Thursday, 30 July 2009

production movie snipet

We have begun to practice our production. Here is a mini movie using our new hand held movie camera showing us practicing our production song.

production podcast 1

On Monday the 27th we done our first production practice with room 11, 12 and 10. Miss
Hughes our singing teacher gave out scrips to some of the kids and told them to read through it.
listen to my podcast of our fist production practice .

Friday, 24 July 2009

FYI new video cameras

For the last two blogs we used a new piece of cool equipment called a Kodak Zx1 video camera - it is tiny! You can put it in your pocket it is so cool! See what you think of the quality of the footage on the last two posts on our blog HINT it's the speed book dating post and the Germ post!
What's even cooler is that they aren't even being sold in NZ yet!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Speed BOOK dating!

On Wednesday 22 of July room 9 went speed dating with books in library. Our librarian Mrs Gibson went to buy some books from the scholastic book fair for our library. We had to go to a table or a chair that had a piece of paper and a book underneath then we had to look at the back and read the blurb. We only had 30 seconds to read it and flick through the pages and give it a score out of 10. Which If we had a book we really liked, We had to go to Mrs Gibson and ask her if we can take it home. We thought it was really fun and there were some really good books that were there.It was a amazing!
Sapwe and Salote

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Germs Of All Shapes And Sizes

Hi I'm JD and my class and I had a surprise the germ lady came in (well thats what we call her because she takes germs) but the germs she takes are from the air because she needs to check if the air is good enough for us because of all the leakage building going on. Today she had some germ plates, and they were disgusting. Well this is the story I was talking to my friends and working when suddenly the door opened and there she stood. Anyway Miss Cheeseman asked if she had any plates with the results on it from three weeks ago and she said yes. She pulled out the little plates that had the results on it and the class and I went over and had a look. People in the front could smell what the stuff on the little pates smelt like and Michael said they smelt like rotten carrots, but I couldn't smell anything at first because I was at the back but then somebody let me in and it did smell like rotten carrots! Pooee. But our air in our classroom was all good and then the germ lady said that we breathe in all this disgusting, rotten carrot smelling stuff and that she was used to the smell and couldn't really smell it any more. Also the germ lady said what some of the little things on the plates were called two plates had something called gravity something witch are associated with dampness and wetness but I couldn't hear what the second word was properly. Another. After we had all seen them we had to get back to work, so that was all the fun we had on the 22\7\09 apart from the speed-booking we did. Thats all about our air in our classroom.

Monday, 20 July 2009


On the night of the last day of Term 2, I experienced WWE RAW! At 7:00pm, my dad and I drove to the Vector Arena. We then went inside the venue and I got John Cena sweat bands and a Jeff Hardy necklace from the merchandise shop. After that, we went inside the HUUUUUGE room for our seats. It was kind of high so we brought binoculars just in case but the view was fine. But I used the binoculars anyway for a real close up. Although I did think the ring was a bit smal. When the show started, it was SOOO LOUD! We could barely talk. There were heaps of WWE Superstars like Chavo Guerro, Goldust, Hornsquaggle, William Regal, Kofi Kingston, Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, Big Show, and more. When I watched the matches with the binoculars, when someone punched thin air, the other opponent acted like he punched him. I was excited because the main event had one of my favourite wrestlers, John Cena! When he came to the ring, everyone went crazy. The show was was 2 hours and a half long, yes i just said 2 hours and a half long. Which made the the show finish at 10:00pm. It was exhausting after but was worth it, I sure had fun!

W.B Gene

Sunday, 19 July 2009

My 2 Week Holiday

Hi I am Melissa and I am going to tell you about my 2 week holiday. On the first week of the holiday I stayed with my mum, we went to Waiheke Island for 1 whole week. I went there with my mum, sister, little brother and Remove Formatting from selectionmy 9 month neice. When we got there I got my togs on and went to the indoor pool that was heated up to 27 to 28 degrees, it was so warm. Then after that night we went to a market and we all bought a few thing's. Later we went for a swim and then had dinner at the R.S.A. We did many other things to fill in the time. The boring part was waiting for the boat to leave and the worst thing was leaving Waiheke. After that week I was at my dad's. At my dad's we went to my Beach house at Omaha. I was there with my couisin's, Scott, Ellen, my Auntie, my friend, Grandma, Grandad, my little brother and my dad. We made a shelter at the beach and made a hut in the tree. We played many games and at night we played spotlight. The best day was when it was only girls there. This was my friends mum Sheridan, her daughter Brianna and my cousin Ellen. We went out to Matakana and went to the movies. When we were in the car there was a sunroof. We all stood up and poked our heads through the sunroof and said hello Omaha it, was the best day. That was one spectacular 2 week holiday and I hope all my holiday are like that.

By : Melissa

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Update to .NZ

This is a mini update to Ezrah's post of April
The new website that Summerland was a part of is now live. It is basically to advertise using the .nz domain name. Summerland were asked to be a part of the domain advertising. All the other .nz films can also be viewed here, including [who knew?]