Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Why I hate cross country?

Firstly I hate cross country because if you were running and your shoe laces were untied and the teacher saw you and shouted out to you '' go to the side so other people won't trip over'' and you look up 6 or 7 people have gone past!

Secondly if you had a big hill you had to run up, its just a waste of time, most people always power walk because it will take them like half an hour to get up there and the teachers say hurry up!.

Thirdly if you had a sore leg and it was aching and you told the teacher and they said 'well you still have to run', and the race starts and you are way at the back you can't catch up because you're too slow to get near them and every one has finished and you have still got half way to go

So why bother doing cross country when you won't even come 1st place. I have given you so many reasons why can't you believe me you wouldn't even know what the word cross country means so trust me and you will never have to thank me ever!

Some teachers say that if we do cross country it will make kids enjoy running BUT I think no I do not enjoy!


Why cross county is good for you!!

Reason 1, you should do cross county because, you will get fit and you will start running faster then you normally run, would you like that or would you like to get chubby and lazy, so if you pick to do cross county and you will start to get fitter and faster, more every time you do it.

Reason 2, you should do cross county because you just might become one of the fastest cross county runners in the school, your legs will get stronger and you will have fit and strong legs.

Reason 3, you will be healthy and be able to run a long distance.

Reason 4, it will start becoming fun to you and you will feel good because you went all the way to the end, you will feel proud of your self too.

Finally, the last reason you will get to do it with your friends and, you can all feel proud together because you made it the hole way.

Thats why you should do cross county. You should do it because it is a fun sport.


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

letterbox line-up!

Shania, JD and Mikayla all did a creative letterbox. We had to choose a book from the NZ post book awards to make a letterbox then we had to make a creative letterbox out of the book that we chose.
Shania chose Chicken feathers, JD did Roadworks and Mikayla did Ducks Stuck we had to make the letterbox as creative as we could, and of course we all did cool ones. We are in a competition to win books for our school library, class library and our selves. The dimensions could not exceed 30 cm-30 cm -50 cm. Our teacher entered us into this very cool competition we think we are only allowed to enter one of us witch is very sad because our teacher doesn't want to choose 1 out of our cool letterboxs. We all put our hard work into them but the most importent thing is that we all had fun making them.

Shania made hers by blowing up a balloon and paper mashe and then I painted the paper mashe in black paint. After that I stuck the feathers on and then I stuck the head on and feathered it. Meanwhile, I let it to dry and soon after that I stuck the balloon on the head and then I put the googly eyes on and took it to school.

Mikayla made hers by using paper to cover 2 boxes and painted them yellow and red. Then she went to the shop and bought a duck mask and stappled it on to the top of the box after that I put a NO JUNK MAIL SIGN on the bottem of the top box then printed, copied some pictures of the book and made little holes for the feathers she did the number I traced a hole for the paper.

JD made his by starting with a shoe box and cut a little bit out of another shoe box and stuck it on top to make the cab then he did the wheels by tracing around a drinking glass. Then painted the cab and the back white and painted the wheels black once the wheels had dried he painted the silver on so it made it look like a wheel. Then he stuck on the wheels and the front and back bumper then the side and back windows, the indicaters and then all the roadworks stuff.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Information for Easter

What is Easter?
Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon. Following the first day of spring. It could be any Sunday between March 22 and April 25.It is the most sacred of all celebrations.

How Easter was celebrated in Ancient Days?
Ages ago people use to celebrate the coming of spring. They believe that changing seasons is guided by spirits or gods. The plants, flowers and animals coming out of there house or caves they brought life back to land.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday and Easter Sunday?
Good Friday is called Good Friday because Jesus Christ died for us because of our sins at Friday and he rose on the third day and received it at the right had on the Father which is Sunday.

What is Lent?
Lent is the forty days special seasons to Easter Sunday. Sundays are not counted because it is the Lords Day because there is no fasting so it not counted fasting. Some countries have celebrate Mardi Gras which means “Fat Tuesday” in French the day before Lent is Ash Wednesday. It is also called “Carnival” sometimes.

BY: Angelica, Alyssa & Salote

Benefits of E.O.T.C

We created this Animoto which means an animation of photographs into a movie.
We made this to show you the benefits of E.O.T.C. This was our first time making this!
We hope you enjoyed it very much!
By Lynette and Shania

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

ROAD TRIP!!! In to town!

On the 31\3\09 Stefan (an adult) one of New Zealand's top film producers a girl named Atarah and me, Ezrah. Miss Chesseman, Atarah and I went into town to film about a lady named Mikayla was asking us questions (well not Miss Chesseman) about what we do, how we do it and when we do it. She even offered us some juice or water just before we started filming, there were lights, a camera and a couch we even got to sit on the couch it is where we filmed. Before we got filmed in the morning they had .mil which means .millitary they had a girl for that job. On the first of April he took some shots of Atarah and I with my class, Room 4. The class were running around crazy for a photo shoot. After this is all done like it is edited, published and cutted out all the bad bits it will all go on the internet but it won't be ready until about 2 or 4 months.  I don't know what the site is but Stefan will be sending it to my teacher. I will let you know the address when it is up on the internet.     I'M A SUPERSTAR!!!  

Adventures at Carey Park

On Friday 27th we went to Carey Park. The activities we did were bush walk where we did a 45 minute walk through the bush. The fun thing about this activity was sliding down all the slippery bits.
On air rifle we just used air rifles and shot glass animals. The bad thing about this activity was aiming because if we missed the target that would be our turn gone pretty much.
On climbing wall we got strapped in and climbed up the climbing wall. The amazing thing about this activity was getting to the top because it felt like I had just climbed 2 meters.
On flying fox we climbed up a whole lot of stairs up to a tree house high up in a tree. Then we got harnessed to a long bit of wire, once we got to the top then we would just step off the edge. The scary thing about this activity was stepping off the edge because it felt a bit like the parents were torturing us (though they weren’t).
On orienteering we went round Carey park looking for different words but we had a map that told us where to go. The joyful thing about this activity was hunting for the words.
On problem solving we had to solve some very hard but fun problems. The annoying thing about this activity was having to try and work it out yourself.
On sports bag we did 3 sports: cricket where we had turns to bowl and bat, soccer where we just try and kick the ball into the other teams goal, volley ball where we just have to hit the ball over the net. The awesome thing about all 3 of the activities was using teamwork.
Last of all water activities where we did 2 activities. One was we swung on a rope and let go and fell into the water, the other one was where we slid on a rubber slide into the water. The stink thing about these 2 activities was that the water was freezing! Man that was an awesome day! After all of that most of us nearly went to sleep on the bus because we were to tired!
JD and Bailey