Thursday, 25 June 2009

Spend 35,000,000 in one day!

Hi our names are JD and Jordan yesterday our room and room 22 tried to spend 35 million dollars in one day. We had to go on to the internet and find things but all so we used keynote so we could put the thing that we found on the internet and put down how much the item cost and how much it took away from the 35 million.
things we learnt while we where doing this:
You can't spend 35 million dollars in one day, don't spend money on things if you won't use them, we learned how to spend money on the things you will need, buy the things you really would like. Some people learnt how to text and call people; like Alyssa learnt how to do a costumer service survey and Ezrah rang one of the Hummer company to see how much a hummer was.
We learnt how to take away a large amount of money away from a lot of money, those are the main things we learnt.

Did you like them?
We voted for the one that we thought had everything and was great there was 3 way tie they all had 8 points but nobody got 10 because we all had to vote for a number in between 1 and 10 when we looked at everybody's one. But what we did to vote is we would look at everybody's movie and then we would yell out what we thought of the movie. But the 3 that won the competition got a reward, there reward (that they chose) was to sit on a chair when the rest of the class sat on the mat. We also when to room 22 to and our teacher said you shouldn't get stuff off of trade me because they're all second hand because you have 35 million why buy 2nd hand.

JD and Jordan
look at our photopeach and we used Thriller for our song in remembermence of Micheal Jackson.

Spend 35 Million on PhotoPeach

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  1. A truly awesome day - we had a whole heap of learning here, hard to get that much in a normal day. we had heaps of fun too....ha, if only it were real!
    Miss Cheese