Monday, 23 May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Akshays finger puppet show

I made 5 finger puppets for my school home learning project. First one was Monty the monkey who likes eating bananas. The second one was Gill the tall Giraffe, then it was Ele the elephant, next came Burphy the bird and finally Lionel the fierce lion!
They are best friends who live in the same jungle.
I did a finger puppet show of 5 characters, one for each finger!
It was fun making these puppets which I made from scratch. I got a kit to make the puppets. I liked making the puppets. The best part was glueing the eyes. The puppets looked cool so I brought them. I love my puppets. My favourite puppet is Monty because he is the cleanest person in the show. He all so wakes up early in the morning too. I made a video of the puppet show too.

I am Akshay of Room 22 at Summerland Primary and here some shots of my puppet show.

Akshay's Puppet Show from Summerland22 on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Zack And Cody in Summerland

Yesterday I just met Zack and Cody Martin when I was walking out of school I just saw Zack and Cody in front of the Summerland sign. I nearly exploded into tiny pieces because suite life on deck is my favorite show. I can’t believe why they came here they wanted to check our school out and wanted to know questions? about our school. I was so excited like how miss Cheeseman would be if she saw johnny deep I asked for their autograph they gave me both of their autographs. I,m the only one who saw them because my mum and I were talking to miss Cheeseman .I freaked when I saw them they went back to the limo and my mum and I went back to the car.

By Rocky inspired by a book called Famous Fake Photographs by Sally Odgers

Zombie story

The story   

Last week I went to my cousins  house down the road my sister went to her  friends house. When I was at my cousins I asked my cousin Tyler if we could go to the school  “Ok” He said. We set off on our walk half way down the road I went round the corner I saw a walkway I was walking down and something scary bit me in the arm I screamed and the thing through me in a box and they opened it...   I saw a zombie it trained me and taught  me zombie language so I talk zombie language so I am half zombie now. They took me to a place called Monroeville. Goboter meens hello nopplegoba meens Gabe my name. The zombie that tought me zombie languege His name was Hopermcpor. 
By Gabe  

Inspierd by Fake photographs Written by Sally odgers

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Corbans Art Centre

On a cloudy sunny day,  room 1 and room 22 went to Corbans Art Centre. We loudly marched there like big elephants. Finally we were there and the manager came and showed us where the 3 rooms we are allowed to go in and the managers name was Shelly. In room 2 there was two big sheets of paper that we can write what we liked about the art. My favourite was the koros that the year 8's did at Sunderland school, I liked it because it was a circle and it had a dark colour with black. After that we went to see some paintings of birds.  My favourite  paintings of the birds was the swan in the office and the chickens at the restaurant eating noodles. We went to see the photos that people took for a competition.  Soon we  had to walk back to school and on the way back Chantelle, Neha,  Cameron and I played I-Spy and it was really hard to think of what word they are thinking of. When we were at school we were bursting for food and water so we had lunch and went to go and play.

By Atalia

The wet cross country day

Cross country On your marks get set go!!!!!! Round the corner somebody slips slip their goes  another,  I said "I bet Im not going to slip over I thought ? " Oops I slip over in the softball cage.
I run up the hill I feel my asthma, I see the finish line here I come. I came 5th place my new record!
It's pouring with rain and the field turned brown with mud. The rain drops got me in my eye the water felt refreshing because I was sweaty and the water cooled me down.
An anonymous Parent said "I've never been so wet in my life."
Kirsten said "I have never been to cross country in the rain I hope in the next cross country it won't rain that hard."
Chantelle said "I hated it because wind and rain was everywhere in my face.''


Photographs by Stephanie

Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal links

If you want to see more about the Royal Wedding check these out:

A Royal Quiz - Newsround

Official photos from the British Monarchy - Flickr

The Royals on You Tube

Check out Buckingham Palace - go inside the palace

Discovery Time

At 9.00 we started Discovery Time. We got to chose our own activity about Prince William and Catherine. The things that we could do computers, money [wedding gifts], crown making,writing captions for Prince William, Harry and Kate, free art, making a wedding menu, instruments and dress-up box. Gabe, Andrew, Stephanie, Rocky, Tamana, Kirsten, Keziah, Jasmine, Faaizah and Junmin did instruments and dress up. Both of them were really fun...because we got to chose the things that we wanted to do. Stephanie did the Royal Wedding menu and the instruments; the menu was a little bit hard but I got threw it o.k . The instruments, I was good at them I got a sharing card from Miss Cheeseman.  Stephanie and Andrew were good players at the instruments they were awesome at it. I love the instruments it was so fun and cool.

Stephanie and Junmin

The Royal Wedding

Kate Middiletons dress look like a Bee Keppers mask the bit that went over her face.
It went  for SIX HOURS lucky that it was school holidays utherwhys i would,nt be able to watch it.
When they kissed I blocked my eyes because it was hidies. The little girl blocked her ears  I laughed because it was funny. I liked all of the soliders because they were coulorful.