Tuesday, 23 June 2009

BP Challange

On Wednesday the 17th of June Summerland went to BP challange to compete with other primary schools. The BP challange is was at the Trust Stadum. There were 3 groups the fisrt one was summerland 1 the second one was summerland2 and the third one was summerland 3 and we all had 4 people in a group. What we did was we got 2 people from every year 5 and 6 class and on the Wednesday the 17th of July we competed we new what 1 activity was because that is what we practiced it.That activity was a construction to hold a marble 5 center meters or under 5 center meters above the ground the eqipment we used was 1 meter of tape 2 meters of string and 30 straws that is all we had to make a constraction to hold a marble it's harder than it sounds realy. After that challange we done we done the mysterious challange in that challange we got 10 meters of tape 1 meter of string and a hole news paper.We had to make stilts longer than 12cm what summerland 1 made balls of news paper and taped it to one of our team mates shoe and we had to had to run throuregh a course.  The Best Team Overall went to Green Bay. But Summerland did not win anything but it is not about winning it's about having fun and that is what we did.   

By Kaitlyn and Melissa :) Your Gonna Love it (witch means try it then you would love it)

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  1. We had so much fun at the Challenge. The dudes were so well behaved too and we had a fair few laughs as well.
    ROCK on next years event!