Wednesday, 5 August 2009

production practice number 2

On our second production practice we looked what the scenery people were doing. The scenery people were thinking of scenes and props we could use for our production. The year 6 people looked for photos of Pyramids, stages or labs. When they found any of those pictures they showed some of the little kids what they looked like. While the older people were on the laptops looking at pyramids the little kids were playing with blocks or kenexs. they had to build Pyramids with them. Only some of the kids got the hang of it but the others did well. The older kids were looking for scenes or props like smoke comes out on the stage when the mummy comes out or like guns,hats or suites. The older kids came to ask the little kids if they wanted to see a real pyramid . When they asked them if they wanted to see a real pyramid they went wild crazy just to see the coolest thing ever in the whole wide world it's called the pyramid. All the little kids kept on asking how did the Pyramids get built and what are they made out of or how old is Egypt I said it must be thousands of years old because Its been there for ages it's even been there before my parents were even born. When the little kids built the pyramids they even looked like real Pyramids. We have been trying really hard and we hope we will do fine on our production.

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  1. I am really excited to see what happens next!

    Lynette :) ;)