Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Writing With Stu Duval

On the 12 of June JD,  Sapwe and Ezrah went to the library to do some writing with Stu Duval. Stu Duval is a book writer, story teller and drawer, he has amazing stories. But back at the library everybody that had got chosen to go to the library was settled down and then Stu came and then we started. First he told us about his stories then he asked use all these questions like what's your favourite colour? and close your eyes and open them again, what's the first thing you see?. So everybody write down their answers, then he said that if he gets stuck on names he just goes to a big list of words and makes a name. So he asked use what name do you get if you put answer 1 and 6 together, and JDs was Shoemud, Ezrahs was Thumbpoo and Sapwes was Carpetspew. Then Stu helped all of use make a funny story he said to make it easy we will play the game 'Luckily And Unluckily'. So he pointed at JD and said "a name" and JD couldn't think of a name so he just used his own, then the story started, Stu was telling it. So he started "it was a sunny morning and JD woke up and looked at his watch and said "holy smokes I'm going to be late!" so he went down stairs to get his favourite cereal when unluckily there was a crockcroach in his cereal but luckily his dad came in and squashed it and pulled out another and said"I always keep a spare box" but unluckily a dragon flu in and took the box out of his hand but luckily JDs cat scratched the dragon's tale the dragon let the cereal go it was swopping down when he was just about to catch it when unluckily a bird came and grabbed it but luckily a huge flying fire breathing mouse came and blew fire all over it and the bird was burning but unluckily the bird ate the little mouse but luckily the mouse burnt its stomach but unluckily the dragon ate them then luckily the dragon pooped it out but unluckily a flying dung beetle came and held it for his flying family of dung bettle's so JD just went on walking along to school he hopped on the bus and got to school and Mr Janta's the school principal came out and said why are you so dirty he said a crochcroach was in my breakfast a dragon came flu down and toke it the dragon dropped it i was inches away from getting it a stupid bird came down and toke it a flying fire mouse came and blew fire all over the bird grabbed the cereal the bird ate the mouse the mouse burnt its stomach the dragon ate the bird and the mouse the dragon came and pooped it out but then a flying Dung bettle came and toke it for his family "AND I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE BREAKFAST"when luckily the dung bettle dropped the cereal right on Mr Janta's head and had a hole heap of POO all over his head. And then after the story we left back to class.

Made and Edited By Ezrah illustrated By JD and Published By Sapwe

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