Trip completed.....click here to open it in Google Earth and follow my trip!