Monday, 24 August 2009

Rock Van Performance!!!!!!

On Friday  all year 5 and 6 classes at Summerland went to perform in the hall.What we did was the whole school and the parents came into the hall to watch everyone that was performing. Everyone  acted like rock stars. All the classes performed different songs. We all had to dress up as rock stars! We were even aloud to bring make-up. We then did our performance that we had been learning all week long. Meanwhile, when we were waiting for the classes to get ready one of the  rock van members came and gave out prizes!There were six winners from our school and they got awesome prizes! They were so lucky! The prizes were some pics, t-shirts and more. Even one of the teachers got a prize for helping out the rock van. She got a love music bag with some goodies inside it. EVERYONE had a blast it was the best assembly ever!! I have to say THANK - YOU ROCK VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ithink the performance was fantastic and all the other performances. Thanks rock van!!!


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  3. I think the song was so cool and all the other songs


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  5. Rock Van was awesome and I wish they come to Intermediate.

    from Zeyaad