Sunday, 19 July 2009

My 2 Week Holiday

Hi I am Melissa and I am going to tell you about my 2 week holiday. On the first week of the holiday I stayed with my mum, we went to Waiheke Island for 1 whole week. I went there with my mum, sister, little brother and Remove Formatting from selectionmy 9 month neice. When we got there I got my togs on and went to the indoor pool that was heated up to 27 to 28 degrees, it was so warm. Then after that night we went to a market and we all bought a few thing's. Later we went for a swim and then had dinner at the R.S.A. We did many other things to fill in the time. The boring part was waiting for the boat to leave and the worst thing was leaving Waiheke. After that week I was at my dad's. At my dad's we went to my Beach house at Omaha. I was there with my couisin's, Scott, Ellen, my Auntie, my friend, Grandma, Grandad, my little brother and my dad. We made a shelter at the beach and made a hut in the tree. We played many games and at night we played spotlight. The best day was when it was only girls there. This was my friends mum Sheridan, her daughter Brianna and my cousin Ellen. We went out to Matakana and went to the movies. When we were in the car there was a sunroof. We all stood up and poked our heads through the sunroof and said hello Omaha it, was the best day. That was one spectacular 2 week holiday and I hope all my holiday are like that.

By : Melissa


  1. Hey Mel - I am so proud of you for putting up a post about your holidays. I am a little jealous too all the time you spent at the beach. Maybe next time add a few more descriptions of what things looked like, smelt like, felt like etc. Tell us all the specific details.
    What did you see at the movies? I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - amazing special effects.
    Awesome job writing a post! :-)

  2. Wow Melissa I am very jealous of your holiday. Well done for taking the time and writing on the blog!!!! Go the taniwhas...
    It's always good to have a girls only day. Unfortunately I didn't get to the movies these holidays...I spent way too much time at school!!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you all back tomorrow!!!!!
    Miss Hughes

  3. Wow what a great holiday !!!!!!!