Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Trash to fashion

Trash to fashion is a fun activity that our school does. We have to collect rubbish and make some clothes out of it. We had to choose a catorgorie. These where the catorgories we could choose from, plastic bag palace, green dreams, junkyard superheroes, colour your world, junk to jewels and headgear. Plastic bag palace is making clothes out of plastic bags. Green dreams is making clothes from books and movies. Junkyard superheroes you had to think we are saving the planet our job is to think about using tires, bits from computers, wires, plugs, metal and wheels. Colour your world you have to use one colour or stick to two or go mad and use them all! Think big and bold and imaginative larger than life and leading the way into a bright new future. Junk to jewels you have to make accessories and jewellery. Head high we have to make hats and headgear. Trash to fashion is all about recycling. Last year I did trash to fashion I worked with 3 people we did not win but we had fun. I am going to do trash to fashion this year with one of my best friends, Crystal. Crystal and I are going to do colour your world. We are going to go mad and use all the colours. We are trying to make a beautiful dress. Last year we made a t-shirt and skirt. This is a photo of our design from last year, Sophie is wearing it. Check out all of last years efforts from the school by clicking here. We will keep you posted of how we get on.


  1. Wow cool as! Last year it was the bomb!
    I found last years trash to fashion better than this year, because we had to chose a catorgorie and last year we could just make things of plastic with junk.
    Also can't wait to see what happens! If i win this year again with Salote then i would be so proud!

    Lynette :)

  2. I am looking forward to Trash to Fashion this year too. Last year everyone made very creative clothes out of all sorts of trash.
    Remember to ask your class to save stuff for you to you.
    Work hard girls.

    Miss Edwards room 13

  3. wow cool ITHINK it looks awesome I cant wait for more stuff

  4. Hey Summerland

    Wow, neat blog! I love the title "ithink". Reading this post was very interesting and informative because we will be looking at a similar topic to study next term. You have given us some good ideas to think about. Well done and thank you for posting a comment on our blog.

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