Monday, 14 December 2009

Melissa and Kaitlyn awesome yearbook

This yearbook of Kaitlyn and Melissa. It explains what we have enjoyed this year like what we, did not like, what was hard, what was new and what was the things we enjoyed most.
So hope you enjoy it. By: Melissa & Kaitlyn.

Megans yearbook

I learned how to use transitions and how to change the speed of the slide on keynote, I put the things what I learned this year and the things we did for trips,
By Megan

zees yearbook

I learned how to use transition and put it on to my keynote and time it for each slide. The pages on my keynote include fun stuff art newest

by Zeyaad

Friday, 11 December 2009

Shanias yearbook

This is Shania's year book this explains what I have done!
Throughout the year. Doing this I learn to get better a program called keynote it is quite a cool little program it helps with slide shows
this is mine Check it out By Shania

12 Days of Summerland Christmas

Our own special Summerland spin on the 12 days of Christmas - relating to a piece of Summerland this year.
Thanks to added help from our Teacher Aide [Mrs Gumtau], Shania for the original creating, class for super additional ideas, Zee, Gene and Ezrah for on the spot singing, Jared, Ezrah and Michael for awesome filming of all the bits and Cheesy for putting together at short notice....

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Michelle Yearbook

This is what I learned when I was making this yearbook, making a text box and writing in it and how to choose any designs. By Michelle

Celebration Of Excellence

Last night we had our Celebration of Excellence, it was a hit! Lots of parents came and supported us even if their child didn't win something they still were proud. It was a surprise for some kids because it was their first certificate. Here are some comments from some of the people that got certificates and trophies,
"it was really exciting for me because it was my very first certificate in 4 years" JD

"I was really anxious when I heard my name I got up and felt really proud that I won a
trophy for my first time and when I got my certificate from my teacher Miss Cheeseman had just finished calling my name and then I saw it on the screen" Ezrah

"When I got a certificate I felt like I was going to faint" Michael
"I feel so proud for myself that I achieved an amazing award for so long!" Gene

"I feel so proud to get a certificate because I have never ever had one before and it was awesome too" Dahria

The 5 categories of certificates were sports, Summerland Spirit, Creative Thinking, Academic and Personal achievement. By the end of the night everybody was tired but really proud and happy.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Jordans yearbook

This year I leant how to make a sideshow on keynote
I also leant how to put my keynote work on automaticly change to the next side,
and how to put music on to the sides.

Pt Erin pools!

On the 8th of December the Pods Anawhata, Karekare and Piha went to Pt. Erins pools. There was a big spa pool that was nice and hot. One of the slides had a really long drop into the water. There was a deep end of the pool you had to do a swimming test to be able go on the diving bords and the big slides. There also was two diving boards. A big one and a small one, when you go up onto the big diving board it feels like you are very up high in the sky. It was funny when Megan got a tan and it looked like she was wearing togs! When you get in the pool it feels like you are in a freezer we had an awesome time and it didn't rain. We had loads of fun we really enjoyed it.

W.B Alyssa and Jordan

Monday, 7 December 2009

Salotes Yearbook

While I was doing my yearbook I learnt some new things on the way like learning to get shapes and write in them and how to get effects on keynote and to put music on my keynote and different
sounds. This year was the bomb!

Alyssa and sapwe's yearbook

I learned how to put different effects on keynote and how to take photos off the internet I also learned how to check spelling, how to put sound on my keynote and how to export it to a quicktime. The year was awesome!

By Alyssa and Sapwe

Midnight slumber party!

On Friday 4.12.09 all the girls in RM 8 went to Mikayla's place for a slumber party. It was amazing we had so much fun we arrived at 5.00 and waited for all the girls to come then we danced and took photos. we made our beds then we had dinner we had fish fingers, nuggets and hot chips and then we had desert we had chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and apricots. Then we did a fashion show we took heaps of photos of us in different clothes. After that we watched Another Cinderella Story . At night things started getting scary the lights were flickering the blinds were moving and at about 4:30am a guy with a bottle in his hands and really raged clothes with a beany was walking on Mikayla's property we kept peeking through the blinds to see where he was going he ended up going all around the house. In the morning we had waffles with cream and golden syrup after we had our waffles we went and played on the tramp. Then we watched Monsters Vs Aliens until everyone went home it was an awesome sleepover and everyone had a great time.
Shania and Mikayla

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

JDs 2009 Yearbook

This video features all the things that I have done this year. While making this video I learnt a whole lot off things like how to add music, how to make it look more funky as it plays. I also learnt how to draw lines, and I learnt how to make hyperlinks. This video tells you about my year, what I've done and what new things I've learnt this year.

Lynette's 2009 Yearbook!

This Keynote slideshow is showing what was the year like for me. When I was learning how to make this I learned how to get shapes and write in them, change the colour of objects, making hyperlinks, copy things from the internet like when I want a picture I go to the full-size and command control shift 4. It was really awesome doing this because I had fun and I learned very useful information.
By Lynette