Friday, 24 June 2011


This look's like deliscous and yummy baking, and it is making everyone hungry.

                      By Atalia :)

Science discovery time.

At science discovery time there was eight activities and we did it in the hall with are pod there was putty that could bounce and marbles, blocks, tubes. The friction section was cool you rube a ballon on your hare and it go's up magic lee and i made a snail and slug out of silly putty. The putty was lot's of colour's like green, pink, blue, yellow, orange and purpule. There was popcorn but we had to do it by a stove it was quite hard to do it by stove but you need a chalinge some times you now. We made bubbles with water and liquid and coat hangers
By Stephanie and Brandon

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Along time a go Miss Cheeseman was doing a quiz with the class and my group was  playing games on manic maths. She asked  that what mounth has the fewest days. At the end they checked it togther and that working as a team. When Miss Cheeseman was checking that which mounth has  the fewest days I said that there is a trick of checking which mounth's have the fewest day's. The trick goes like this put your knuckles in front of you then count January, Febuary, March and the one that comes not on top of the knuckles that is the fewest days and the one that comes at the top is the 30 days.

M&M Experiment!!!

( M&M's with water in a petri dish. )
     These are some things that happened  about  this experiment:

  • The colour from the M&M's dissolved into the H20.
  • The colours did not mix because H20 is a liquid and M&M's are a solid.
  • If we moved the petri dish the colours will mix because there is a force happening.

If you have a question just comment.

By Atalia :)

M & M experiment!

Yesterday we did a M & M experiment. First  we got some petri dishes and then the M & M 's. We put 4 diffrent colour M & M's in the petri dishes. Then we pour a little amount of water. The colour dissolved in the water and the colour and the sugar sank. Soon Miss cheeseman shaked one petri dish and the colours went like a arouras in the sky. It was as beautiful as the rainbow. Miss Cheeseman got one M & M dish and showed us  the bottom. the sugar sinks to the bottom. The colours of the M & M's did not mix together at all, they all had their own spaces. They only mixed when we knocked the dish.  That happens becaususe the water is a liquid and the M & M is a solid and it mixes together. We learnt that the colour came of the M & M because the food colouring is light. It also went to small pieces but only sometimes.  When you eat half of the M & M you will see chocolate in it. (WE ALSO GOT TO EAT ONE!)

By Areeba and Tamanna:)

Candy land!!

In Candy land they have all different  kinds of candy you can make a lollipop!!!
They have choclate lips, gummy bears, space sticks that were green and pink I got all of them yum yum.  It smelt like like nothing that you have ever smelt before.  Some stuff as squashy,soft,solid some stuff  tasted like sour apple, yum,caramel, and bananna. This is what my sister Elliott has to say ''All of the lollies tasted yummy'

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Study Ladder!!!!

      By Atalia

Friday, 17 June 2011

Solid, Liquid and Gas!!!

Today at school in room 22, we did solid's, liquid's and gas's. Miss Cheeseman brang in a kettle, ice, cup of water and some plates. When we had everything sorted, Miss Cheeseman put the ice on the plates and we all felt the ice. What I learnt was that the ice was a solid because it felt hard. After that Miss Cheeseman put water in the kettle, and started boiling it. While the kettle was boiling there was steam coming out because inside the kettle it is boiling. The air that is coming out is like the condensation on the window that you see in the morning. The water that was in the cup was a liquid because you can pour it. After we did that experiment we did a Y chart of what we learnt and it was fun.
Hope you learnt something!!!

By Atalia

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Book character parade

IT WAS BOOK CHARACTER DAY today. As soon as I got to school I saw all the amazing costumes and I mostly saw fairies. Then we went to the hall. All the pods had a turn on the stage and had to parade in front of everyone, then it was Muriwai turn. I was nervous but I did it.
First we had to wave and then we had to pose and then we went back to were we sat. When we were done we came back to class. I could not believe that I was nervous. Then at morning tea me and my friend went to the hall and we looked at the boxes that we had made about books. I really liked room 22s box about the Mr Gum books [By Andy Stanton] and also I liked room 8s boxes.
One of my favorite characters from my class was Little Red Riding Hood. Another one was from room 14 a boy dressed up as an army man and another was from room 7. He was a security  man. One from room 19 was a girl was wearing angel wings and a halo.
by Neha

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Waiheke islands!!!

On Saturday I went to Waiheke Islands!! I went there on a fabulous cruise. I came with my mother, my farther, my sister and my cousins that came all the way from Canada!!!!!! Their names are Nazia, Firaaz and Zain. While we were waiting my lovely and generous farther gave all of us ice-blocks because it was really hot that day. When we were on the top deck of the Fullers cruise my hair kept on staying on my face. When we were waiting for the cruise to stop at Waiheke Islands I saw Bay of Islands, Rangitoto and some other islands I forgot about. When we finally got to Waiheke Islands we all ran to the bus tour. My dad was talking to the man that owned the truck for the tour he made best friends with my dad so we got to go on the tour for free.  Then we went down to the cafe to eat something. I had a chocolate muffin, my dad had a chocolate brownie and everyone else wasn't hungry. Then we went back to the fullers cruise back to boring old New Zealand 
By Faaizah. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A readable book online from Shantytown

Last week our teacher [Miss Cheeseman] spent three days in the South Island in a place called Hokitika. She showed some teachers some cool things to do in the classroom with the iPads and then spent two days at Shantytown working with children at a Kids Conference. Check out this cool eBook created on an iPad by one of the students. They took their own photos too. You can turn the pages of the book at the bottom corners.

Click on the picture to see the book


Monday, 13 June 2011

Fruit Salad in science!!!

On a cold, windy day Muriwai pod were going to make fruit salad, but we had to do Jump Jam first and put our pieces of fruit in the hall.
After Jump Jam Muriwai pod got in to our library buddies, and in the hall we teamed up with another group. When we were sorting out our groups, the teachers sorted out the tables and equipment that we needed. After that we got our pieces of fruits and we found a table to work at.
When everyone found a table to work at, we started to peel, slice and cut our pieces of fruits. While we where chopping and peeling our fruits up, some teachers came up to our group and giving us some safety tips (So we can be safe). Atalia learnt that when you chop a piece of fruit like an apple, the flat side has to be facing the flat surface and when you chop, chop away from you. You should chop away from yourself because if you cut towards you the knife might slip out of your hands and cut you. When we chopped up all our pieces of fruit up, we chucked it in the big, plastic bowl and waited for a teacher to come to our table. When one came to our table, thet stirred up our yummy fruit salad and spooned each of us a cup of fruit salad.  Minutes later, Muriwai took a cup of fruit salad and took a pod photo. When we finished taking photos we went to morning tea and ate our delightful fruit salad. And it was DELIGHTFUL!!!

By Atalia and Kirsten

The whole rainbow

When I was getting dressed on Friday in my bedroom I saw a Rainbow and here it is...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Science Ignition day!

Today we had Science ignition day and we had so much fun at the other stations and experamints.
photo by Gabe

Science Ignition day!

Today it is Sience Ignition day!!  The whole entire school did it but some of the teachers only went to the other classes not even doing expiramints with all the other classes. My class rm 22 did the Foaming snake, Lava lamp, Rainbow tube, Slime, Exploding tubes, Snow and also my favourite Candy mountain, Candy mountain is my favourite because I really love candy floss! The activity that I liked the least was the Slime because it was not that interesting because it is something that I commonly do.  As soon as I heard that we were doing Science Ignition I almost SCREAMED!!! I was really super excited that I could not wait till we did it.  I already did block 1 now we are still on block 2. We are waiting for our turn in the hall so we have to be really paitent. Ok now we are in the hall and there is music playing as quiet as a normal guitar playing jazz music. We are watching Science in a van. The name os the two people that work in Science in a van's name's are Emily and Alan. First we were talking about the force and now we are talking about gravity and how it works. Now we are talking about something super super super easy. Emily needed 2 assitants, Emily is now makishowing us what's in the them 2 to lift up 2 shopping bags. Now Emily is showing us all the stuff that were in the bags and the assistant picked it up. well I am going to stop talking about this or else this will become to long with all the other stuff I am going to tell you. Ok now it is afternoon. Miss Cheeseman  said that a scientist might come in our classroom to tell us some more stuff and do some more experiments so stay on the blog tommorrow.  
By Faaizah