Friday, 26 November 2010

The gala at school

The Gala 2010,there were lots of people buying,eating,playing and selling.
The remarkable thing was eating several types of food cheaply and Sushi seemed to be popular than others because it sold really fast.
Another attraction was to ride in spining cups,a big , long air slide and the swinging boat,but I didn't ride it because it looked like for little kids.
When I heard a loud voice from Mr.Sumich I realised to buy some Raffle tickets,but they sold out!
So I just watched who won the raffle prizes.

This game is Splat A Rat which I have to hit a rat to the hoop when it comes out from a little and thin tunnel  also it can give a chance to win a draw.
It costs 50 Cents for 3 games and  1$ to play 5 games.
So I hit the rat only once from 5 goes,it was really hard to hit the rat in the hoop,because the hoop was far,the rats dropped down fast.

This game was called Fishing for drinks which costs 1$ and I have to hold a fishing rod with a ring . I have to try putting the ring around any drinks and then I can get a drink.
There were Lemmonades, Pineapples, Oranges, Lime and Grape flavours.
It was hard too,but lots of people were cheating to get a drink so I followed them.
The way is to tangle the rope on the stick so that it makes short not to wiggle or spin.

I am expecting the next year gala!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Our day out!!!

''DO THAT, NO NOT THAT"  the children just won't listen, a few days ago we had a little trip of
ours at Henderson park. It all started like this.all the children in our pod had a trip to Henderson park/field. Most of the kids in room 22 thought of games to play with littlies and seniors, but the room 22 kids couldn't play because, they were the ones that was holding the games. We all got a piece of paper and we thought of really cool games to play. There were some games that were interesting such as octopus, 3 legged race, mini hockey, duck duck goose - Kids love duck duck goose, Relays, and some other games.....

We walked to Henderson, which was long for us, well for some people. When we arrived, Rm 22 were setting up the games and the teachers made the groups for the children.There were quiet a few equipment for the eleven groups.

There were not even groups, some were in eights and sevens.We had so much fun even Mrs brown took us for a walk into the bush, which I would call a bush-walk.

There was lots of fun and laughter,there was also heaps of room to play our games, if we never had done this we would still be at school learning things, that day was a wonderful day, I wish we could have a day like this again.

By Rhiannon and Shania


Beep Beep that is the bus that is going to the Trust Stadium. As soon as I got on the bus my legs were shaking and my heart was beating fast and my hair looks like it was shaking as well as me. When the bus stopped I knew that we were at the Trust Stadium. YYAAA please don't tell me that were there already. I looked out the window oh we were just at the traffic lights that was so lucky but then we stopped again oh no were here already that was quick. We all jumped out of the bus and we walked down the stairs and my knees were still shaking the 11 year old girls first activity was shoot put that is one of my favourite activities I was so lucky that it wasn't sprints because i can not run in the morning
I was so lucky wasn't I?
What we had to do for Novilty racing is dribble the ball and skip through the hoop when you get to the tennis ball and he bat you have to hit it all the way to the skipping rope. When you get to the rope you have to jump five times and then run back but do what you had to do when you started and then when you get to end the next person goes.
What we did for the sprints was that you had to run to the end and the first person to the end gets to go to the finals.
When I did relays it was hard because I have never raced heaps of people before and it was nervous to because I thought that I was going to slip and I felt nervous when heaps of people where calling my name .
At the end of the day we went back to school I thought today was fantastic I enjoyed myself and I know every one else  did and so did the teachers. 
Sasha and Aaliyah

BY Aaliyah and Sasha

Awesome cricket with room 10

It was an awesome game when we were playing cricket with room 10.
what we had to do was to play cricket and hit the ball as far as you can that was easy rules most of the kids hit the ball far and most of them didn't really try hard I know that my class tried hard and the other class did.And guest what we didn't just play cricket we played this other game but I'm not sure what game is called but I know that it was fun and it was fantastic. We also played a very fast game of cricket and that was so fast i couldn't keep count of the scores but my class mange too!!!!!!!!!!!!
When it was our turn to play we hit the ball as far as we could and guest what we did I image that when our class hit the ball it went on fire and even when the teachers hit the ball and the teachers were kind of funny. I had heaps of fun with room 10 and the cricket teachers thank you very very much it was very fantastic and super also awesome i enjoyed it. 
From Sasha and Aaliyah

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Archaeological DIG!

Crunch! Dig! Crunch! Dig!   HEY LOOK I FOUND SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One Tuesday and Wednesday Rooms 21 and 22 went on an archaeological dig. The things we had to bring was a shovel, spare pair of clothes, gardening gloves and a good pair of shoes so our feet do not get hurt. The teachers (Miss Cheeseman and Mrs Brown) thought to have a dig for our study on Egypt. Mrs Brown was really sure that there was something under there. We thought it was far away from the school but it was behind Karekare. We went outside of the school and came at the back of the school grounds.We all thought we were going somewhere, where it is not in school grounds but we were all wrong it was in the school grounds. I have to say there were a few groups that found interesting things such as old cups that have been broken, old bangles, broken plates and cutlery. Only two people from room 22 got injured, one of the injuries were a cut finger the other one was a rock being thrown at them.

The day was so wonderful and hot, the grass was not to clayish and it was full of interesting things. I would love to have the dig come by again and this time the others can have a chance to find                                                        something new!!

That was the best day anyone could think of we had so much fun. Maybe if we go next time the others might have a chance to find something

By Jay and Rhiannon

Knocked out by high jump

It started a couple of weeks ago I was practicing high jump with Bryan, I was one of the finalist, the bar was quite high it was my turn I ran and jumped I made it over the bar but I missed the mat I don't remember anything after that.  I woke up in the sick bay in the office I could remember something then I remembered I was doing high jump. After a while one of the office ladies drove me home when I was home I fell asleep, when I woke up my mum was home she took me to the doctors after that she took me to Mc Donalds which was good but the bad thing is that I'm not allowed to do high jump any more. When I got home my brothers were there than we played touch outside with our friends.

P.S I rubbed the Mc Donalds in they face

by Tui

Friday, 5 November 2010


We have to do a speech!
Everybody did their speech very very well! But we had to choose 2 people who did very well and who is a good speaker.
It was hard to choose the best speaker.
For Year 5 it was their first time so they missed.
But  Miss Cheeseman said  it was OK.
Everybody tried their best.
Tori- Grace and Nawshi made to SEMI-FINAL! Then both went to the
FINAL! So Nawshi's parents screamed  
like a mad parents!

Congratulation to Tori-Grace and  Nawshi!


Art exhibition

The last tiring weeks, we have been doing some spectacular art. The art that we have been doing is called Geometric Art. It is an art of yourself. To make this art the equipment you need is....
1. Crayons 
2. 1 Pencil
3. Ruler 
4 A Camera
It took a heap of time to do the art, at least we got through it, at first we thought it looked weird because of all the color's on your face but at the end it came out brilliant. It took us so many days to finish that art but it was worth it. We all so had  drawn squares on our face and then we colored it in. Here you can see how someones art came out it looks spectacular. Now  this is going to go to an Art Exibition where everyone can see and can buy