Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Henderson Fire!!OH!NO!!

On Sunday the 21th of June there was a fire in Henderson it was a Boat shed that was on Fire, what I heard was that someone lit a match by a diesel oil tank it exploded the shed went on fire heaps and heaps of things collapsed all you could hear was KABOOM! VOOM! BOOM! BOOM! at the start of the fire it rose almost 30 metres in the air when I (Ezrah) was in church when we first saw black smoke in the air we raced out and was looking at it from the field or hill of Western Heights and then quickly phoned the firemen then we heard WEE OH! WEE OH! the Fireman came racing down the road then we saw a big crane with a big hose and sprayed water all over the shed after about 7 o'clock the road got shut down cause of the fire heaps of people were trying to go and see the fire but the Firemen were blocking off the road the workers were all asking what had happened but the firemen said "Sorry classified information police will come sorry bye" then I think it might come on the news sometime soon. That is it the story of the fire in Henderson.

Made by Ezrah and the helper JD

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