Thursday, 10 December 2009

Celebration Of Excellence

Last night we had our Celebration of Excellence, it was a hit! Lots of parents came and supported us even if their child didn't win something they still were proud. It was a surprise for some kids because it was their first certificate. Here are some comments from some of the people that got certificates and trophies,
"it was really exciting for me because it was my very first certificate in 4 years" JD

"I was really anxious when I heard my name I got up and felt really proud that I won a
trophy for my first time and when I got my certificate from my teacher Miss Cheeseman had just finished calling my name and then I saw it on the screen" Ezrah

"When I got a certificate I felt like I was going to faint" Michael
"I feel so proud for myself that I achieved an amazing award for so long!" Gene

"I feel so proud to get a certificate because I have never ever had one before and it was awesome too" Dahria

The 5 categories of certificates were sports, Summerland Spirit, Creative Thinking, Academic and Personal achievement. By the end of the night everybody was tired but really proud and happy.


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