Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ROCK VAN!!! ( Day 3 )

Day 3, our class have been learning the song called 'I love rock 'n roll' by Joan Jet. We have been learning that song for three days now. Sally, Emily, Jordan and Ashley are our teachers. Sally teaches the bass group and the singers. When they practice they have a strap on the bass that goes around you, so you can play the bass standing up. There are about 5 singers singing the song. Emily is teaching the Electric guitar group, the sound of the electric guitar is really cool! It sounds high-pitched sometimes. Jordan teaches the drums and he is incredible. The sound of the drums are really loud, but the drums don't look like the real ones, because you have to pay a lot to get the real one. They look flat and small. Also you have to plug in this tiny box and put headphones over your ears to hear the real sound of the instrument. Ashley teaches the bass too while Sally helps out the singers. So far we are up to the middle part of the song, so that means we are nearly finished! We will be having a concert on Friday and we are doing our best to make our teachers proud. Sally, Emily, Jordan and Ashley will be there helping out. The sound of all the instruments will sound really awesome on the day. The teachers also said that we can dress up as rock stars! We will ROCK THE STAGE!!!!
We will give you an update later in the week.

By Lynette and Dahria


  1. I like our perormance that we did and sally and ashley rock!!!!! rock van is the bomb!!!!!!!

    By Alyssa