Sunday, 11 December 2011

Movies Programme

My mum when we were about to leave my mum put some videos DVDs into the suitcase and this is what I brang: Titanic and some movies and programmes I watched was Kid vs Kat which is about a cat that is a robot and gets away with things, Phineas and Ferb, and some Movies, Pet Detective LOL!:) And Castaway. Mostly all the other programmes are Hindi like Good Luck Charlie they changed it to Good Luck Nikki and All the same episodes but with just hindi people and words. Luckily my mum brang her laptop!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sun flowers

On Wednesday the 16th of November room 22 got sunflower plants.  First
we got a yogurt container and got some potting mix in the container and put a sunflower seed in the container.  We are having a competition and whoever takes a picture or takes there sunflower plant to school gets a prize. My sunflower is up to 6cm from the top of the the sprout from the dirt and the leaves go up to 7 and a half cm and here is a picture of him. His name is s.b.w it stands Sunny Bill Williams.

photo by Gabe
owner Gabe
published by Gabe

Friday, 18 November 2011

Sunflowers so far

 Chantelles was the first to sprout a wee shoot!
Today I was eating my breakfast when my step mum said " Hey Chantelle come and have a look at this" and she showed me the yoghurt pot and it had a little sprout coming out of it. And as you can see there is not enough soil because my step mum was holding it in the car when we went to the pharmacy yesterday, and she dropped it and it went all over the car, but on the bright side my step mum needed to vacuum her car anyway.

Then came Steph's Miss Sunny....

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Interesting word:

A test to see if I am a robot - see it: a child from our class mentioned!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


A weird picture from Gabe in our class

Look at it for a few minutes and see what happens!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Weird Fact of the Week......

Weird Fact of the Week:
A Company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat , so you can eat your plate!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Being Sick for Ages!

Second week of term Three I had fell onto some Boulders and tore a Muscle in my back. A few weeks after that I Gastroenteritis (tummy bug had to go to Hospital.) After that I had a Stye and Chicken pox. Then I had a sore stomach on my right side and we went to Starship and they thought it was an Appendiex but it wasen't then it spread all over my stomach, to my leg which was swollen then to the rest of my body. We then had to go to Waitakere Hospital, we stayed there for three or two days. The Doctors there said that it was just left over pain and I was in a wheelchair for two days. But to cheer me up my lovely class made me a nice hard working card for me.:) Ohh what horrible term! Abigail :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

milo cricket day

Today our class went on the court to learn some skills from milo cricket. Our person's name was Sid we played a game when we were in four teams then we played a driffernt game when we were in a 2 teams It was a bating and felding game my team was felding 1st then we were bating. It was so fun meeting Sid and playing the games. By Silisia and Brandon.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

St Johns


Yesterday Room 22 went to St Johns to learn about the emergency. We first had a look at the ambulance for the people who helps in the emergencys. We learnt why there are lights and sounds on the car for police, ambulance and fire fighters. It was for the people who were in their ways, because the sound means to get out of my way, I am in emergency. But most of all, we learnt about the ambulance.What was in there and why is it so tall and wide. The reason for it is when you were in the truck and there are two people in the truck, the wideness of the truck makes it fit and the tallness let you stand up, and reoson for there are black windows on the ambulance is people do not like to see all the bloods from the people. Then we did a little game. It was called the
''Action Game''. 
''how to play Action Game''=
First, we make an action for the police, ambulance and the fire fighters. Second, one person show an picture about the problem and other people have to do the action for the police, ambulance or the fire fighters or what ever what person it needs (not calling out). We also practiced tighing the strips on the arms or the legs. After, we practised calling in 111. We have to tell them are you calling fire fighters or the ambulance or the police and you also have to tell the details about you and the problem. Now, the last, St Johns gave us the nice cool apples, and we went back to the class.

By Sunwoo

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The amazing EGGsperiment

Room 22 did an excellent science experiment and it was called the amazing EGGsperiment. First we boiled 4 smelly eggs, Miss Cheeseman hates eggs! We had to peel the shell off the eggs, it was a messy job but we still did it, one was a disaster but it worked out fine. We had to try and get a boiled egg into a glass jar that was too small for the egg but without breaking it. It was time to burn the paper, Miss Cheeseman put the rustling paper in the jar then Henderson swiftly put the egg on the jar. But the paper kept on burning out, so then Kiana came up with the idea to use newspaper and it worked in the big jar. We tried again in the little jar but it didn't work but the egg that time got halfway through though. We were very pleased that one of them worked.We learnt that the egg slides down because fire needs oxygen and when we put the egg on top it blocked the oxygen and the air outside the jar pushes the egg into the jar.
Hopefully room 22 had a great time.                       By Kiana and Chantelle


Monday, 8 August 2011

Swirly Milk

Last week we did a science experiment called Swirly Milk. First you put milk in a big bowl, Secondly you put in four different colours in four spaces and Thirdly you put a little bit of dishwashing liquid in the middle. Once you have done that then because of the dishwashing liquid it doesn't stay in it's own territory it spreads and makes a spiral with all the different colours.It does it completely on it's own - like a volcano
By Abigail

Our Train Tracks Trip

Last week we went on a walk with Room 1 and Constable Dean. We walked all the way from school to the train tracks! When we got there we sat down for a while then Mrs Brown said that 6 groups of us can cross the tracks BUT we need to Stop, Look and Listen. If we just walked straight away without looking we might get run over by a train. Once we crossed the tracks we waited and waited till one train came past and was very quiet in the distance but not right up close to us. We were all on the ground feeling the vibration of the train coming past. We all wanted it to beep so Gabe said " Pull the bell". They did then everybody blocked their ears. After we had finished the train thing Constable Dean tried to see if we all remembered the safety rules, like how far do you have to be away from the train tracks the answer is 1.5 metres away from the tracks, otherwise you will get whipped up underneath the train, that will not be good.

By Abigail

Friday, 5 August 2011

The peppery skin!

Yesterday Miss Cheeseman found  an experiment. Then she decided room 22 should do the experiment we had a bit of help from Miss Cheeseman. It was called the peppery skin. We found out that water has skin sometimes you can't see it.
This is what we did: we put water into a bowl then we put loads of pepper in the bowl .After that we put a drop of dish washing liquid then the pepper got scared and ran away to the edge because water has a skin layer and when you put pepper and a drop of dish washing liqud the skin layer breaks. 

                  by Keziah and Kirsten

Friday, 15 July 2011

Animal court

Yesterday a drama group from the drama box came into room 22 to do a play called Animal Court. It was based on the after time of the Miss Tortoise and Mr Hare's last race. It was in a court room where there was Mr Hare, Miss Tortoise, Miss Fleece, Mr Fox, Court Registrar, Mr Stoat, Farmer Brown and the Judge.
It was all about Mr Hare complaining that Miss Tortoise poisoned him on the race day because Miss Tortoise put some white powder on it. But it turned out to be Mr Brown who had put pesticide on his carrots to stop Mr Hare from eating his carrots. Mr Brown had not known about the race. "Lets celebrate with a cup of carrot juice" said Miss Tortoise to her lawyer Miss Fleece. "I'll race you". My favourite bit was when Miss Tortoise said "I'll race you.
After the whole show we did 3 things called thought alley, hot seating and tap the character. Thout alley is when the class gets into 2 lines and a character walkes by and you have to say what you think their thinking or feeling. Hot seating is when a character sits on a chair and the class asks questions about their character and they answer.
By Chantelle

Friday, 8 July 2011


This month Muslims are celebrating Ramadan.
Ramadan is a month where muslims do not eat or drink anything during the day. We do this because our god gave us food and drinks. So we should't be playing with food and water or our god might take away all our food and water. So this is why we do Ramadan to bless our god and thanking him for giving us muslims food and water. For kids the most striking thing about Ramadan is fasting. Children sometimes go crazy and have a tantrum when they are doing fasting. For example celebrants spend more time with there family. Ramadan ends with a celebration called ' Eid Ul Fitr ' (eed al fitter) or the festival of fast breaking. Eed ul fitr lasts for three days. During the celebration, children get gifts from relatives and their parents.

Read more about Ramadan here at Wonderopolis

By Rayhan, Faaziah and Fardeen.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

100 days of learning!!!

100 Dice [or Die]
Yesterday Muriwai pod did 100 days of learning. First we all got into our buddys. Then every person from  Room 21, had to get 100 things. When we were all sorted, we had to make something creative and all we had was the 100 things in the pack. Abby, Nikita and I, Stephanie made a penguin. Emma, Emma and I, Atalia made a flower. "Wow it looked amazing" I said to myself, and it was so cool and I loved the shape of it. The penguin was out of lego  it was hard the make into that shape it broke a lot because it was not still so it kept going side to side???
Our group's one was very easy because the only thing we had to do was do a big circle and a small circle then make the petals out of the big circle. The other thing Abigal  wanted to do was skip a 100 times. And the other thing that Emma wanted to do was say her name 100 times. And Neha typed her name on the computer 100 times. It was pretty awesome doing something 100 times but it was tiring. After Morning tea we all played maths games. I, Stephanie  I played  sting and in or out. And I, Atalia played Multiplication bingo and then I measured water. It was the best day ever...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Experiments with Natasha!!!

 (The third  Experiment when 2 - liquids turn into a solid which is called precipitation reaction )

 On Wednesday, a scientist named Natasha came and showed us 3 experiments about acids and bases. The first experiment was putting a 10 cent coin in lemon juice or vinegar.
Method :
  1. One person from each group came and got a cup of lemon juice or vinegar and a 10 cent coin.
  2. We put it on the table and put the 10 cent coin in.
  3. We watched to see what would happen.
I learnt :
  1. That fruits like lemon, orange and grapefruit are a citric acid.
  2. That lemon cleaned the lemon because lemon is a citric acid and the coin is a base.
Results :
The coin got clean because the lemon juice it is a citric acid and it is sour.

The second experiment was putting magnesium in hydrochloric acid or for short you can call it HCI.

Method :
  1. A different person from each group came up and got a cup of HCI and a small piece of magnesium.
  2. We put the cup on the table and put the magnesium in the cup.
  3. We watched to see what happened.
I learnt :
  1. That it took about 1 minute to start fizzing and bubbling.
  2. About 5 mins later it started dissolving into the HCI.
  3. Later on it was gone.
The magnesium dissolved into the HCI so about 4 mins later it was gone.

The third experiment was a blue liquid and a clear liquid and put them together.
Method :
  1. A different person from each group came and got a cup of clear liquid and put it on the table.
  2. We all waited for Natasha to pour some blue liquid into the cup of the clear liquid.
  3. We waited to see what would happen.
I learnt :
  1. That 2 - liquids make a solid.
Results :
The blue liquid and the clear liquid made a blue and hard solid which is called precipitation reaction.

Note :

The words that are blue are scientific words.

By Atalia :)

Friday, 24 June 2011


This look's like deliscous and yummy baking, and it is making everyone hungry.

                      By Atalia :)

Science discovery time.

At science discovery time there was eight activities and we did it in the hall with are pod there was putty that could bounce and marbles, blocks, tubes. The friction section was cool you rube a ballon on your hare and it go's up magic lee and i made a snail and slug out of silly putty. The putty was lot's of colour's like green, pink, blue, yellow, orange and purpule. There was popcorn but we had to do it by a stove it was quite hard to do it by stove but you need a chalinge some times you now. We made bubbles with water and liquid and coat hangers
By Stephanie and Brandon

Thursday, 23 June 2011


Along time a go Miss Cheeseman was doing a quiz with the class and my group was  playing games on manic maths. She asked  that what mounth has the fewest days. At the end they checked it togther and that working as a team. When Miss Cheeseman was checking that which mounth has  the fewest days I said that there is a trick of checking which mounth's have the fewest day's. The trick goes like this put your knuckles in front of you then count January, Febuary, March and the one that comes not on top of the knuckles that is the fewest days and the one that comes at the top is the 30 days.

M&M Experiment!!!

( M&M's with water in a petri dish. )
     These are some things that happened  about  this experiment:

  • The colour from the M&M's dissolved into the H20.
  • The colours did not mix because H20 is a liquid and M&M's are a solid.
  • If we moved the petri dish the colours will mix because there is a force happening.

If you have a question just comment.

By Atalia :)

M & M experiment!

Yesterday we did a M & M experiment. First  we got some petri dishes and then the M & M 's. We put 4 diffrent colour M & M's in the petri dishes. Then we pour a little amount of water. The colour dissolved in the water and the colour and the sugar sank. Soon Miss cheeseman shaked one petri dish and the colours went like a arouras in the sky. It was as beautiful as the rainbow. Miss Cheeseman got one M & M dish and showed us  the bottom. the sugar sinks to the bottom. The colours of the M & M's did not mix together at all, they all had their own spaces. They only mixed when we knocked the dish.  That happens becaususe the water is a liquid and the M & M is a solid and it mixes together. We learnt that the colour came of the M & M because the food colouring is light. It also went to small pieces but only sometimes.  When you eat half of the M & M you will see chocolate in it. (WE ALSO GOT TO EAT ONE!)

By Areeba and Tamanna:)

Candy land!!

In Candy land they have all different  kinds of candy you can make a lollipop!!!
They have choclate lips, gummy bears, space sticks that were green and pink I got all of them yum yum.  It smelt like like nothing that you have ever smelt before.  Some stuff as squashy,soft,solid some stuff  tasted like sour apple, yum,caramel, and bananna. This is what my sister Elliott has to say ''All of the lollies tasted yummy'

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Study Ladder!!!!

      By Atalia

Friday, 17 June 2011

Solid, Liquid and Gas!!!

Today at school in room 22, we did solid's, liquid's and gas's. Miss Cheeseman brang in a kettle, ice, cup of water and some plates. When we had everything sorted, Miss Cheeseman put the ice on the plates and we all felt the ice. What I learnt was that the ice was a solid because it felt hard. After that Miss Cheeseman put water in the kettle, and started boiling it. While the kettle was boiling there was steam coming out because inside the kettle it is boiling. The air that is coming out is like the condensation on the window that you see in the morning. The water that was in the cup was a liquid because you can pour it. After we did that experiment we did a Y chart of what we learnt and it was fun.
Hope you learnt something!!!

By Atalia

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Book character parade

IT WAS BOOK CHARACTER DAY today. As soon as I got to school I saw all the amazing costumes and I mostly saw fairies. Then we went to the hall. All the pods had a turn on the stage and had to parade in front of everyone, then it was Muriwai turn. I was nervous but I did it.
First we had to wave and then we had to pose and then we went back to were we sat. When we were done we came back to class. I could not believe that I was nervous. Then at morning tea me and my friend went to the hall and we looked at the boxes that we had made about books. I really liked room 22s box about the Mr Gum books [By Andy Stanton] and also I liked room 8s boxes.
One of my favorite characters from my class was Little Red Riding Hood. Another one was from room 14 a boy dressed up as an army man and another was from room 7. He was a security  man. One from room 19 was a girl was wearing angel wings and a halo.
by Neha

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Waiheke islands!!!

On Saturday I went to Waiheke Islands!! I went there on a fabulous cruise. I came with my mother, my farther, my sister and my cousins that came all the way from Canada!!!!!! Their names are Nazia, Firaaz and Zain. While we were waiting my lovely and generous farther gave all of us ice-blocks because it was really hot that day. When we were on the top deck of the Fullers cruise my hair kept on staying on my face. When we were waiting for the cruise to stop at Waiheke Islands I saw Bay of Islands, Rangitoto and some other islands I forgot about. When we finally got to Waiheke Islands we all ran to the bus tour. My dad was talking to the man that owned the truck for the tour he made best friends with my dad so we got to go on the tour for free.  Then we went down to the cafe to eat something. I had a chocolate muffin, my dad had a chocolate brownie and everyone else wasn't hungry. Then we went back to the fullers cruise back to boring old New Zealand 
By Faaizah. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A readable book online from Shantytown

Last week our teacher [Miss Cheeseman] spent three days in the South Island in a place called Hokitika. She showed some teachers some cool things to do in the classroom with the iPads and then spent two days at Shantytown working with children at a Kids Conference. Check out this cool eBook created on an iPad by one of the students. They took their own photos too. You can turn the pages of the book at the bottom corners.

Click on the picture to see the book


Monday, 13 June 2011

Fruit Salad in science!!!

On a cold, windy day Muriwai pod were going to make fruit salad, but we had to do Jump Jam first and put our pieces of fruit in the hall.
After Jump Jam Muriwai pod got in to our library buddies, and in the hall we teamed up with another group. When we were sorting out our groups, the teachers sorted out the tables and equipment that we needed. After that we got our pieces of fruits and we found a table to work at.
When everyone found a table to work at, we started to peel, slice and cut our pieces of fruits. While we where chopping and peeling our fruits up, some teachers came up to our group and giving us some safety tips (So we can be safe). Atalia learnt that when you chop a piece of fruit like an apple, the flat side has to be facing the flat surface and when you chop, chop away from you. You should chop away from yourself because if you cut towards you the knife might slip out of your hands and cut you. When we chopped up all our pieces of fruit up, we chucked it in the big, plastic bowl and waited for a teacher to come to our table. When one came to our table, thet stirred up our yummy fruit salad and spooned each of us a cup of fruit salad.  Minutes later, Muriwai took a cup of fruit salad and took a pod photo. When we finished taking photos we went to morning tea and ate our delightful fruit salad. And it was DELIGHTFUL!!!

By Atalia and Kirsten

The whole rainbow

When I was getting dressed on Friday in my bedroom I saw a Rainbow and here it is...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Science Ignition day!

Today we had Science ignition day and we had so much fun at the other stations and experamints.
photo by Gabe

Science Ignition day!

Today it is Sience Ignition day!!  The whole entire school did it but some of the teachers only went to the other classes not even doing expiramints with all the other classes. My class rm 22 did the Foaming snake, Lava lamp, Rainbow tube, Slime, Exploding tubes, Snow and also my favourite Candy mountain, Candy mountain is my favourite because I really love candy floss! The activity that I liked the least was the Slime because it was not that interesting because it is something that I commonly do.  As soon as I heard that we were doing Science Ignition I almost SCREAMED!!! I was really super excited that I could not wait till we did it.  I already did block 1 now we are still on block 2. We are waiting for our turn in the hall so we have to be really paitent. Ok now we are in the hall and there is music playing as quiet as a normal guitar playing jazz music. We are watching Science in a van. The name os the two people that work in Science in a van's name's are Emily and Alan. First we were talking about the force and now we are talking about gravity and how it works. Now we are talking about something super super super easy. Emily needed 2 assitants, Emily is now makishowing us what's in the them 2 to lift up 2 shopping bags. Now Emily is showing us all the stuff that were in the bags and the assistant picked it up. well I am going to stop talking about this or else this will become to long with all the other stuff I am going to tell you. Ok now it is afternoon. Miss Cheeseman  said that a scientist might come in our classroom to tell us some more stuff and do some more experiments so stay on the blog tommorrow.  
By Faaizah

Monday, 23 May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Akshays finger puppet show

I made 5 finger puppets for my school home learning project. First one was Monty the monkey who likes eating bananas. The second one was Gill the tall Giraffe, then it was Ele the elephant, next came Burphy the bird and finally Lionel the fierce lion!
They are best friends who live in the same jungle.
I did a finger puppet show of 5 characters, one for each finger!
It was fun making these puppets which I made from scratch. I got a kit to make the puppets. I liked making the puppets. The best part was glueing the eyes. The puppets looked cool so I brought them. I love my puppets. My favourite puppet is Monty because he is the cleanest person in the show. He all so wakes up early in the morning too. I made a video of the puppet show too.

I am Akshay of Room 22 at Summerland Primary and here some shots of my puppet show.

Akshay's Puppet Show from Summerland22 on Vimeo.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Zack And Cody in Summerland

Yesterday I just met Zack and Cody Martin when I was walking out of school I just saw Zack and Cody in front of the Summerland sign. I nearly exploded into tiny pieces because suite life on deck is my favorite show. I can’t believe why they came here they wanted to check our school out and wanted to know questions? about our school. I was so excited like how miss Cheeseman would be if she saw johnny deep I asked for their autograph they gave me both of their autographs. I,m the only one who saw them because my mum and I were talking to miss Cheeseman .I freaked when I saw them they went back to the limo and my mum and I went back to the car.

By Rocky inspired by a book called Famous Fake Photographs by Sally Odgers

Zombie story

The story   

Last week I went to my cousins  house down the road my sister went to her  friends house. When I was at my cousins I asked my cousin Tyler if we could go to the school  “Ok” He said. We set off on our walk half way down the road I went round the corner I saw a walkway I was walking down and something scary bit me in the arm I screamed and the thing through me in a box and they opened it...   I saw a zombie it trained me and taught  me zombie language so I talk zombie language so I am half zombie now. They took me to a place called Monroeville. Goboter meens hello nopplegoba meens Gabe my name. The zombie that tought me zombie languege His name was Hopermcpor. 
By Gabe  

Inspierd by Fake photographs Written by Sally odgers

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Corbans Art Centre

On a cloudy sunny day,  room 1 and room 22 went to Corbans Art Centre. We loudly marched there like big elephants. Finally we were there and the manager came and showed us where the 3 rooms we are allowed to go in and the managers name was Shelly. In room 2 there was two big sheets of paper that we can write what we liked about the art. My favourite was the koros that the year 8's did at Sunderland school, I liked it because it was a circle and it had a dark colour with black. After that we went to see some paintings of birds.  My favourite  paintings of the birds was the swan in the office and the chickens at the restaurant eating noodles. We went to see the photos that people took for a competition.  Soon we  had to walk back to school and on the way back Chantelle, Neha,  Cameron and I played I-Spy and it was really hard to think of what word they are thinking of. When we were at school we were bursting for food and water so we had lunch and went to go and play.

By Atalia

The wet cross country day

Cross country On your marks get set go!!!!!! Round the corner somebody slips slip their goes  another,  I said "I bet Im not going to slip over I thought ? " Oops I slip over in the softball cage.
I run up the hill I feel my asthma, I see the finish line here I come. I came 5th place my new record!
It's pouring with rain and the field turned brown with mud. The rain drops got me in my eye the water felt refreshing because I was sweaty and the water cooled me down.
An anonymous Parent said "I've never been so wet in my life."
Kirsten said "I have never been to cross country in the rain I hope in the next cross country it won't rain that hard."
Chantelle said "I hated it because wind and rain was everywhere in my face.''


Photographs by Stephanie

Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal links

If you want to see more about the Royal Wedding check these out:

A Royal Quiz - Newsround

Official photos from the British Monarchy - Flickr

The Royals on You Tube

Check out Buckingham Palace - go inside the palace

Discovery Time

At 9.00 we started Discovery Time. We got to chose our own activity about Prince William and Catherine. The things that we could do computers, money [wedding gifts], crown making,writing captions for Prince William, Harry and Kate, free art, making a wedding menu, instruments and dress-up box. Gabe, Andrew, Stephanie, Rocky, Tamana, Kirsten, Keziah, Jasmine, Faaizah and Junmin did instruments and dress up. Both of them were really fun...because we got to chose the things that we wanted to do. Stephanie did the Royal Wedding menu and the instruments; the menu was a little bit hard but I got threw it o.k . The instruments, I was good at them I got a sharing card from Miss Cheeseman.  Stephanie and Andrew were good players at the instruments they were awesome at it. I love the instruments it was so fun and cool.

Stephanie and Junmin

The Royal Wedding

Kate Middiletons dress look like a Bee Keppers mask the bit that went over her face.
It went  for SIX HOURS lucky that it was school holidays utherwhys i would,nt be able to watch it.
When they kissed I blocked my eyes because it was hidies. The little girl blocked her ears  I laughed because it was funny. I liked all of the soliders because they were coulorful.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The BIG day!

One lovely morning Dylan went to the beach to test his surfing skills. "The air smelt like salt and the water feels like heaven above" he said in a soft voice. Then he ran in the water to catch some waves then he jumped on his board he looked back he saw the biggest wave he's seen then the wave came closer and closer until...the wave came. Dylan said "it's time for my best trick" and he did his trick and as the water splashed in his face the sun laughed and did tricks in the sky everyone was happy even the crabs. Even though they're a bit snappy sometimes, then Dylan jumped off his bored and laughed it was AMAZING it felt as if the world stopped and his heart was the only sound he could hear then the world started again. In 2 or 3 hours it would be dusk soon, so I should be going soon. As he walked home he saw a big poster it was bigger than a giant, the poster said SURF COMPETITION MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY winner get's MILLIONS of dollars and the girl of your dreams. "Wow thought Dylan." I think I should sign up Dylan" announced Dylan, so he did after 20 minutes of walking he was home he opened the door. Dylan thought about the competition he wondered who is the judge. On Monday Dylan got up at 4.30 so he could warm up he sighed he was thinking of Lilly the girl of his dreams. He looked at his clock 5.00 "the competition started in 2 hours" he said nervously. He left the house and started walking with his heavy bored then he got to the beach he saw all the other guys warming up, he got in the water and waited until the competition started. Then it started it was the BIG day. First up Dylan Tammy. It was time he paddled and paddled and paddled the wave came he was worried, but no time for that it was time for the big trick then he tried to do it. Lilly was watching. Then Dylan got very unsteady and he fell off and hit his head on a rock. "Ow, wow that must of hurt". "Hey every one back in from the water", when Dylan came back Lilly bolted up to him and asked him if he was all right. When the competition was over they announced the winner is .......... Timmy Egghead Dylan was anxious he wanted to win, and win the girl of his dreams Lilly. Lilly jogged  up to Dylan" hey are you ok " wondered Lilly "no said Dylan sadly "I wanted to get the girl of my dreams "he said "and who was that" she said weirdly, "you he said "hey don't worry I like you just the way you are ". In the end Dylan got the girl of his dreams and Lilly got the guy of her dreams.
 Kiana :)

NB: We got this photo from to write our creative story - this man takes awesome photos everyday at Bondi beach

Friday, 8 April 2011

Golf Skill's

Room 22 and Room 8 went out onto the field and... We started to do golf! Our golf teacher was called Vicki she is such an amazing golf teacher. First she taught us some safety skill's, it was because she bought a real golf stick. So she didn't want us to get hit or any thing like that. We had these flag's that she said we had to wave to her car and to the Rugby post. Then we finely got to do the proper golf! What she taught us to do was face to the black base, then get the BIG ball and put it in front of it, the we had to do the tennis ball and rubber golf ball because if she bought a real one we would might hit someone else. How far I hit it was my biggest was up to the blue cone which is 3 points. My team was all girls which is Atalia, Chantelle and Eliza. When we were going to sit down there was muddy grass there. We all had a great day. What a great start!

By Abigail

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Voicethread - Grandma's Wooden Leg

We read this book about Grandma's Wooden Leg - it was written by an 11 year old school child. We came up with our own reasons why Grandma had a wooden leg!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

feta cheese tasting

 The reason why we did taste the feta cheese is that we did read Dimitri's lunch and he had some feta cheese in his bun and everyone thought it was smelly so we did try it and we did not think it was smellie we thought it was yummy. Some people did not like the feta  cheese they thought it was yuck. Hirad, Akshay, Darius,  Henderson, Devin and Andrew liked the cheese. The people that  did not like the cheese was Pune, Junmin and Jasmine. We had never ever tasted the feta cheese and some people did not like the feta cheese and just in case we did not like it we needed to look at Mason so he could take the photo of our face when we did not like it. Lots of us did like the feta cheese we wanted more and more it was so yummy we had like never tasted feta cheese.The book was called Dimitri's lunch so the next day Miss Cheeseman brought some feta cheese and we all tasted it. Gabe thought it tasted like milk out of the fridge with salt in it. Zion thought it did tasted like vomit. Someone said the cheese tasted like feet. Tamana thought it did taste like yummy. Akshay liked the feta cheese lots he wanted more and more.

Devin, Hirad and Akshay.