Monday, 24 August 2009

A Amazing Day At Winter Field Day!!!!

 On Friday the 28th of August all years 5 & 6 students from Summerland Primary went out of the school to play sports. We played sports like kiwi sport, football, netball, rugby and hockey. If your wondering what is kiwi sport it is where you play lots of different games like dodgeball and rob the nest. When you go to it, it looks like a tournament and there were 8 different schools at the courts. One Summerland team came first but they tied with 2 other schools. At football one team from Summerland came 2nd. The people that play netball played at Tepai courts as well as kiwi sport, at netball they didn't come anything but they still had a great day. At rugby Summerland didn't come any thing too. Team A from hockey came 2nd. The football people played at Henderson High School and the people playing hockey played at Rosedale Park. The people that played rugby played at Henderson Park. The people that didn't do any sport went with Miss Cheeseman filming. Those people are Alyssa, Bailey and Tysyn. They went to film all of the sports they got to ride in Miss Cheesemans car with her.  They got to go to Mcdonalds for lunch and we also learnt how to use a mini video camera.  After that we went to Mrs Shepards house it looked really awesome. When the Sports were finished we went to the dairy we bought pineapple lumps and other lollies. Well I think everybody had a great day at winter field day.

By Alyssa & Kaitlyn

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