Friday, 14 August 2009

M+M Experiment

On 13/08/09 RM 9 did an experiment on m+m's in water first we did a hypothesis of what we thought might happen but were we wrong!  Then we got the m+m and we put them into water we waited a while until we saw a reaction. What we saw was NOT what everyone thought would happen. We thought the colours would all mix together. What happened was that all the colours that came of the m+m's didn't mix we tried 3 different types of ways [putting them close together, four without one in the middle and the one above] but they all didn't mix so we write down on our books what we thought might have caused the reaction.
Zee said he thought they didn't mix because if there was no spaces between them the colours would mix. Tysyn thought they might not of mixed because the colours were different and the sugar was different in each lolly.
We got the idea for this experiment from a school in Melbourne.
Tell us what you think?
This is a photo of what happened.
By Shania and Megan

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