Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Crimson Room experience

Lots of people like this game, it's called The Crimson Room. We had to solve a mystery but it was a hard game. Now we tell you how to play The Crimson Room. First you have to find clues and you put some of the clues together. You got stunk in a room you had to get out a live. The game is like real live. We go on it because we are learning about crimes. We love that website so much. The hard one was the secoed one it was very hard. We are happy with our teacher for finding the website, it's fun. I think it is one of the best games I have played. hi people who are reading you sould try this wedsite. www.fusco-cso.com try it it's fantastic! The Crimson Room is a good learning game for 8+. I think all the schools in the world should try this game. We learn to solve crimes to get out of a room went it is lock. In it you have to find keys and rings and other suff to get out of the room live.We will tell you more when we play the next game. Do you like the game?

Mikayla and Crystal

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