Thursday, 23 July 2009

Speed BOOK dating!

On Wednesday 22 of July room 9 went speed dating with books in library. Our librarian Mrs Gibson went to buy some books from the scholastic book fair for our library. We had to go to a table or a chair that had a piece of paper and a book underneath then we had to look at the back and read the blurb. We only had 30 seconds to read it and flick through the pages and give it a score out of 10. Which If we had a book we really liked, We had to go to Mrs Gibson and ask her if we can take it home. We thought it was really fun and there were some really good books that were there.It was a amazing!
Sapwe and Salote


  1. hey we really liked it was fun dating badies C yah later................

    EZrah and Michael :P

  2. Hahaha that was so fun but sadly enough i didn't find many books i liked but was still fun.

    Gene Rm 9

  3. Hi you's guys what it was so fun doing datring program ah hahahahahah C yah bye.....:P :O :L :P

  4. I liked how you did your speed dating.

    By Jaizel