Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson.... PASSED AWAY!!

Today on the 26th of June, some of the worlds worst news.... Michael Jackson has passed away after a shocking heart attack in L.A......... Michael's brother, Randy Jackson, said that Michael had collapsed in his room Thursday morning, Michael was then transferred to UCLA Medical Centre. Fire Captain. Steve Ruda told CNN a 911 call came in from a west Los Angeles residence. At the Medical Centre security guards blocked off all entrances from the emergency room no one was aloud in it not even the staff, some people in the waiting room even started crying after seeing Michael in the stretcher, he got his own room for himself. Michael is one of the seven children of his brothers and sisters his family is one of the first families to make music.

We wanted to write this blog post because we are a huge fans of Michael Jackson because he wrote big hit songs and one of his most favourite sounds 'OW' and we are feeling very upset :( We are some of his youngest fans we've always loved him but now he is in another place a better place no paparazzi and no crowds. He wrote big hit songs and one of his most favourite sounds 'OW'
Watch this news event that we are sticking on here..
Michael was 'The King of Kings', Pop of Pop and Icons of all Icons

Michael Jackson
Died at 50 Years old....

W.B Ezrah and Gene


  1. that is a interesting blog and every one at school is every one is talking about it in fact we are listning to has music right now, Jess, Paula, Leni and Kaila!

  2. Gene and Ezrah - I am very impressed with your thoughts and sharing of feelings about this tragedy. It is great you thought it was important to write a post about this. Michael J certainly was a huge star and we will always remember him through his music.
    Miss Cheese

  3. Hi Ezrah and Gene,I am impressed that you can take a world view of the death of a pop icon. It made me think how often it is not until people die that we realise how much they meant to others and the things they accomplished during their life are not recognised until it is too late.There is an old saying that,"no one misses the water until the well runs dry". Maybe we need to make sure we say to our family and friends how much they mean to us why we still can...Mrs D

  4. Hi Gene and Ezrah,
    I'm impressed to both of you to what you wrote about Michael Jackson. He was my idol and it will remain the same the way I listening to his music. My favourite song was Billy Jean. Thanks for sharing the story about MJ.