Thursday, 25 February 2010


Every lunch time if we are not busy we play monopoly we have about six players Aaliyah, Josh, Kevin, Miss Chesseman, Vikram and Louisa. The cool thing about it is we are going to try to break the world record 2 and a half years. We might not break the record but we will try and to know how to play monopoly propoly we used to play it like this every time we had a auction we would pay as much as we could. We love playing monopoly, 2nd of march we finally brought all the places so we can now buy, sell,build houses and hotels.
Vik and Kev

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


last week we did a lot of stuff with newspapers. We read the newspaper, and leant new things out of the paper, and then we cut the stuff we learnt out of the papers. We looked at photos with sentences under them and found ones we found interesting and put them into our journal. Most of the people cut out a picture of this guy doing a cool trick while ice skating and then we had to write a story about the winter olmpics that is half a page using just a crazy headline. We also did a scavenger hunt - we had to find stuff that was a big bisness and a small bisness and furniture and things we can eat or throw away.
we talked about flags this week and what our flag means. we tried to work out which countries had which flags. we also talked about what it means to have a flag and why they look like it. we also did a class quiz on flags on the screen - this week we got 7 out 10 questions right.

Football practice

Well everyone in room 22 are doing Football practice. Football is when you are kicking and passing the ball around and try score some goals. Football is like soccer but you are playing on a big field and your helping your team/group. Football is really fun that you love love it. When you think that Football is fun and you like it the leader will give you a piece of paper and he will tell you everything and where football will be running and then you take the piece of paper home and you tell your parents if you are aloud to join Football. So when you get the piece of paper on the paper will be the cost for the Football. When your parents have signed the paper you bring it in to the teacher and you do what ever you want to do then after school you get to go and have your game of Football.

The rest of our photos from the football session can be seen here

Friday, 19 February 2010


Today we did screen painting with Mrs Shepherd. First, she showed us what to do.
Then, we drew our master plan. A master plan is the picture we want to trace, just like a normal plan.When we finished, we traced our plan. Then we cut out the traced bits that we wanted to print first with sharp cutters.We had to be very careful and reverse think - which is really hard to do.
We got to use the silk screen.We used textile ink to paint with. Our theme was about camp.
Next, we hung them up to dry. Isabella and I were doing kayaks.
After they dried, we traced some other parts of our master plan.
Next we did the second part of our theme and did the same thing again. We did the same thing again and again until there's one last step that is optional. (Which means that you don't have to do it) The optional step is to make a background, how you do that step is to cover with paper all the bits you drawed on your camp theme. After you do that you will use the silk screen and the textile paint again we sloshed it back and forth until we think the textile paint is on the A3 paper. (not newsprint) Now lift up the silk screen and newsprint and see what you get! A lovely surprise!
Thanks to Miss Cheeseman and Mrs Shepherd for organizing our class's special event!
There are some cool photos of us screen-printing on the summerland website.
Dain and Izzy

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

James May Toy Story

James may is doing a new TV show called James May Toy stories he is doing cool things like: an air fix spitfire of a scale of 1 to 1, a whole garden of plastercine flowers, the worlds biggest slot car set, a lego house the size of a classroom and stuff like that. He gets old toys out of the cupboard and it shows you that they can be better than video games. It is on at 7.30pm on a Monday on TV3 - I really like it. See if you do too.

Josh and Vik

news paper

Yesterday we read the newspaper and we read that there was a head to head train crash in Belgium and 20 people died and it was very sad. The interesting section was the sports section because it had heaps of cool sports like cricket, skiing and soccer. Then we choose two pictures with a caption and then we had to say why we choose that picture then we had to cut out the two pictures we choose and the caption then glue them into our journal. Then we took out our sports news page from our newspaper then Miss Cheeseman asked us a few questions after that we cut out a list from the sports news page, what we had to do with the list is read a sports story from the newspaper and tick off what was on the list.
Watch out next week when we take some photos

Tamir and Kevin

Monday, 15 February 2010

Camp Bentzon On Kawau Island

We stayed at camp for 5 days and 4 nights. The food that Steve made was delicious, I liked lazana and chocolate moose the most. When we were going to get ready to do the burma trail we had 2 options do the burma trail or play spotlight. Most of the people did the burma trail. The Burma trail was freaky because we had to do it at night and it was pitch black. Some people that did the burma trail fell in ditch's because someone or something grabbed thier legs thats what happened to me. Miss Chesseman was playing spotlight and she was hiding with JD and JD was on above of Miss Chesseman up a tree and JD said if they don't find them soon he will need to go toilet and thats what made Miss Chesseman scared.
Sam and Josh's two favourite activity was kayaking and sailing . When we went kayaking we went to another island called survivor island when we went there we went snorkling and rock climbing in this cave there is a love heart. It was 1.4 km away from our camp. When we went sailing to another wharf it was hard because you have to keep the the sail behind your head.
The coolest thing about camp was swimming, because we could jump off the pontoon in the middle of the water.
We had heaps of fun. There are more photos on our school website - you can see them by clicking HERE and HERE

By Sam and Josh.

Camp Bentzon on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Our awesome new class

Here is our funky new class. We have had an interesting day to day getting know each other and having a few laughs.
If you would like to leave a comment about our first day please do so.