Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Why I hate cross country?

Firstly I hate cross country because if you were running and your shoe laces were untied and the teacher saw you and shouted out to you '' go to the side so other people won't trip over'' and you look up 6 or 7 people have gone past!

Secondly if you had a big hill you had to run up, its just a waste of time, most people always power walk because it will take them like half an hour to get up there and the teachers say hurry up!.

Thirdly if you had a sore leg and it was aching and you told the teacher and they said 'well you still have to run', and the race starts and you are way at the back you can't catch up because you're too slow to get near them and every one has finished and you have still got half way to go

So why bother doing cross country when you won't even come 1st place. I have given you so many reasons why can't you believe me you wouldn't even know what the word cross country means so trust me and you will never have to thank me ever!

Some teachers say that if we do cross country it will make kids enjoy running BUT I think no I do not enjoy!



  1. Woah thats lots of great reasons!
    Too bad we can't stop the teachers from doing cross-country eh?

    Lynette ;) :)

  2. I like doing the cross country but it does get annoying some times - mum encourages me just to have some fun with it - JD

  3. That is an excellent, well thought out response JD - nice one mate!
    Miss C

  4. I totally agree with you salote it stinks why carnt thay let us have the choice?


  5. i agree with you salote i absoulotly hate it!

  6. You have raised some interesting points Salote. I hated cross country running at school too but it was something that had to be done. I suppose in life there are always things we don't like but have to do.
    At least it is over for the year!
    Keep smiling.

  7. I don't think cross country is that bad,its only the hills I don't like.